Hope for cooperation of those affected

Hope for cooperation of those affected

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In the archdiocese of Munich and Freising, an advisory board for victims of abuse is founded. In institutionalized form, critical participation of those affected in prevention and intervention of sexualized violence is to be made possible.

The advisory board will cooperate closely with the independent commission, which is to begin its work in 2021, according to the archdiocese.

Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx said: "The experience of the last few years has clearly shown that an honest and effective process of coming to terms with the past can only succeed if the perspectives and views of those who have been subjected to violence in the Catholic Church are consistently taken into account."

Hope for cooperation of those affected

He hopes very much that those concerned are ready to cooperate. These people are now asked to go to the archdiocese's website for more information and to contact the sexual abuse prevention unit. There is more information there about the work of the advisory board as well as the selection process for the board.

The advisory board will be set up according to the terms of the "Joint Declaration on Binding Criteria and Standards for an Independent Reappraisal of Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church in Germany," it said. This had been signed by the abuse commissioner of the German government, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig, and the abuse commissioner of the Catholic German Bishops' Conference, Bishop Stephan Ackermann, last June.

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