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Hoppediz Hop-Tye carry aid

Enjoying the benefits of a baby carrier while enjoying the comfort of a baby carrier – this combination is made possible by the Hop-Tye model from Hoppediz. Already since 1999, the company manufactures high quality baby carriers and all sorts of everyday aids for mothers and fathers. The Hop-Tye carry aid has the distinct advantage that it can be used by completely different people without having to adjust buckles or straps. At the same time, the baby enjoys a secure and anatomically correct fit – from birth to the end of the Tragealters.

The most important facts about the Hop-Tye baby carrier at a glance:

    Combination sling and baby carrier Available in different lengths for different clothing sizes Made of 100% cotton – tested for harmful substances Abdominal and back support Adjustable bridge Suitable for a waist circumference up to 160 cm

  • Combination sling and baby carrier
  • The anatomically correct posture of the baby is ensured by an adjustable bridge width
  • suitable for the entire wearing time and for wear parents with larger clothing sizes
  • Can be used as abdominal and back carrier – including detailed illustrated binding instructions
  • Made from woven baby carrier fabric – 100% cotton, tested for harmful substances

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hoppediz Hop-Tye Baby Carrier

The decisive advantage of Hoppediz’s Hop Tye is the successful combination of sling and baby carrier. The model is wrapped around the shoulders and waist, allowing the flexibility of a conventional sling. At the same time, however, the Hop-Tye also has a pre-sewn shape that makes binding easier. This form of carrying aid can therefore be used quickly and easily.

In addition, the Hop-Tye can also be used by adults of different sizes and different sizes. Tying at shoulders and waist eliminates the need to adjust and adjust different buckles and straps if necessary. This allows for uncomplicated exchange from mother to father even on long walks. Likewise, the adjustable bridge grows with. Thus, the Hoppediz Hop-Tye can be used from birth to the end of the Trag age, without a second carrying aid is needed.

The disadvantage can have the effect that the pre-sewn form offers too much freedom for very small, narrow babies. Children who weigh less than three kilograms or just reach that weight can be a bit too small for the baby carrier.

Advantages and disadvantages:

    As variable as a cloth, as flexible as a stretcher. Easy to put on. Can be used by different adults. Adjustable bridge Can be used from birth to the end of the gestational age
    The pre-sewn shape can be too big for delicate children

Anatomically correct and perfectly adapted to the baby

Due to its properties, the Hoppediz Hop-Tye provides all the features necessary to guarantee an anatomically correct fit of the child in the carrying aid. The bridge between the legs is adjustable and can be flexibly varied between a minimum width of 20 centimeters and a maximum width of 40 centimeters. This allows parents to be sure that the baby in the baby carrier is always taking the correct squat-spreading posture. This protects the hip joints and prevents in boys also a testicular torsion.

Perfect comfort even for adults

Not only the uncomplicated donning makes the Hop-Tye an insider tip for many pregnant parents. But also the high degree of comfort, which goes hand in hand with the baby carrier. The waist straps are padded and will not be uncomfortable, even if the walk takes longer. In addition, the wide and long shoulder straps ensure an even distribution of weight. With dimensions of 220 cm x 25 cm, the shoulder straps can be variably knotted and do not cut at the shoulders. The stretchy cotton not only gives the baby a good feeling, but is also comfortable for the adult in the summer on bare skin.

The Hop-Tye is suitable up to a waist circumference of 160 centimeters. Thanks to their different binding options as abdominal and back support and the lack of buckles, the carrying aid can be used by different adults. In addition, the baby carrier is available in different lengths, so it can be bought to match your own clothing size.

Dress size women recommended length hop-tye
32 (XS) 3,70 m
34 (XS) 3,70 m
36 (S) 4,60 m
38 (S) 4,60 m
40 (M) 4,60 m
42 (M) 4,60 m
44 (L) 5,40 m
46 (L) 5,40 m
48 (XL) 5,40 m
50 (XL) 5,40 m
52 (XXL) 5,40 m
Dress size men Recommended length hop-tye
44 (XXS) 4,60 m
46 (XS) 4,60 m
48 (S) 4,60 m
50 (M) 4,60 m
52 (L) 5,40 m
54 (XL) 5,40 m
56 (XXL) 5,40 m

TIP: The Hoppediz Hop-Tye can also be useful before birth! Due to its proven tensile strength of 700 kilograms, the Hop-Tye can be used in the delivery room as a birth loop.

The hop-tye is available in a variety of modern designs that can become a fashion statement. In addition, there is the opportunity for easy shopping shopping, the Buckle Pad to order. This is an integrable insert that inserts a click fastener in the back, making binding completely obsolete. Included with every Hop-Tye is an illustrated binding instruction that clearly illustrates all possible ways of wearing and thus makes the start in the carrying adventure as simple as possible.

The perfect combination of sling and carrying bag

The Hop Tye by Hoppediz is made of 100% cotton and is also tested for harmful substances. All dyes used are saliva-resistant. The lack of painstakingly adjustable buckles and the pre-sewn shape of the Hop-Tye is the perfect combination of a sling and the conventional baby carrier. Convince yourself of the uncomplicated application and the high wearing comfort that fits in with both the baby and the wearer. Even wearers of larger clothing sizes will find in the Hop-Tye by Hoppediz a companion for the entire baby.

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