Horseback riding – monthly costs – expenses in the overview

What does horseback riding cost?

The dream of many children is to learn to ride. For parents, this is usually more of a nightmare, because they fear very high costs. We explain what costs you really have to expect.

As a rule, beginners – regardless of their age – start with long hours, in which the riding instructor leads the horse in a circle and the children can first practice the right seat and get a feel for the animal and the sport. This is followed by either group or individual lessons.

In a group lesson, not more than 3 to 5 people should be taught. The lessons can be between 45 and 60 minutes depending on the riding school.
Group lessons cost about 12, – to 20, – € per hour. Single lessons are a bit more expensive: expect about 15, – to 30, – € per unit.

Riding lessons for advanced riders, for example, prepare for a tournament, then costs significantly more – up to 50, – € per hour. For the dressage individual lessons are usually better suited. When show jumping, however, it makes sense to have many riders.

For the prices for riding lessons are still possible costs for membership in the riding club. This amounts to about 60, – to 120, – Euro per year – but may include perks in the riding lessons. Controversial opinions exist on the question of whether a private accident insurance for a possible fall from the horse is required. Let us advise you separately.

Cost overview for riding – table

service purposes estimated price
Private lessons – riding 15, – to 30, – Euro per unit
Group lessons – riding 12, – to 20, – € per unit
Riding lessons for tournament preparation up to 50, – Euro per unit
Membership fee riding club 60, – to 120, – Euro per year

All prices are approximate values ​​including VAT and may of course vary.

How much is horse riding equipment??

The basic equipment includes riding cap, riding boots and gloves. Breeches and protectors are useful, but not essential.

For the initial equipment, you can quietly resort to cheaper products, if you or your child, the new hobby but not as much as expected. For example, rubber riding boots are enough for the beginning. In addition, there is still the cheap way to draw a kind of leather cuff – the chaps – on ordinary, solid everyday shoes.

However, over time, high-quality riding boots made of leather are worthwhile.

Especially for riding recommended special, shock-damped safety vests. However, these should only be used when jumping or off-road, as otherwise they restrict mobility and may be a hindrance for beginners.

Cost overview for riding equipment – table

domestic equipments estimated price
Riding Hat / Helmet 30, – to 80, – Euro
Rubber riding boots from 25, – Euro
Leather riding boots 100, – to 400, – Euro
Chaps from 25, – Euro
Breeches 30, – to 150, – Euro
gloves 5, – to 40, – Euro
back protectors from 40, – Euro
safety vest 100, – to 150, – Euro

All prices are approximate values ​​including VAT and may of course vary.

Find the right riding school

A good riding school does not necessarily have to be the most expensive. The following checklist will help you to find the right riding school:

  • Inquire about the educational status and reputation of the farm. Which age groups are taught here? Are beginner courses or special riding lessons for children offered??
  • Take a close look at the farm. How well-groomed is the yard and the stables? Do the school horses or ponies regularly grazing??
  • If the riding school has a seal, e.g. the German Equestrian Federation?
  • Take a look at a riding lesson or take a trial lesson. Is the sympathy between riding instructor and student?
  • What impression does the riding instructor make?? A good riding instructor should be experienced, empathetic and creative. He should have a recognized qualification, attend regular training courses and be honest.
  • Be realistic. How far is the riding school from your home? Can you cover this path regularly? (For children may offer carpools.)
  • If your child takes the riding lessons, you should still make sure that the school horse or pony fits in proportion to their child. In addition, the cleaning and saddlery should be child-friendly and kept within reach of the child.

When should children start riding??

Horseback riding has many advantages for children: they become more self-confident and self-reliant, get a sense of the animal and the responsibility that comes with it, improve their empathy and the ability to observe.

An entry age for dealing with horses does not really exist. However, it can be said that this is the optimal age for riding between 10 and 13 years old. Here children have the best receptiveness.

But even before that – from the age of about 4 years – children can go horseback riding, take vauling lessons or get coached driving. From the primary school age, the entry into the actual equestrian sport is possible. Even small children can feed a horse, clean it and learn how to treat the animal respectfully.

If your child is still too young for riding lessons, then of course, in the meantime, it will be possible to practice in small format &# 128521;

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