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Almost anyone can become a host family. We are looking for families with and without children, single parents, same-sex couples or pensioners who would like to host language students mainly in the summer months of June, July and August for an expense allowance.

Information for host families and hosts

Guest students in summer – age group 12 to 17 years

Who are the guest students? The guest students are between 12 and 17 years old and come from over 70 countries to learn German with us and you and to experience the culture up close. They usually stay two weeks, but sometimes longer.

What is the daily routine of the students? Monday to Friday between 9 am and 1 pm the students learn German with us. In the afternoon and on Saturday they take part in the leisure programme. The rest of the time they spend with the host families to get an intensive insight into the German way of life.

If we receive an expense allowance, you will receive a reasonable expense allowance from us for accommodation and meals.

Guest students (exchange students) for several months – age group 14 to 17 years

Guest students (exchange students) for several months – age group 14 to 17 years

Perhaps your child or yourself were once an exchange student in another country? Maybe your child is abroad and has an intercultural experience or you simply have a guest room available? In addition to German courses in summer, we offer our international students the opportunity to attend a German grammar school from two months to one school year. If you are interested in giving international guest students a home in Germany during the course of the year, please contact us!

The guest students are looked after by our central office in Frankfurt and by our Germany-wide coordinators. We currently offer this program in the following regions: Berlin, Potsdam, Cologne, Nuremberg, Rhein-Main area (Frankfurt and Wiesbaden), Koblenz and Augsburg.

Our exchange students usually spend 2 to 11 months in Germany. Our exchange students usually come from Brazil, Mexico, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Schwiez. As a host family, we make you a proposal and you decide whether the student is suitable for you. You can also accept guest students if you do not have any children yourself or if your children are out of the house.

Our team at the did deutsch-institut head office and the local programme coordinator, who is also your first point of contact during the guest student’s stay, will help you with any questions you may have.

You will receive an appropriate expense allowance for the admission of a guest student. As a host family, you can use it to pay for housing costs such as rent, water, electricity and food. The exchange student pays for hygiene articles, clothing, leisure activities, etc. with his own pocket money.

Students are looking for hosts – Rent from one week up to one year!

Students are looking for hosts – Rent from one week up to one year!

The did deutsch institutes in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich are looking throughout the year for nice host families and hosts to host students from all over the world for various periods of time. Our students attend language courses from one week up to several months. Our students, aged between 17 and 68 (the majority of whom are in their early 20s), come from all over the world, mainly from Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America and Asia (China, Japan, Korea).

Our institute will ask you by telephone or e-mail whether you would like to receive guests at a certain date. Feel free to make your own decision, but please make it binding. If you agree, you will receive a written notification from us immediately after the agreement, in which all data is once again recorded. So you have a confirmation for your further planning in your hands.

Depending on the type of room and catering, you will receive an appropriate payment per overnight stay. Possible room types: single room or double room Possible types of meals: without meals, breakfast, breakfast and dinner only

A guest room must be lockable and heatable by a door. It must have a window and at least the following furniture: – a bed or sofa bed (no mattress on the floor) – a double room must have two separate beds – a desk or table with chairs/chairs and lamp – a wardrobe or a shelf with a clothes rail – curtains/blind – the room should be lockable.

Should you not be able to offer your guest catering, please allow him to use the kitchen.

Our employees at the respective location are available to answer your questions and will be happy to send you further information.

Simply contact us and we will be happy to explain the next steps to you!

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