Hotel with archery in Bavaria, the resort Friedrichshof

Hotel with archery and other leisure activities

Do you know the feeling of being the target of everyday stress? Does life sometimes go too far for you and shoot past the target? Then it’s high time for a holiday in Friedrichshof! We offer fun and relaxation for the whole family. Both big and small explorers will get their money‘s worth. For example, in our hotel you can build archery or your own arrows including a matching bow – this promises relaxation and adventure at the same time. Learn how to do it right in our courses.

Traditional hotel offers courses in archery

Bow and arrow have been used for at least 14,000 years. Even if few people hunt with it today, the mastery of this particular art has never lost its appeal. Pleasure and fun, excitement and relaxation – but also a touch of adventure and nature experience are the focus of the courses. Our hotel with archery in Bavaria is the best remedy for the daily routine. Forget about everyday stress and conventional constraints for a few hours and immerse yourself in the world of Robin Hood and Co..

Archery in Bavaria: who can participate?

The courses are suitable for everyone. Previous knowledge is not required and more specifically, physical requirements are not required. The complete equipment is provided, so that laymen do not have to be afraid to stand without suitable equipment. The starting age is around seven years. So there is nothing wrong with making this holiday adventure a special one for your children. Our experienced archery instructor ensures that everything goes with safe things, so that no arrow gets detoured. You see – nothing can stand in the way of the fun.

Archery holidays – try it out!

Archery is much more than a technical process. When the arrow leaves the bowstring, the body tension must be maintained and the head directs the arrow into the target. It promotes concentration and is thus an enriching experience not only for stressed-out adults, but also for restless children. The first darts hit the target to gain confidence and body control improves.

What is the goal of the courses?

Archery has been one of the Olympic sports since 1972 – but that does not mean that you have to shoot like a medalist to keep up with our courses. With us, you learn the basics far away from performance pressure and then decide whether you have licked blood. All courses are clearly structured. They consist of a theoretical and a practical part and are intended to familiarize you with traditional archery.

Archery in Bavaria: Which courses are offered?

It does not matter if you’ve already studied archery or if the sport is a blank slate for you. To start, we recommend the taster course archery – to get to know each other for all ages. The taster course lasts about one hour and should inspire you with the art of archery. Completely informal there is a short introduction with a practical and theoretical part. After an hour, the bow and arrow in the hand are no longer foreign objects. As you meet unerringly in traditional archery, you learn in a relaxed atmosphere in the introductory and the advanced course.

In addition to the introduction, you can book individual courses and group coaching lessons with us. It is entirely up to you which type of lesson you choose. There are also weekend courses that allow you to spend a weekend intensively engaging in sports. Whether alone or with your children – archery in the Friedrichshof will remain in your memory for a long time to come. Decide for yourself which course model best suits your vacation plans.

Course of the introductory courses

The courses take place on an idyllic forest and meadow area and comprise about five units. In the theoretical part, you will learn about the history of archery, important facts about safety and rules, the various bow disciplines and types of shooting. In the practical part you learn in small groups playfully easy – and step by step – the individual phases of classical archery. To achieve carefreeness and serenity – this is the goal of traditional archery. The disc will then hit you automatically. Afterwards you have the possibility to test different types of arch and various accessories.

Prices and booking of courses

A holiday with archery does not necessarily ruin the holiday fund. At the Friedrichshof, the taster course costs only 25 euros per person, while the longer course costs 100 euros per person from the intensive theoretical and practical lessons. The maximum number of participants is six people. So you can be sure that your teacher has enough time to answer all your questions. She will also assist you with the practical exercises so that you and your children can quickly experience a sense of achievement. The courses take place after consultation Mondays to Fridays. Here, too, we are optimally geared to your vacation plans.

The Friedrichshof – the perfect hotel for a family holiday

The perfect holiday must be fun for the whole family – that is our philosophy, which has already brought us many satisfied guests. Not only do we offer archery in our hotel, but in addition many other activities that provide pleasure and relaxation. Benefit from a care offer that leaves nothing to be desired. In everyday life, the parents‘ own needs are often neglected. Here you can take your time with conscience for yourself and / or your partner. Our motivated and competent carers ensure that your children (from 3 years) are cared for 42 hours a week. With their new friends they experience a time in the Friedrichshof, which they will remember enthusiastically for weeks. Boredom? Wrong! Our supervisors go on an expedition together with the little ones through the picturesque landscape or make sure that time passes by with fun activities like in flight. If you would like to know more about our special family offers, please send us a no-obligation inquiry. You would like to stay up to date with our latest offers? Then subscribe to our newsletter so you do not miss anything. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Friedrichshof soon!

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