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A city that combines modernity and tradition, a place where the sun shines all year round, where you can enjoy beaches and city life at the same time, a place where you can experience foreign cultures up close – all this and much more is Dubai. Explore one of the most changeable cities in the world and be enchanted by its unique charm.


Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, already convinces with its beautiful location on the Persian Gulf. It has more than 2.1 million inhabitants and is constantly growing, as many people decide to make the metropolis their new home. For those who prefer to get to know Dubai first, it has a long list of sights.

Those who already want to get into the hotel with something very special book a room in Atlantis The Palm that is located on the artificial island of the same name. The hotel is not just an overnight accommodation, it is one of the landmarks of the city. But attention! In the best case, a night here costs at least 500 euros. If the holiday fund is a little smaller, one can also simply have a look at the Atlantis and the island The Palm. A good possibility is the Jumeirah Monorail. It is a monorail with which you can explore the whole island.

And what would a visit to Dubai be without a visit to the highest building in the world to date: the Burj Kalifa. The sight of the skyscraper colossus with a height of 830 meters is already breathtaking from below. However, one should get into the fastest elevator in the world and drive up to the viewing platform at a height of 430 metres. There you will be rewarded with an overwhelming view of the city.

Those who are not free from vertigo will not be bored in Dubai anyway. A visit to the Dubai Marina marina is always recommended. From there you can make a round trip on one of the famous Dubai Ferrys and look at the city from the water. Or you can indulge in one of the surrounding restaurants with local and international delicacies. We recommend, for example, an evening with Arabic cuisine at Al Khaima in the Hotel Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa in a beautiful atmosphere. Finally, you can go straight to bed and reflect on your eventful day in Dubai, a city with over a million inhabitants.


Dubai is known all over the world for one thing, of course: Shopping! In this city you can reinterpret the word.

For a very special way of shopping, a visit to the markets, so-called souks, should not be missing. Passionate market visitors can immediately look for one of the hotels in the market district of Deira. For example, the Hyatt Regency Dubai is popular. So all you have to do in the morning is leave your hotel and find yourself in the market paradise of Dubai. A part of it is affectionately called “City of Gold”, and so you can buy on this market above all one thing – pure gold. Whether earrings, chains or even a whole bar, here you can get real gold bargains. And never forget to lower the prices a little bit, because trading is desirable here and saves the holiday budget.

If gold is a little too much for you, you can immerse yourself in a new world full of smells on the nearby spice market. Countless spices and dried fruits are sold here. Everywhere the most beautiful colours shine and the scents move every visitor into a different world. Some people don’t understand shopping as a visit to a market, but as shops and boutiques. But Dubai can also convince enough with this.

Just visit the Mall of the Emirates. Once the world’s largest shopping mall, it offers both luxury boutiques and branches of western fashion chains. And if you want to forget the heat outside for a short while, you can even enjoy snow in the adjacent Ski Dubai Hall.

But the most famous shopping place is the Dubai Mall. Surrounded by probably the most popular and exclusive hotels, such as Dusit Thani Dubai, it is in a prime location and is one of Dubai’s favourites. On 350,000 square meters one can buy here what the heart desires. From clothing to books to electronics, you’ll find everything you’ve always wanted here. Those who feel hungry during the big shopping tour can eat in the Food Court, which has countless snacks and restaurants.

Should the shopping become too monotonous at some point, the mall still has a lot to offer. Go skating at 35 degrees outside temperature. Or take a look at a fashion show in the specially designed hall. The shopping centre also has an aquarium about 32 metres wide and eight metres high. And if you really want to relax, you can enjoy a film in one of the 22 cinemas. But probably the most beautiful sight is in front of the doors of the mall. The Dubai Fountain, the largest fountain in the world, is located here in an artificially created watercourse. No matter if during the day or at night, the great water games are always worth a visit.


The United Arab Emirates is an extremely child-friendly country. Almost every family here has more than one child and this love for the little ones can be felt everywhere in Dubai.

The majority of hotels offer a special offer for children. At the Hotel Mina A’ Salam Madinat Jumeirah, children can enjoy their own pool at the Kids Club, but other hotels often also offer pools, playgrounds or even childcare. The holiday in Dubai becomes an experience for everyone.

But if you also want to experience something outside the hotel, you can drive to Dolphin Bay, for example. There the whole family can get to know the lovely bottlenose dolphins personally. Learn more about the water mammals, let them photograph you or fulfill the dream of every child – swimming with dolphins.

If you are more interested in large land mammals, you can also make an excursion to the Desert Safari Park Dubai. There you can ride camels on guided tours and discover the desert. Or visit one of the many water parks, for example the Aquaventure Waterpark. You can spend the whole day in the cool water and let off steam on slides and in exciting water landscapes.

For families interested in culture, a visit to the Bastakiya district is also worthwhile. Once you have arrived, you will feel transported back in time. The important cultural site consists of low buildings and narrow alleys and gives the feeling to be in Dubai of the forgotten centuries. A nice change to the ultra-modern city centre.

In the impressive Jumeirah Mosque you can really get to know Islam. It is the only mosque in Dubai that is accessible to non-Muslims and convinces with its elegant beauty.

If you have now packed your suitcases and made your children ready to travel, you can also book a family-friendly hotel in Dubai last minute and convince yourself of the beauty of the city.


Extraordinary events take place in Dubai all year round. Not only during the season, but also outside it, you can experience something very special in this city of millions. If the summer there is too hot for you, think about New Year’s Eve in the United Arab Emirates. No matter which season you choose, Dubai will not disappoint you.

For sports enthusiasts there are the Dubai Tennis Championships, the Dubai World Cup in horse racing or the Dubai Polo Gold Cup. During the hot summer months, indoor sports events are on the calendar.

Culinary delights could also inspire you at the Dubai Food Festival. Here you can enjoy once a year at fairs and venues all over the city, specialities of Arab and international cuisine.

For music lovers, the city offers various festivals. From classical music to jazz to pop, you can visit events throughout the year. And if you want to get to know the local music, you can visit performances by local musicians.

And those who make the decision to spend the turn of the year in Dubai at 25 degrees and in the sun will not regret it. Although the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country, it’s a place where people put their heart and soul into the work of visitors. For all those who have no problem with toasting the New Year without alcohol – in Dubai alcohol is not allowed in public – New Year’s Eve in the centre of Dubai will simply be unforgettable. On this special evening, the Dubai Fountain shines in the most colourful colours and the highest fireworks in the world are lit from Burj Kalifa. The highest building and the biggest water games of the world disappear in a sea of colours and give you a unique turn of the year. Dubai is full of surprises!

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