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Those who during their next holiday already see themselves lying on the beach surrounded by tropical temperatures of palm trees, but do not yet know exactly where the journey should go, should have a closer look at Miami Beach. Often equated with Miami, Miami Beach is a city of its own. It is located on an island that is connected to Miami and the mainland by bridges. Here in the Sunshine State of the United States you can spend the whole year over a paradisiacal vacation with best weather.


If the beach is especially important to you during your holiday, Miami Beach is the right place for you. The sunny island can boast a particularly long beach of approximately 14 kilometres that forms the entire eastern border. From one of the strolling streets of the city, the Ocean Drive, one reaches the fine sand and the clear sea especially well. As Miami Beach has bikini weather all year round, the beach is of course always well visited. Sun worshippers let the sun shine on their stomachs, while those who are active in sports quench their thirst for action during a jogging session or a game of beach volleyball. Many hotels are located directly on the beach, so that it is recommended to book a room in one of them, even if they are not always very cheap.

A great hotel located just behind the beach is the Coutyard Miami Beach Oceanfront. Although it is “only” a 3-star hotel, it is not necessarily something for the small wallet, but a stay there will certainly not disappoint you.

If one arrives with a tight budget and has to fall back on cheap overnight accommodations, one should possibly consider to stay in a motel of the city. This is a good option if you are on a tour of the States and only spend a few nights in Miami Beach.


If one saves money at the hotel in Miami Beach, one also has the possibility to spend more while shopping. In any case, one should plan enough money for an extensive shopping trip, as in Miami Beach there are numerous possibilities to make new achievements.

The Bayside Marketplace, for example, is a good place to go. This is a large shopping arcade that is mainly used by tourists. More than 100 shops tempt visitors to spend their money, and on the way from one shop to the next you can watch the talented street artists. So a visit to the Bayside Marketplace is guaranteed not to be boring. Even if one does not plan to buy much at all, one should stroll through here in any case once.

Of course, what you also have to see is a typical American mall, as it is often known from numerous films as a popular meeting place for young people. These huge shopping malls are home to a large number of shops and restaurants. Examples of malls in Miami Beach are Aventura Mall, Dolphin Mall and Lincoln Road Mall, all worth a visit.


Of course, you shouldn’t spend all your days lying lazily on the beach and shopping for clothes when you’re in Miami Beach. To really get to know the city, you have to get out of the hotel and on to the attractions!

What one has to see in any case is the Port of Miami, the port of Miami that is the port of call for all big cruise ships. The “Sovereign of the Seas”, a ship that can carry around 2,000 passengers and cost over 180 million dollars, is one of the berths here.

Other great destinations with children are Parrot Jungle Island, Metro Zoo and the Miami Seaquarium. Especially Parrot Jungle Island is worth a visit, because you can see exotic birds here – not behind bars, but flying around freely. As the birds are very trusting, there is a good chance that one of the exotic birds will dare to come near you. In the Seaquarium you can get acquainted with the diversity of the sea, while in the Metro Zoo, one of the largest and most modern zoos in America, you can admire a variety of African animals such as giraffes.


If the many attractions within Miami Beach are not enough for you or if you simply have enough time to explore the surrounding area, a tour of the Everglades on a hovercraft is worthwhile. Here you can really experience animals in the wild, so this destination is not only exciting for children, but also interesting for every adult. With more than 60 kilometres per hour you can race through the swamp area. With a bit of luck you will not only see fish, turtles and birds, but also some alligators. As you are always accompanied by an experienced guide on these tours through the Everglades, you will learn a lot about the flora and fauna of the area. There is also a mystical story or two about the Seminoles, an Indian people who once lived here. The only disadvantage of this small tour: as a souvenir you will surely bring back some mosquito bites from the swampy area. But long clothes and an insect repellent spray can help to keep them within limits, so that you can only bring home selected souvenirs from your holiday in Miami Beach and tell of an unforgettable holiday.

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