Hotels with childcare on family vacations

With childcare from at least 35 hours / week and a comprehensive game, sport and adventure program ensure that boredom doesn’t stand a chance even on rainy days. This standard awaits you in each of our Familotels.

Childcare in all Familotels

  • at least 35 hours / week childcare
  • Adventure, sport and adventure program (for inside and outside)
  • Pedagogically trained staff
  • Spacious game room and own game library
  • At least 2 family program items per week
  • Fun with Clown Happy – the Familotel mascot
  • Employees with first aid training for young children
  • Pediatricians, pharmacies and emergency services on site
  • Indiv. Babysitting for a fee; in all baby hotels: baby and toddler care, at least 18 hours / week

Even more childcare

  • Familotels with 4 crowns have at least 42 hours of childcare per week.
  • Familotels with 5 crowns have at least 50 hours of childcare per week.
  • All baby theme hotels also have 18 hours of baby care per week.

Depending on the crown category, there is also a supervised children’s lunch at noon and in the evening on certain days of the week. More information about Childcare with You can find handicap here.

Childcare – in the Familotel Happy Club

In every Familotel, qualified childcare staff take great care of the smallest guests – in the Familotel Happy-Club. Here will individuality capitalized! Every Familotel works according to special ones Kinderbetreuungsonzepten. For example:

  • individual weekly program
  • Activities by seasons
  • Handicrafts, handicrafts with natural materials or classic materials (paper etc.)
  • Outdoor experiences: from campfires to tipi construction
  • Dealing with animals: farm experiences with small animals (e.g. rabbits, goats)
  • Game and dance
  • Children’s adventure worlds such as Soft play areas, bobby car racetracks, climbing elements
  • Use of the hotel’s outdoor facilities to play games or, for example, a forest playground at the hotel

The child minders make sure that the age of the guest children for activities is taken into account.

You can find all the details of childcare in your desired hotel on the respective page of the hotel.

The Familotel children’s ages

A three-year-old child is at a very different stage of development than a ten-year-old. So is the game- & Leisure behavior varies depending on the age and development of the children. Familotel therefore has the Familotel children’s age levels, which allow developmental care:


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