Hourly rate calculator »here fast – simply calculate hourly pay

Hourly rate calculator »here fast - simply calculate hourly pay

There are several calculation options. To calculate the hourly wage, you enter the monthly salary, the reference period (month or year), special payments (for example, Christmas and holiday pay at yearly billing rates) and the working hours per month or week. It is also possible to calculate the required working hours for a desired salary, if the hourly wage is known, the third option would be the calculation of the resulting salary from the known hourly wage and working time.

Use of our hourly pay computer

The simplest scenario would be to calculate the monthly salary if an hourly wage and weekly working hours are known. But this scenario will probably not be so often to calculate, because after all, the employer specifies the monthly gross salary. Therefore, the reverse calculation of a resulting hourly wage would be more interesting. It is also easy to compare two jobs: one is a gross wage x for a weekly working time y, and the other two factors are known, but this is a different weekly working time. At one point the employee earns 4,500 euros per month for 35 hours per week, on the other 5,000 euros for 40 hours per week. Where is the higher hourly wage? Even more so, an hourly wage calculator is useful for calculating the value of overtime. Also, some workers can pay rest holiday. If you know your hourly wage, you can calculate the financial equivalent of 50 overtime hours. It is always about the gross hourly wage.

Discussion about hourly wages

For hourly wages, there are known large discrepancies between the high annual salaries of executives and the low paid sector. These discrepancies are reflected not only in real income, but also in the consideration. Top executives like to talk about their annual income, which they earn in an exposed position, low wage earners calculate the small hourly wages of two or three jobs together. For both groups and also the employees and self-employed who earn on average, an hourly wage calculator is very interesting.

Many people are likely to wonder what they really really earn and what job is worth, which rather not. Add to that the discussion about how much real work is really done. Many German employees regularly work unpaid overtime, long journeys are added. Full-time employees are particularly often affected. The salary is thereby relativised quickly. The Nuremberg Institute for Labor Market Research reports an average of 28 unpaid overtime hours a year for German permanent employees in 2015. The phenomenon is very common in the financial and communications industry. These unpaid overtime hours are criticized because they lower workers ‘real incomes and are also non-repayable workers’ credit to their companies. Therefore, determine your actual income with our hourly wage calculator.

Additional Information:

You can calculate your net or gross salary with our free gross net calculator.

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