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The household contents insurance protects your belongings! Compare all rates conveniently in our online calculator. The test winners can be found in the overview in the current Household Insurance Test 2018!

Household insurance at a glance

In this case, a household insurance is worthwhile

First, the question arises what actually belongs to everything household? The simple answer, everything Good and good that is movable, belongs to the household contents. Just imagine a dollhouse and all that falls out when you turn it over is part of the household contents and can be protected by a household contents insurance. So if you have set yourself up with taste and also a little money, you should consider the conclusion of a home contents insurance. But if you let your gaze wander over your home furnishings and think for a moment whether all that you see can be quickly replaced by your savings, one will appear Household less useful.

These damages are covered by their household contents insurance

Household insurance offers protection and compensation for the following events that damage their movable property in the household:

Fire, fire, explosion

It’s about a sudden fire. So-called “Sengschäden”, which are not caused by open fire, but locally limited by heat, such as smoldering cigarette ash or embers from the fireplace, are not replaced.

tap water

In case of damage tap water It should be noted that the water outlet and the subsequent flooding inappropriately, so do not have to be the purpose. For example because the hose of your washing machine bursts or a gasket becomes porous. Of course, water damage can also be caused by an aquarium or a waterbed. If you have something like this in your household contents, check the terms of insurance or choose the Extension of water damage insurance. Otherwise it may be that the broken aquarium glass is paid, the water damage from the leaked water on the floor but not.

Storm, lightning and hail

At a lightning strike If at first only the items damaged by the lightning are replaced in the household contents, make sure that in your household contents insurance also the resulting Surge damage are included.

Burglary and theft

It only counts robbery and Violent burglary to the damage protected by the household contents insurance. If a trick thief creeps in on you and there are no signs of breakage, household contents insurance will not work.

The following Furnishings are protected by their home contents insurance:

All furniture that is movable

If you have worriedly and laboriously built up your kitchen at Ikea so that you could dismantle it again, then damage to this fitted kitchen will be covered by the household contents insurance. If it is a kitchen permanently installed by the specialist, there is no insurance cover.

Appliances, such as TVs, Thermomix etc.


Clothes in their closets and coat racks also include shoes, which can be very important for some ladies.


Also the good bottles in the wine cellar. Please keep an inventory here in order to prove possible damages.

Lent items

For example, if you borrow a bar stool from a neighbor who is damaged by a kitchen fire, your household contents insurance covers the damage.


Jewelery, art and antiques usually fall under a certain upper limit 20% of the household insurance sum lies.

garden furniture

This depends on your chosen policy, as it is a moving object but it is positioned outside the closed four walls.

This raises the question, which areas are now among the household insurance protected locations?

Insurance cover exists for:

  • The entire living space of the house or apartment
  • The associated terraces and garages
  • Basement rooms and privately used rooms near the apartment

In these cases, your household contents insurance does not pay damages

Things that fall, for example, or break in normal use, will not be replaced

• Thefts that occur without evidence of violence are also not insured

Depending on your individual housing situation, we recommend including elemental damage in your household contents insurance. So they are against natural disasters, like a flood through flood or one earthquake also secured.

If you live in an area where it often comes to a flood or even a landslide is an elemental damage cover for her duty. Fortunately, earthquakes are extremely rare in Germany. If there has not been a flood in your area for many years, they do not need that protection, and climate change is currently putting this statement into perspective.

At this point, we would like to point out another peculiarity, penetrates groundwater underground in your building, this is not covered by the natural hazards insurance.

No matter how likely storm, flood or lightning strike is in your area, secure your apartment or your house always against possible damage from the outside, by closing windows and doors when they leave the house.

A tilted window or a tilted balcony door can in case of damage as well gross negligence apply and their home insurance then does not pay the damage or only partially. .

This is how the premium for your home contents insurance is calculated

A Household insurance is always calculated individually and the amount of the tariff depends on several factors

  • Type of apartment (one-family house, multi-family house, apartment punktum.)
  • Your living space
  • Your place of residence
  • The items to be insured

Possible additional services in the household contents insurance

• valuables

They are protected by default only up to a specified upper limit. If you have very valuable items in the house, such as a watch collection or a gold coin collection, you should in any case increase the benefits for valuables in your home contents insurance. Usually, valuables are protected with 20% of the sum insured. By valuables is meant Jewelry, art and antiques.


Usually bicycles up to one percent of the sum insured included in your household contents insurance. In today’s times with high class mountain bikes and expensive electric pedelecs, this percentage is usually not sufficient and it is recommended to include in the additional services increased bicycle insurance. Many household contents insurance refund the value of their bicycle in case of theft, but only up to the agreed sum insured, ie one percent of the total sum insured. Here it is important that there is no underinsurance, otherwise you will receive only the pro rata value for the bike.

Attention, if you have parked your bike in front of the train station and it is stolen there, this is not a case for home contents insurance. Only a theft from the garage or a locked room in the house will be refunded.

With a special Bicycle clause You can also arrange for your bike to be insured when parked on the street. Of course, it is always necessary to prove that it was secured with a fixed lock.

outside insurance

Like to drive with bag and bag in the vacation And if you think that the things you take with you, such as a laptop or a portable TV are also protected by household insurance against damage and theft, you need this additional service. This protection usually applies up to three months worldwide.

Will be in yours Apartment or broken into the hotel room and stealing the I-pad, for example, will take over this damage to home contents insurance if the outside insurance is included

glass breakage

If you have a valuable showcase or a conservatory with large glass surfaces, additional insurance against glass breakage makes sense, for example, if hail destroys the conservatory.

Rent damage and house contents insurance

If you live for rent, you have to consider two different risks:

  1. First, possible damage Things that belong to your landlord, such as the parquet floor, or rented furniture. For this damage you need a private liability with included Mietsachschäden.
  2. For another, possible damage to Items that belong to you and they brought you into the apartment when moving in. These can protect you with a household insurance.

To avoid underinsurance in household insurance

The easiest way is one flat-rate amount per square meter of living space to be set. Then their home insurance can not invoke an underinsurance. Usually one sets to it 650, – € Sum insured per square meter of living space on. So you also save the effort by means of a Valuation Table to add up all the items individually and then to determine the corresponding sum insured. In addition, items that are added to your household contents over time are included in the flat-rate sum insured.

underinsurance is always valid if your household contents have a value of 100,000, – €, in your insurance policy, however, only 60,000, – € are insured. If this is the case, a damaged item costing 100, – € would be reimbursed only with 60, – € cost share.

Good preparation is the alpha and omega for a claim in home contents insurance

Why? Only if you too Documents for the individual objects of their household have lifted and best yet Photos for documentation You can file a well-founded claim that makes a quick compensation possible.

Many vendors provide online claim notification that allows you to upload photos and documents.

⇒ Good to know

Report your household contents insurance to everyone move, because if the living space increases or decreases the per square meter lump sum sum insured must be recalculated.

Also sign a so-called increase of risk. This is the case if your house is scaffolded due to painting and therefore the risk of burglary increases considerably. If you miss a message, your household contents insurance may reduce any damage payments.

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