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water damage

Damage example:
After leaving the house in the morning, a filter will burst the water inlet of your washing machine. When you return home, the water is already on the ground floor and has caused considerable damage.

about 13,500 €
The household insurance assumes the costs of a tap water damage.

apartment fire

Damage example:
Due to a short circuit, your tumble dryer will catch fire and burn out. The supply lines are verschmort and further damage. Due to the heavy smoke, the house was not habitable for a while.

about 25,000 €
The household contents insurance supports you in the case of a flat fire and takes over costs for the destroyed household effects as well as a temporary hotel accommodation.


Damage example:
While you are away from home, you are being broken into. The entrance and apartment door was locked, but was broken. Not only was the apartment completely devastated, but also valuables such as jewelery and electrical appliances were stolen.

about 9800 €
The household contents insurance covers the damage caused by the devastation and reimburses you for the costs of the stolen items.

Is the conclusion of a household insurance useful?

Many people underestimate the high value of their household effects and the financial impact of the damage that a fire, water pipe break or burglary can have. For example, if a fire leads to a total loss in the home, it is quickly high sums when the entire household needs to be replaced. Also common are damage caused by overvoltage (lightning), which destroys or damages electronic equipment.

What do I have to pay attention to when graduating??

Important is the amount of the insured sum, which is either flat rate according to the size of the apartment agreed or estimated by the policyholder. The advantage of the lump sum is that the insurer can not reduce the benefit due to the so-called “under-insurance waiver”. An existing insurance should be regularly checked for its relevance and adjusted if necessary. After all, a household insurance policy concluded many years ago is only helpful if the sum insured is constantly adjusted to the increasing prosperity.

What is the annual contribution??

The amount of the contribution is not only measured by the benefits of the tariff and the sum insured. The place of residence of the insured person is also decisive, since the providers divide the federal territory into different risk zones. For example, the city of Hannover is assigned a medium risk, which is why the cheapest insurance for 115 € and the most expensive policy for 531 € per year can be completed there.

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Financial test recommends

“Household insurance is advisable if you were overwhelmed after a total loss, buy everything you need.”
Financial test 04/2014

Eco-test recommends

“The conditions should in any case provide that no deduction is possible in the event of damage caused by gross negligence.”
Eco-Test 04/2014

51.8% of Germans have household insurance

Which insurance should I choose??

Before the conclusion of a household insurance, it is first of all, the right one insurance to determine. This is done either by the usual lump sum of 650 € per Quadramter or by own estimate of the belongings. Cheap rates include one basic protection, which usually covers damage from burglary, robbery, vandalism, fire, power water, storm and hail. It should be noted that also garden sheds or garages are enclosed. Likewise should Surge damage be insured after lightning strikes, as they can damage electrical appliances. If necessary, also the theft of bicycles or damage caused by aquariums.

Also make sure that your tariff is the so-called Waiver of underinsurance which will also compensate you for the full amount of damage, even if you have stated that the insured sum is too low, as measured by the actual value of your household contents.

Which insurance should I choose??

If you want to find out more about home contents insurance and its services, we offer you several options. In our FAQ section, we explain the most frequently asked questions, as well as a comprehensive glossary containing the most important technical terms in the field of home contents insurance.

Should there be any further questions, you are welcome to call us 089/45 206 79 20 contact our experts.

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