Household insurance comparison: now secure household furniture cheap

Household insurance comparison: How to find the right tariff

Fast to the goal:

Find out here why home insurance is useful. Also get one Overview of achievements and important criteria, which are necessary for a comparison of household insurance. This way you will find a high-performance tariff for a small price.

Why is a household insurance useful?

Do you know how much yours worth all inventory is? Most underestimate the material value of their household. But considering every electrical appliance, books, clothing and jewelry, a lot comes together. If you have to replace all that after a fire out of pocket, the costs quickly rise to many thousands of euros. Who sets up high-quality, often has to pay much more. This can cause big financial problems. With a household insurance you are protected. For example, in the event of fire and burglary, it will pay for the damage to your property. So do not go without a household insurance.

Household insurance replaces furnishings

If repairs are possible after a break-in or a fire, household contents insurance covers the costs. Otherwise it replaces the price for a new purchase. This applies regardless of the age of the objects and also for borrowed objects. However, household effects only replace the furnishings, d. H. Mobile like Furniture, jewelry, clothing, cash and electrical appliances. Non-movable objects permanently attached to the building, such as radiators, doors, tiles, walls or ceilings, are usually uninsured. In this case, the question is whether it is your home or not. If so, homeowners insurance will take effect – if not, landlord’s home insurance or your liability insurance.

Benefits of home contents insurance

There are various tariff options for home contents insurance. The range of services extends from the basic to the premium tariff. Thus, the benefits always depend on your tariff choice. Therefore, carefully check which claims are really covered. A household insurance comparison is helpful here, which shows you important performance details of numerous tariffs at a glance – you can easily recognize differences.

A basic rate usually pays for damages

Fire, lightning and explosion,

Storm and hail

Burglary and theft as well

Vandalism after a break-in.

Often basic costs include hotel costs (proportionately), for example, in the event that your apartment is temporarily not habitable. For more comprehensive insurance coverage, you can complete additional modules. Then there are other risks insured.

These are possible additional modules:

Elemental damage such as flooding,

Sengschäden, z. B. by a smoldering cigarette,

Surge damage due to thunderstorms as well

gross negligence, eg. As a collapse in tilted windows.

How is the bike insured?

The household insurance pays, if your bike from the apartment or house, the (nearby) garage or bicycle storage is stolen. The rooms must have been completed. It does not pay if someone steals the bike in the street or in front of their house. For this protection you need one Complete additional module. There are also special bike insurance. The insurance contribution, however, is quite high. Such a policy is worthwhile only for expensive flitzers.

Important service details and exclusions

There are some cases that are only partially or not at all insured, for example damage to garden furniture. Also, water damage from aquariums or waterbeds are often excluded. In addition, sellers phrase for certain items such as cash or jewelry Compensation limits, z. B. ten percent of the sum insured. Therefore, check the maximum limits for a household insurance comparison. Also not insured are doors, heaters, walls and ceilings as they are firmly connected to the building.

Information for the comparison of household insurance

If you are interested in home insurance, it is worthwhile in any case a household insurance comparison. But before you can start, are for the comparison calculator some information needed. We tell you why they are important and what you should know about them.


Indicate here in which building you live. For example, live in one detached house or in one flat in a multi-family building? If you are a tenant, the household contents insurance usually comes up for damage to associated adjoining rooms such as basement and storage. However, it must be possible to complete these rooms. Sometimes shared facilities such as a laundry room are also insured.


That is the sum that you receive proportionately or completely after a loss. It has to be enough to replace all your belongings in case of emergency. If it is too low, the insurer will only partially replace the costs. An example: The value of your household is 100,000 euros. They agree on a sum insured amounting to 50.0000 Euro. The sum insured covers only half of your household – you are thus 50 percent underinsured. After a flat fire, a damage of 25,000 euros arose. You will then receive only half of the damage incurred, that is 12,500 euros. So you have to pay 12,500 euros yourself. This can only be avoided with the appropriate sum insured.

Two ways to the appropriate sum insured

Flat rate method: The size of the apartment, ie the number of square meters, serves as a basis for calculation. Insurers usually estimate a flat rate of between € 600 and € 750 per square meter of living space. This is sufficient for most households. But you can also set a higher flat rate, for example, 900 euros, if your institution is particularly high quality. At a 80 sqm apartment and 650 euros per square meter this results in a sum insured amounting to 52,000 euros. In the flat-rate method providers usually exclude an underinsurance in the contract, the so-called under-insurance waiver. The insurance then replaces your damage in full, but only up to the maximum sum insured. So you should roughly beat the value of your household even with the lump sum method, in order to be on the safe side with a total loss.

Household list: You create a household list and carry there the Value of all objects on. It is important that you use the new price. The total value then corresponds to the amount of the appropriate insured sum. You should update the household list regularly, so that you are not underinsured for new purchases.

living space

The living space is important to the insurance Premium to calculate. It is also decisive for the waiver of underinsurance and the amount of the insured sum. Because the insurers use a lump sum of, for example, 650 euros and multiply this by the square meter number.


You can set a deductible for the claim. You then agree a certain amount that you in case of emergency pay from your own pocket. The insurer pays the costs that exceed the deductible. The advantage: you pay lower insurance premiums. However, you should use this savings only if you can afford the deductible.

Post Code

The postal code of your place of residence is particularly important for the price comparison of household insurance. Because insurers divide regions into different ones risk areas on. If, for example, burglaries are particularly frequent in your town, your contribution will increase.

additional modules

You can expand your insurance coverage individually. Possible additional components are, for example, elementary damage, glass breakage, bicycle insurance, external insurance or even “gross negligence”. In particular, the hedge gross negligence can be useful. For example, if you leave candles unattended and catch your furniture, the household insurer will not pay for the damage without it or not at all.

Foreign insurance protects belongings when traveling

Many insurers offer an external insurance as an additional module. Household items, such as expensive sports or photographic equipment, are then too outside of your household insured up to a maximum limit. This can be particularly helpful on vacation when your hotel room or apartment is broken into. A simple pickpocketing or loss is not insured. The items must not be outside your home for more than three months at a time.

What influences the contribution amount?

How much a household insurance costs depends on the sum insured, but also heavily on your living space and your place of residence. Here, for example, insurers consider the Burglary and storm frequency. On the other hand, the selected additional modules, such as a bicycle insurance, are crucial. In addition, a tariff with deductible is cheaper because they pay in case of damage, a certain amount itself.

Tariff comparison saves time and money

Whether you want to cancel your current home contents insurance and therefore need a new tariff or complete for the first time: Who compares online home insurance, receives one Overview of the current tariff landscape. A complex search on multiple provider sites is no longer necessary. You can also filter the results to your liking. If, for example, you are looking for a tariff that involves gross negligence, the comparison will show you a favorable tariff with this additional module. Then simply close your tariff directly online with the provider and save time and money.

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