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Who takes care of the children in an emergency if a caring parent fails? We offer personal childcare!


Stay at home as long as it is possible: our emergency mothers help people in need in their home environment.

Home help

In families there are often problems to manage the household in time. Here we help you and take care of your household!

Company service

As part of a contract, we can relieve your employees at home hourly and bring stabilization to the family!

50 years of emergency maternity leave – an occasion to celebrate!

"The best home is your own home!" With this motto, Charlotte Hesser founded the Notmütterdienst e.V. in Frankfurt in 1969 to offer mothers and families competent relief in emergencies. A lot has happened since then: Who would have known 50 years ago that we would be deployed in ten cities nationwide? In 2019, we can look back on five successful decades – and many thousands of families, single parents and seniors, whom we were able to lovingly support in special emergencies. Read more about the history of the Notmütterdienst e.V. here, which is also a promise for the future. We look forward to the next half century with you!

About the emergency mother service

The Notmütterdienst e.V. (NMD) was founded in 1969 by the Hesser couple as a non-profit organization. The commitment – to help families in emergency situations – was born from our own experience.

The Notmütterdienst e. V. offers household-related services for families and senior citizens who are in need and, as a registered association, always pursues charitable goals.

Over the decades, the NMD’s offering has continued in line with sociopolitical challenges developed – from childcare to senior care to cooperation with companies.

The Notmütterdienst e. V. looks after over 500 families and senior citizens nationwide and has already received numerous awards for his commitment, including With:

The NMD is already celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

It is the flexible and individually tailored care that has made the association so special: This means that the emergency maternity service can enable you to stay in a familiar home even in difficult family situations.

We have our own offices in the major cities of Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Koblenz, Chemnitz and Leipzig / Halle.

After all, care is a matter of trust – from person to person.

As simple as that.

They say when and where you need someone.
You can do this by phone or using the request form.

We immediately organize domestic help. Often the next day. And we advise you on financing!

You sit back, relax and have one less worry.

Thats what our customers say

All reviews are anonymized and verifiably real. We are always happy to receive positive feedback and constructive criticism.

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– Mr. A.H. on October 29, 2019 via LinkedIN

– Ms. N.K. from Frankfurt on March 7th, 2018 by email

– Mr. G.W. from Frankfurt on August 25th, 2017 via Google

– Ms. E.D. on August 17th, 2017 via Google

– Mr. A.R. on June 11th, 2017 via Google

– Mr. F.P. from Hamburg, in May 2017 via Google

– Mrs. J.M. from Hamburg in January 2018 via Google

– Mr. M.G. from Frankfurt on 08/28/2017 via

– Mr. E.S. from Darmstadt on March 17th, 2015 via

– Mrs. S.H. in February 2018 via

– Ms. E.M. in July 2017 via

Become a supervisor

They enjoy social engagement with children and / or seniors and are looking for one Additional Income?

Then join our support team! Simply fill out this form briefly and we will get back to you as soon as possible. A personal conversation in one of our offices can then take place shortly, where you can also get to know us better.

News blog

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Fraport AG did without Christmas gifts for its customers, for example. With the money saved this year was under .

Silesian dumplings à la Charlotte Hesser

In the NMD anniversary year, we would like to present a delicious side dish instead of cookies, which is also great as a main course on the plate: .

"Work-life balance as a mother – what does that actually mean?" – thoughts of a mother of two children.

"Sure, I’m working. 20 hours in a small office. My work-life balance should be very balanced there. I am .

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Frankfurt meets Hamburg

The Hamburg Emergency Mothers Service celebrated 50 years of NMD – and turned it into an open day. More than one .

Frankfurt: Number 1 for self-employed parents

Self-employed parents need particularly flexible, individual offers to balance work and family life. In the ranking of, Frankfurt am .

Open day in Hamburg

Big and small – you are invited! That is our program.

Shut up, the first one!

How can you get to the heart of what distinguishes us as emergency maternity service in a few minutes? On one .

For the next 50 years!

Last Monday, the time had come: The emergency mother service was able to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the magnificent imperial hall of the Frankfurt Römer. .

"An absolute vote of confidence"

Who are the people who work for the emergency maternity service? Today Gerda talks about her nine years of work for .

50 years of emergency maternity leave

We would like to celebrate that with you in Hamburg. With an exciting program for everyone. On October 25th with us.

There for you since 1969: The emergency mother service turns 50

The emergency mother service will be 50 years old in 2019. Five decades in which a lot has happened – and you in the middle! .

Do you know someone who suits us? Join now!

In our 50th anniversary year, we would like to revive an action as the federal headquarters in Frankfurt: Recommend us a supervisor, and receive .

For strong women: the NMD Koblenz at the Women Welcome Week at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences

This year, the Koblenzer Notmütterdienst e.V. again gave the participants a few carefree hours at the Women Welcome Week .

"I like to bring the family in a good mood" – Interview with Fauzia

Everyday helper, child fun, cook and comforter: Our NMD supervisors are real all-rounders. And although the work for the emergency maternity service, of course, some quite .

Hamburg supervisor Sarah in portrait. "It would be nice if people paid more attention to each other again and helped each other."

Our supervisors are true all-round talents and do exceptional work in a wide variety of families. So that we can optimally relieve you and .

"For me, every day is nice when I can work with children." – Cornelia gets to know better!

They have a great job that always presents them with new challenges. And they deal with them competently and understandingly, .

A portrait of our supervisor Silke. ". what is more meaningful "

In order to be able to optimally help each family in their particular situation, we work with numerous different caregivers. What they .

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Frankfurt office
Sophienstr. 28
60487 Frankfurt am Main
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Berlin office
Erich-Weinert-Str. 30
10439 Berlin
T 030-847 116 0
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Hamburg office
Holsteiner Kamp 95a
22081 Hamburg
T 040-361 119 0
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Cologne office
Kolumbastr. 5
50667 Cologne
T 0221-272 486 0
F 0221-272 486 27
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Regional office in Halle / Leipzig
Blumenstr. 14
04105 Leipzig
T 0341 35219871
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Regional office in Koblenz
PO Box 200853
56008 Koblenz
T 0261-390 220 55
F 0221-272 486 27
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Regional office Darmstadt
Dietzenbacher Strasse 10
63322 Rödermark
T 06074 / 6608-960
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Regional office Chemnitz / Erzgebirge
Chemnitzer Str. 21
09405 Gornau
T 0151 20294558
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Regional office Hanau
At the market 14-18
63450 Hanau
T 06181 / 295-907
F 06181 / 295-798
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