How children learn to ski: the 6 best tips for the children’s ski course

How children learn to ski: the 6 best tips for the children's ski course

How children learn to ski: the 6 best tips

Those who like to ski and have small children will sooner or later ask themselves how their own children can learn to ski.

It is the wish of almost all ski-enthusiastic parents to share the great experiences on the slopes and the wonderful moments on a ski holiday with the youngsters.

It takes time before the children skilfully put their own turns on the slopes or even leave their tracks in deep snow. At the very beginning you ask yourself how, where and when Children should learn to ski.

In this article, the Check Yeti team is dedicated to most important questions on the subject and gives helpful Practical tips, so that the children have a lot of fun in the snow and the parents have the most relaxed ski trip possible.

At what age can children learn to ski?

Basically, children can already from about 4 years make the first experiences on skis. The starting age for snowboarding is around 8 years. The earlier you start, the faster you learn, the sooner skiing becomes a matter of course in early years and the easier it will be to switch to snowboarding later.

Of course, you need to start skiing certain requirements be fulfilled. Parents know best themselves whether the children are already ready to spend a few hours in the ski course, how sociable they are in the group and how open they are to new challenges. Physical development also plays an important role: if the children like to run, climb around and maybe even enjoy it balance hold, then the first steps on skis are no problem.

Even if the children are not quite ready for skiing, there are some places, for example in the Flachau ski area , "Schnneekindergärten". In these, children from 2 or 3 years of age can have their first playful experiences in the snow and slowly approach skiing.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the ski area??

When it comes to where children should learn to ski, there are many things to consider. Some ski resorts offer conditions that make the first turns particularly easy for children and particularly pleasant for parents.

A first important factor when children learn to ski is that children countries of the ski area and their equipment. Especially with a longer ski course, different routes and practice facilities, such as B. Ski carousel and course with colorful figures, for much variety. A friendly and helpful mascot also makes children’s eyes shine and quickly makes every fall forget.

In addition to the equipment, the Location of the practice area an important role. Especially for the little ones, walking long distances in full gear is not easy. The way home after a great day of skiing can sometimes create a subdued atmosphere for young and old. We therefore recommend that the practice area is in the valley and in the immediate vicinity of the parking lot or the accommodation. A great example of this is the Oberjoch snow children’s area in the Bad Hindelang-Oberjoch-Iseler ski area .

You can teach the kids to ski themselves?

At best, you should try your hand as a ski instructor if you are not only an experienced and very safe skier, but also know exactly how to slowly introduce children to skiing. Because when children learn to ski, it is not the most important thing that the basic technique is taught quickly. Rather, it’s about the kids Fun in the snow have and a first A feeling for skiing develop.

Ski instructors can thanks to their Education and experience best estimate when the children need to take a breather and when it is time for games in the snow or encouraging words. Many children also listen to a ski instructor rather than their own parents. It is even easier in the group with peers. However, the patience of pedagogically trained ski instructors should not be underestimated.

What you can do during a longer stay where the children should learn to ski is to take the child on the slopes for the last 1 or 2 days after a few days of ski lessons and to practice there together: the crowning one Conclude a wonderful skiing holiday for the parents and an educational week for the children.

Children learn to ski better in a group or with a private instructor?

The decision of how children learn to ski – with a private instructor or in a group course – depends primarily on them needs and from Age of the children.

The main advantages of a group course are that the children Learn to ski with your peers and have fun in the group on and off the slopes. The group feeling and the practice area of ​​the ski schools used for beginners’ courses ensure an ideal learning environment, especially for the youngest piste skiers. In addition, group courses are usually the cheapest option if children learn to ski.

Private ski instructor in turn, are mostly more flexible. The meeting point, the start of the course and the catering can often individually be determined. Some private teachers even pick up the children at the hotel and bring them back after the course – the all-round carefree package for parents. In addition, the pace at which the children learn to ski can be individually adapted to the progress and needs of the child. For children from 7 years private tutors are a great option.

Private alternatives are an attractive alternative Family or group courses, where both the children learn to ski and the adults can further refine their technique. Several private courses of this kind are offered in Lech am Arlberg.

How long should children learn to ski?

Many parents are concerned with the question of how long it takes children to be fit for the slopes. This is especially the case when it comes to preparing for a skiing holiday together. As the learning progress different from child to child there is no universal rule. However, we have found that when children learn to ski, they usually go after 3 to 4 days of 3 hours For the time being, ski course is quite safe on the boards.

Usually, the first ski course mainly serves to familiarize the children with the equipment. They also learn to drive the plow independently in flat terrain first turns to make and stop again.

Once these basic techniques are established, it is time for you advanced course. Now the kids learn the parallel turn and drive down the first blue and light red slopes. In the next courses, possibly even with a private instructor, the technology will be refined so that the children can even ski on black slopes independently.

If you only go on a skiing holiday once a year or just on Beginning of the season , it makes perfect sense for children to take part in a ski course to refresh themselves in the first 2 days. For the rest of the ski vacation or the season, the children can also practice with their parents.

If you do not arrive in the ski area on a weekend, you can do so at some ski schools, for example in Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal start a multi-day ski course during the week.

What should you consider when choosing the equipment?

The standard equipment for skiing includes a ski suit (jacket / pants), skis, ski boots, poles, helmet and ski goggles. The ski poles are usually not necessary, especially in courses where the youngest children learn to ski. The ski Boots and the helmet definitely have to fit so that skiing doesn’t become torture or even unnecessarily dangerous!

When children learn to ski, care should be taken to ensure that the clothing is warm and still sufficient Freedom of movement leaves. Since the children often spend more time in the snow than on skis, especially in the first ski course, the ski pants and gloves must be worn waterproof his. That’s why it’s worth investing a little more in these pieces.

Renting skis, poles, helmets and ski boots for the children is often cheaper than buying the complete equipment yourself, as it may not fit next year. With some ski courses, e.g. B. in the Brauneck-Lenggries ski area Rental equipment even included in the price.

As a native of Vorarlberg, I practically grew up skiing and was able to demonstrate my passion for skiing as a tour guide in Kitzbühel.

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