How do I find the best WordPress hosting? WordPress Hoster Review 2019

In this WordPress Hosting comparison I will show you the best WordPress Hoster 2019. WordPress Hosting has specific requirements for the web hosting provider you trust. It’s worth taking a closer look at what makes WordPress Hosting different. A good WordPress hosting provider can increase your performance and save your money.

If you google for WordPress hosting comparison, you will be overwhelmed with several WordPress hosting comparisons. The catch on these WordPress hosting comparisons is that these comparisons are only aimed at the web hosters’ referral rates. Some even recommend Strato or 1und1 for WordPress hosting. A no-go.

This WordPress hosting comparison is based on my personal experiences. I have tested all WordPress hosters personally and only recommend WordPress hosting providers that I would use myself.

WordPress Hosting Comparison 2019

WordPress Hoster shoot like mushrooms from the ground. No wonder – WordPress was never more popular. The good news: The competition among WordPress hosters has never been greater.

The three most important points when choosing the WordPress Hoster: Speed! Speed! Speed! Okay, admittedly it’s not that easy. But why is the speed of your WordPress installation so important? The speed of your WordPress installation is the cornerstone of your success. A good support saves you nerves. I have been working with WordPress for 5 years and have gained a lot of experience with WordPress hosters. If you read on you will understand what I mean.

  • 1 Project
  • 5 GB memory SSD
  • 0 Domain incl.
  • 1 Database
  • 1 GB Ram
  • SSL incl.
  • 1 vCore CPU
  • autom. backups (every night)
  • SSH incl.
  • staging system
  • Great support
  • 5 Project
  • 50 GB memory
  • 3 domains incl.
  • 5 Database
  • 256MB PHP Memory
  • SSL not incl.
  • 100 users per server
  • SSH not incl.
  • Low price

  • 10 Project
  • 100 GB memory
  • 1 domain incl.
  • 10 databases SSD (1GB)
  • 1 GB Ram
  • SSL incl.
  • Mail server included

2nd WordPress Hosting Testimonials

Raidboxes – My experiences with the Premium WordPress Hoster

Raidboxes specializes in WordPress hosting and only WordPress hosting. Therefore there are no further server packages with this hosting provider. But the advantage is obvious: You have a support which is specialized only in WordPress and hosting and stands you competently to the side.

Due to this specialization the servers of Raidboxes are optimized for WordPress. The Raidboxes servers run on fast SSD hard disks. Furthermore this WordPress Hoster offers automatic security and core updates of WordPress. In addition, automatic and manual backups of your WordPress installation are created and with just one click you can upload them to your raidbox.

Raidboxes Support & Service

The special service at Raidboxes is the automatic relocation service of your existing WordPress installation. Raidboxes automatically copies your WordPress installation to the Raidboxes server. At the moment this service can take up to 48h – but for the fast ones there is a Raidbox Plugin, which makes your move easier with just a few clicks.

My raidboxes experiences are consistently positive. Even if the price is not exactly cheap – the WordPress hosting is really optimal. The support is nice, friendly and competent.

If you want to build your own business with your WordPress website, you shouldn’t skimp on WordPress hosting – why, I had to learn that painfully when for example WebGo simply deleted my domain and I needed over a week of support to restore the domain and my website. With Raidboxes I can be sure that there are professionals at work.

Raidboxes Advantages

The performance is very good because the servers have been optimized for WordPress. You hardly need to worry about speed optimization. Server-side caching, gZip compression and browser caching is done by Raidboxes for you – you should just think about summarizing your HTML, CSS and JS files. You can also achieve good to very good loading times with a cumbersome WordPress theme.

Raidboxes Disadvantages

The disadvantage of raidboxes is that the host does not offer domains or mail servers. So you have to use a second provider for your domain and your mails. This is relatively cheap with a provider like goneo (package e-mail plus) but with 0,89€/month.

Update 2019: Meanwhile Raidboxes also offers domains and mailboxes and is therefore a full WordPress Hoster with all-round service.

Small tip: The cheapest “box” at Raidboxes costs 9 € but is shared hosting. This means you share your webspace with others on the server. In the tariff Starter for 15 € you have your own virtual server – that means you share a server with others but have your own virtual server on the actual server. This gives you guaranteed performance.

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