How does a good soccer shoe have to fit?

Your child finally wants one Join the soccer team and play soccer regularly? Or do you want to be active in a club yourself? Then of course you need the right soccer shoes. When buying, there are many important factors that we will go into in more detail in our detailed buying advice. However, it is not only the material quality that is decisive. It also depends on the correct fit of your new soccer shoes so that they fit your foot offer the best possible hold and sit comfortably at your feet. But how exactly does a good soccer shoe have to fit now? This is exactly what we would like to tell you below to help you buy new soccer shoes.

What size should your soccer shoe be??

When asked about the perfect fit of your soccer shoes, this question also arises. There is a very simple reason for this. After all, it should be in the front of the shoe give enough space, so that you do not hit the tip of the shoe with your big toe every time you move. It is also the case with children that a good football shoe can be bought a little too big. Finally, the children then have the opportunity to grow into these shoes so that you, as parents, do not do so quickly have to buy new soccer shoes for your offspring again. However, you should keep in mind that the shoes must not be too big. After all, the feet of the children should still find a stable hold in the shoes, so that the kids do not bend over with their soccer shoes, for example, and do not sprain their ankles or get worse injuries.

When you buy the perfect soccer shoes, it’s not just about that size, speak the length of the shoes, but also on the width on. Do you have wide or narrow feet? This is important to consider when buying new soccer shoes. Especially when you buy soccer shoes with leather uppers, it is extremely important that these shoes sit a little too tight at the beginning. Because leather widens over time. Otherwise, it could happen that your soccer shoes are way too wide in the end if you have entered them for a while.

If you try on different soccer shoes, you will notice that the width is always a compromise between the greatest possible comfort and the ideal feeling for the ball. After all, tighter shoes provide a more pronounced feeling for the ball, which is of course more important for a footballer importance is. There shouldn’t be too much space, especially on the sides. On the other hand, a little space is allowed in the front toe area.

Tip: By the way, if you try on soccer shoes before buying, you should definitely not do this with normal socks. Because normal socks are often thinner than the socks that you will wear later when you exercise. Therefore, your shoes may end up too tight at the end, since you were wearing the wrong socks when you bought them. Please keep this in mind in order to avoid costly wrong purchases if possible!

It also depends on the footbed

Do you have flat or hollow feet? Or can your feet be described as normal? This question is also crucial when buying new soccer shoes. Do you need insoles in your soccer shoes? If so, you should definitely choose a soccer shoe whose insole you can easily replace with your insole. You should also have the insoles with you when trying on the new soccer shoes. Otherwise you can Fit and comfort of your potential new soccer shoes finally don’t estimate. It is best to think right away in which of the following categories your or your children’s feet should be classified. With this Knowledge the matching soccer shoes are much easier to find:

  • Standard arch (normal)
  • Hohlfuß
  • Flat or flat foot

With a normal arch, you can choose from a particularly large number of soccer shoes. However, the situation is different with a flat or flat foot. In this case you urgently need so-called Motion control football boots. Pay attention when buying soccer shoes from brands like

So make sure that this name appears in the product description of the respective shoes that you are interested in. In case of one Hohlfuß then a supportive footbed is a must for you. If your desired soccer shoe does not have such a footbed, the use of an insert is recommended instead.

So you are prepared for the different types of lawn

Not every shoe is suitable for every surface. Find out in this table what the different types of shoes are suitable for.

variant application
AG (Artificial Ground)
  • artificial grass
FG (Firm Ground)
  • ash
  • natural grass
HG (Hard Ground)
  • ash
  • Kunstrase
IN / IT / IC (indoor)
  • hall floors
SG (Soft Ground)
  • natural grass
TF (Turf)
  • ash,
  • short artificial grass
  • hard floors

Advantages and disadvantages of high quality soccer shoes

  • Real football games offer a good grip, which means your ankle is well supported.
  • If the toes do not touch the front, you have enough room to move in the soccer shoe.
  • As a result, they do not press and do not leave any blisters even when worn for a long time.
  • There are now a large number of models that are suitable for different types of lawn.
  • Poorly fitting soccer shoes can damage your feet.

General tips on fit

If you are unsure when trying on whether the comfort of the respective soccer shoes is really ideal for you, we have a few useful tips for you here. Finally, there are a number of things you can pay attention to to answer this question for yourself. Please make sure your toes are in your new soccer shoes never squeezed or squeezed too much become. In addition, your new soccer shoes should not squeeze on the little toe. Because these are two clear signs that the soccer shoes you have chosen are simply a little too narrow for your foot.

Generally you should at the fitting don’t feel like your soccer shoe is pushing anywhere. Otherwise, bubbles and nasty pressure points are practically pre-programmed when you wear the shoes later, but this can be avoided. Incidentally, it can make sense if you try on the same football shoe again in a whole or half a size larger. This enables comparison. This may make it easier for you to decide which soccer shoe is really ideal for you. However, please also consider that soccer shoes should not be too tight, as this would simply have a negative effect on the feeling of the ball.

In addition, you should know that soccer shoes that use leather as the upper tend to be recommended for people with wide feet. This is because the shoes are still widening and therefore individually adapt to your foot. People with narrow feet ride along Soccer shoes made of leather however not so good. A synthetic upper is the better choice in this case. Insoles can also ensure a better fit of the shoe with very narrow feet. Despite all these tips, only you can decide when trying on which soccer shoe on your foot ensures the highest level of comfort.


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