How does the bonus booklet work?

How does the bonus booklet work??

The bonus booklet was introduced in Germany as proof of entitlement to increased subsidies from statutory health insurance funds. The idea behind the booklet is the following: Patients should be incentivized to exercise dental preventive care. Patients who already go to the dentist regularly are rewarded with the bonus booklet.
Regularly means that young people of 12-17 years visit the dentist for individual prophylaxis every calendar half-year. After completion of the 18th year of age, the dental examination is due only once a year.

You will receive a new bonus book directly from your dentist. Bring it to every visit to the dentist and have your exam confirmed by a stamp. If you have forgotten the book, that’s no problem. You can do it e.g. post stamp at the next appointment. Even if you have not run a bonus booklet so far, but have regularly taken precautionary measures with your dentist, you can have the book completed later. Just ask at the dentist‘s reception.

Bonus booklet to prove dental examinations

What brings me the bonus booklet?

You can benefit from the bonus scheme if you have managed your bonus booklet completely for five years. Thus, e.g. The fixed subsidy for dentures from 50% to 60% and after ten years of complete bonus booklet management to 65% percent.

Apart from the direct benefits that a regular dental check can bring you, it is also financially worthwhile – in the case of costly dental treatment your health insurance pays considerably more.

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