How is a dental estimate binding? (Right, teeth, dentist)

How is a dental estimate binding? (Right, teeth, dentist)

How to commit to a dental quote?

With a signed dental estimate, are you obliged to have all the teeth listed treated by him? Or you can stop halfway and have your teeth treated by another dentist?

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The estimate is non-binding, I also believe that it will not be signed by the patient? Or did you sign something? ?

After the cost estimate, the healing and cost plan is written, this is sent to the health insurance company and then either to you or your dentist and even then you can go to another dentist for treatment with the healing and cost plan as long as you do not sign it have.

Now you write that you would like to change during the treatment, that is theoretically possible, you just have to note that the treatment is completed within 6 months. Clarify this beforehand with your health insurance company.

If you sign a healing and cost plan that has been processed by the health insurance company and sent back, you can no longer use it for another practice, then you need a new healing and cost plan.

Only sign if you are sure that you want to continue the treatment there until the end !

You can also cancel, but then, as far as I know, the KVA is no longer binding on the dentist.

surely you can get counter offers and have them done elsewhere.

Even if the estimate is signed?

Estimates are not signed by the patient. What for?

What you probably mean, otherwise the question makes no sense, is the healing and cost plan. You must also sign it before the start of treatment. If you don’t want to finish the treatment with the dentist who issued the healing and cost plan, this is of course your decision. However, you then need a new healing and cost plan from the new doctor, which you can submit to the cash register again. In addition, I would at least see that the teeth that he started with are also treated by him to the end. If the treatment is not completed within 6 months, the subsidies from the health insurance may expire and there is only unnecessary stress. However, it is of course also possible to change doctors in the middle of the treatment, especially if you have good reasons to do so.

One more thing: The doctor who started the treatment for you, but cannot finish it, may remain at his own expense, since he only receives the subsidies mentioned from the health fund if he completes the treatment. He will then probably want to recover these costs from you.

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