How much child supplement can i get?

The amount of the child supplement hangs depending on your individual financial situation. You can pay a maximum of 140 euros per month per child. receive. No matter how many children you have. So there is no staggering as it exists in child benefit. In addition, you can or must apply for housing benefit. But remember. You can only use the ALG II or receive the child supplement. If you have the choice between these two financing options, then definitely check whether and how you are still covered by health insurance. After all, these costs are covered by ALG II, but not the child supplement!

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Again and again parents face the problem that the income is rather low and the cost of living increases. For some families it is enough.

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Table of Contents ▼ ▲ The Child Supplement Forms Application for Child Supplement The child supplement can in principle be applied for by anyone whose income is so low that they do not have their children.

Table of contents ▼ ▲ Who receives child benefit 2? Support for participation and education That child benefit is an important help from Familys counts.

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