How much does the health insurance company pay for a missing year in the bonus booklet? (Teeth, dentist, dentures)

How much does the health insurance company pay for a missing year in the bonus booklet? (Teeth, dentist, dentures)

How much does the health insurance company pay for a missing year in the bonus booklet??

Hello everyone!

I should have a question about my bonus book. I just went to the dentist and needed 2 crowns. my bonus book is complete from 1991 to 1 year (2007) until today. what% is now covered by the health insurance??

Many thanks for your help!

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If only one year is missing, I would go to your health insurance company and clarify this myself, often the clerks are so nice and close your eyes. It can happen that you forgot it in the year, or that a death in the family intervened or something. We have seen this happen in practice many times and the health insurers were always very nice!

there is a fixed grant, which increases if the bonus booklet is kept accordingly. you can read this for example here

The bonus booklet shows the years you have been to the dentist. It counts backwards. 2013 doesn’t count. Is it complete up to and including 2008 = 60% of the total. By 2003 completely = 65% of the total. Missing a year e.g. 2009, you only get 50%. It does not matter whether you can prove control appointments until the birth of Jesus. Therefore it is not a bonus book (bonus = good) but a book of malus (malus = bad), because it leads to a punishment. Positive: in your case it is 60%.

In that case, the bonus is only available for 5 years.

The cash registers are usually very precise. You get the highest additional payment without gaps at 10 years. If you have a gap from there, count how many years you have without gaps.

If 2007 is missing, you have six years full, I think the 5 year limit counts and there is the sum X, you have to ask the cashier.

You can try auditioning.

But real money is only with dentures, crowns are still possible.

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Statutory health insurance without bonus booklet (was not with the dentist for 5 years) + no personal contribution and full reimbursement of costs for dentures, etc.?

Hello everyone, can someone of you suggest a health insurance company that does not require any personal contribution from me for dental treatments (dentures, etc.)? Like this: a former company health insurance company. Since I have not been to the dentist for 5 years and now have complaints and cannot currently afford to pay for it myself, I am now looking for a LEGAL health insurance company that does not require a bonus booklet, and, as already mentioned, takes on the costs COMPLETELY or for the most part.

Ask health insurer for inspection

Unfortunately, I will soon have a bigger tooth op and my health insurance company does not yet know about my plans, and my dentist also politely pointed it out to me. After thinking about it for a long time, I noticed that my old dentist no longer wanted to issue my bonus book. Can you prove otherwise that you have been to the dentist regularly? I’m a permanent guest there and don’t want to have to lose% at the surgery. Can someone please give me an opinion or advice?

Complete tooth restoration under anesthesia?

Can you have your denture completely restored at a session at a dentist? And what does anesthesia cost? Assumes the health insurance costs?

Where can I get the teeth bonus book?

I would now also like to start with the dentist bonus book.

My open questions would be:

-Can I get it from the ZA or health insurance? -I can do it over the phone "to order"? -Do visits to the orthodontist also count? -what do I have to consider? – can I start several booklets? – it works even if you already have fillings or are still getting them?

Thanks in advance! :)

What does the health insurance (AOK) pay for a crown?

A piece of tooth broke away and my dentist said it had to have a crown on it. What does the health insurance company pay? Do I have to report there with the findings from the dentist or do you have any estimates? Which material is best suited? It is a tooth in the visible area next to the incisor where the back half has broken off.

Dentist wants money despite hardship application

have a question. My hardship application for the due renewal of my bridges and crowns was approved because I receive benefits under ALG II (Hartz 4). Now my dentist tells me that I still have to pay 150 € for surveying costs. It strikes me as a rip off. If this service is necessary, why is it not listed in the salvation and cost plan so that it can be billed to the health insurance company. The health insurance company has also announced that it will cover 100% of the costs. Then why are there still costs that were not mentioned in advance and that I should now pay? What do you think?

I would be happy about numerous answers from you!

LG, Sonny Crocket

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Why do I have to use a bonus booklet to prove that I regularly went for a dental exam? The health insurance company should know about the dentist’s billing when and how often I was at the dentist. The bonus booklet provides information that the health insurance company does not have anyway?

Those who go to the dentist regularly and keep a bonus book have chances that the health insurance will cover more of their costs.

But this is again not an unnecessary bureaucracy, which one also imposes on the patient, just so that the health insurance company can save more money for patients who did not keep a bonus booklet?

Why do I have to prove my visits to the dentist with such a rag at all??

In the patient database at the health insurance company, every visit to the doctor where I logged in with my health insurance card is listed, recorded and saved.

It is probably also clear from which times I visited which doctor.

Why use the bonus booklet if it is not a matter of occupying the patient with additional effort or reducing the benefits in return?

because I have moved a lot in the past 5 years but have been busy with different dentists every six months

If you have something on your tooth (e.g. tooth decay) and you still don’t have a bonus booklet, i.e. if you are going to the dentist for the first time, you have to pay for it (or part of it) or all (or part of) it is covered by the health insurance ? If not, how much do you have to pay. If "just" part how much you pay.

I need a new dentist booklet, also called a bonus booklet. Where do I get it from? From the health insurance company? I’m at the TK.

I have the disease Amelogenesis imperfecta, in which my teeth slowly dissolve. I need a complete crowning of the teeth in about 5 years. Go to the dentist every year and have never had tooth decay in my life. I also have a bonus book.

My question now: what percentage will the health insurance company later contribute to the bill? Have read that it takes over 50% and only in the visible area !? Is that correct ? I also have additional insurance but only 40% of my bill.

Hi, I’ve been with TK for a few months.

Before that I was with another health insurance company and haven’t been to the dentist for a few years.

Now I want to check and start with a new bonus book. How does it work exactly, where can I get it from ?

On the side of the TK I do not really look through .. Do I have to register online? Does it cost me anything or is there something to consider? And where do I get the booklet from??

Since I moved, I just can’t find my dentist’s bonus book. I’ve already turned my whole booth upside down.

Now I have recently spoken to colleagues about where one said that the bonus booklet was not absolutely necessary if one wanted to / have to apply for benefits from the health insurance company at some point, because the data on regular dentist visits were available to the health insurance company anyway.

Is that really the case? And if not – what other options do I have to get written evidence of my regular check-ups??

Thanks in advance and LG

if I start a treatment at the dentist and it will only be completed in the next year how will the bonus be calculated?

Next year I have my bonus book "full" that means 5 years at the dentist.

If I start treatment this year but the treatment is not completed until 2017, 2017 will count with or from the start of treatment?


Hi there!
I have a question about calculating the share that the health insurance company pays for two crowns. Maybe someone can help me.
Soon two crowns will be set for me. Since I’m still in training, I can’t get a gross income of € 998 a month. In my (expected) dentist’s invoice, a fixed subsidy from the health insurance companies of € 1,326.06 was already charged. The health insurance company has subsequently sent me a confirmation of the takeover of € 623.20. I am assuming that this sum is made up of the statutory fixed subsidy from the health insurance [50% of € 311.60 per tooth = € 155.80 x2 (since two teeth) = € 311.60] and the fact that I do not have enough Have income and are therefore treated as a hardship case [100% takeover = 100% fixed subsidy per tooth = € 311.60 x2 (since two teeth) = € 623.20].
Now my question: The dentist sent me a confirmation of (with him!) 4 stamps of my visits to him in the past 4 years in the bonus booklet. However, I still have my old stamp booklet (at the moment it is probably only electronically stamped in the file), which contains stamps from the past 8 years (from other dentists I have been to). Normally that would mean for me that I get 20% of the fixed subsidy in the bonus booklet from 5 years on, or? Does this also apply in the calculation of the hardship case??
If so, then I would receive a fixed subsidy of € 186.96, i.e. € 373.92 for two teeth in any case and in the case of hardship regulation (if the bonus surcharge applies to them) then € 747.84 instead of the 623 charged to me, 20 €. Am I correct? I would be very happy about clarification!
best regards

at the weekend we were stabbed and my wallet stolen and also my bonus book. The problem is now, my dentist retired at the beginning of the year, so I can no longer add my bonus book. In practice there is no successor either. My health insurance only said to me, I only have a chance if I somehow reach my dentist in writing. There has to be another solution to that, too? Today you can replace everything somehow?

I immigrated to Germany about 7 years ago, last was at the dentist 6 years ago, had nothing. To date and currently no dental problems! Now I’m beginning to have a bad conscience .. What if the dentist finds a few holes? Do I have to pay everything myself because I don’t have a bonus book yet? What does the till pay? "simple services" like plastic fillings? I don’t want Amalgan .. Thanks for the replies

I forgot to go to the dentist in 2015. Can I go to my dentist and have it updated for last year??

Since I do not want to go into the details, I am only concerned with the core question. Couldn’t clarify the real problem yet.

Can I go to the dentist and get my stamp for the bonus book even though my entitlement to benefits is due to unpaid contributions to the statutory health insurance?

Or how much does the fun cost me if I go there as a self-payer and does it work at all?

In case someone asks the card, I have sent it home and not yet

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