How much salary does an actor get?

Gross actor salary

job Actor / actress
Monthly gross salary 2.800,00 €
Annual gross salary 33,600.00 €

Earn enough as an actor?

Actors – the most important facts

  • As an actor or actress, the payment cannot be more different than that of other colleagues.
  • Extra and supporting actors, at the beginning of their career, get about 60 euros for one role. Small actors, on the other hand, can expect around 400 – 500 euros.
  • Actors already on some years Stage experience can receive a salary of about 900 euros per day.

Big challenges

Only about 3% of around 6,000 actors can keep their livelihood with the salary. After deducting commissions, Taxes and the usual social security contributions, the bottom line is often only 1,000 euros. In addition, many actors cannot afford health insurance and remain uninsured.

Very few are even entitled to unemployment benefit, because at least 180 days of shooting must be completed each year, the shooting must not exceed six weeks, and earnings last year should not exceed EUR 30,000.

Do the right thing with your salary

There are many reasons why actors are not doing as well as is often assumed. On the one hand, the proceeds from filming have drastically reduced since 2008, there are fewer and shorter filming times, which means that the fees are also reduced.

With the introduction of private television channels, there were drastic fluctuations in the salary of the actors, initially rising extremely, but falling again a short time later.

As a result, there was an oversupply of actors who fell gages in the basement, even many top actors and actresses had to cut back on their fees.

Fee amount

If a role is offered, it means to strike and accept or the role is given to a competitor. If you think too long or hesitate, you have bad cards. A maximum of 800-850 euros salary current paid for a supporting role per day.

A fee, according to ZAV (Central Foreign and Specialized Placement), which will soon be downward. If such diverse supporting roles are only offered for a few days a year, it is not enough to survive.

Even well-known artists and actors now work for less than a few years ago. A troubling situation that shakes the media world and the federal association for film and television actors. Whether you are an actor or an actress – if you are represented by an agency, you have the chance to get high-class fees and interesting screenplays.


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