How to advertise your used car like a pro.

Advertise cars, the right way!

Dear readers, we at autoankauf online know one thing really well and that is nationwide car buying and car selling. Our employees spend many hours every day tracking down cars that are suitable for a serious purchase. We regularly come across private advertisements that have little to do with the reality that we find when we see the advertised car in reality. For us as a commercial car buyer, deviations from the advertisement description are usually not so tragic. If you want to sell your well preserved used car to a private owner, you will usually lose all trust with imprecise, spongy or even cheated car advertisements. This could then save you a lot of business. Therefore, the motto applies, which is the highest maxim in the used car trade anyway: honesty has priority! Always!

How to create a trustworthy ad for your used car.

Make your car ad as serious as possible. You may want to ask someone in the family who is particularly skilled at writing crisp, punchy copy to write your car ad. In the following we would like to give you of autoankauf online a few tips to the hand, which will help you to write a respectable and sales-strong autoinserat. Of course we also let our wishes flow in, which advertisements we would like to read as a car buyer.

Print ad in the newspaper vs. Advertisement in the automotive portal

First of all, you should ask yourself how urgent the sale of your vehicle is. if the sales pressure is high, you must pull out all the stops and place your used car both in the newspaper as a print ad and on the internet as a digital ad. According to our experience, we are actually dealing with two different advertising qualities here. With the print ad, requests are expected to be much slower. On the other hand, the quality of the inquiries for the sale of used cars is significantly higher. Especially in the area of oldtimer and youngtimer sales you will probably achieve the best results in the newspaper.

On the internet you usually advertise your vehicle in the well-known used car exchanges mobile.De or autoscout24.De. Here, in addition to the standard ad, you have many different ways of customizing your ad to reach even more audiences. usually you will receive the first request to buy a used car within a few hours if you have a suitable ad for a used car. However, these ads are usually much less valuable. Unfortunately, an online contact form is filled out faster than dialing a phone number. It is more impersonal and therefore often less binding. out of 5 requests, one request is usually a qualified request. However, if you are properly prepared, you can take it into account and you will not be disappointed later on.


the text of a car ad should describe the used car factually and accurately. Filler words are expensive in newspapers and should also be avoided in online used car sales. In addition to the objective vehicle data, such as make, model, year of manufacture and mileage, information about the condition and the number of previous owners should not be missing. This, in conjunction with your price information, enables the interested party to assess whether the vehicle is suitable for him and whether a call to you is worthwhile. Here the ratio should be right.

check other car ads of your used car type to see what price you can get or get it professionally appraised. in the used car trade, the access to the customer is always through the condition of the vehicle and the price. this relationship should be maintained even when the customer visits you for a test drive. To increase the price in direct contact with the customer is simply untrustworthy and will in all likelihood result in the customer dropping out. The same applies to the condition. Do not speak of an absolutely accident-free vehicle and the interested party finds a scratched body on the spot. This then makes the interested party assume that they are cheating in other places as well. This creates uncertainty, which rarely leads to the conclusion of a deal. Another characteristic of a good used car ad is that it is free of errors. Texts with spelling mistakes look unserious and unconsciously create distrust.

Design of the ad

For vehicle sales, as with all other goods sold online, it is important to give as accurate an impression as possible of what is being sold. After an advertisement text as precise as possible, be sure to ask for a photo. Advertisements without photo receive fewer inquiries in the newspaper and online almost none. It is therefore better to present several photos at least online. The front of the car, the rear and both sides should be clearly depicted. Ideally, therefore, take the photos on a cloudy day. How to create the best lighting conditions. In order not to distract the eye unnecessarily, it is best to provide a neutral background, e.g. a.B. A wall of a house. For data protection reasons you should make the license plates unrecognizable. After all, on the internet you never know what happens to your photos when they are stored by third parties.

Taken together, these tips will already help you to get a good used car ad. Nothing should stand in the way of an uncomplicated sale of a used car. Car purchase online wishes you success!

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