How to organize a treasure hunt for children’s birthdays

Reading time: 2 minutes The treasure hunt is one of the classics of birthday games and is still able to inspire young and old today. Searching for a treasure can be done from kindergarten to school age, with the important being that tasks to adapt to the age. Read more about treasure hunts for children’s birthdays here.

How to organize a treasure hunt for children’s birthdays

Treasure hunt for little guests

  • The path to the hidden treasure should contain only a few stops.
  • The notes should be drawn or with a Photo will be given.
  • An adult can ask a simple question at each of the intermediate stations and provide help in finding the solution. (e.g .: what color is the park bench etc.)

Treasure hunt for larger guests

Preschool and school children have completely different requirements on a children’s birthday party with a treasure hunt than younger children. In addition to puzzles, the search for the treasure can also be combined with tasks.

  • The invitations can include snippets of the treasure map, for example, so that the map only needs to be puzzled together on the day of the birthday party.
  • Another possibility is that every snippet sent contains a task.
  • The correct order of the snippet tasks is guaranteed with the help of numbering.
  • Working out the next clue increases the fun factor and prevents older children from getting bored.

Alternatives to find the treasure map

Another way to search for the treasure map is to give clues or hide the map in a gift. With the help of various tips, the little pirates will find the treasure map easier.

Possible hiding places for a treasure map

  • in a letter
  • in the birthday cake
  • in a bottle

If you have decided to hide the treasure map in a cake, you must ensure that the cake is large enough. The treasure map should be wrapped in several layers of aluminum foil to prevent moisture from entering.

Make treasure cards

To craft a treasure map, it is advisable to use light yellow construction paper. The use of earth or a lighter can help give the paper a "worn" look. If you want it to be less complicated, you can buy paper that has already been given the look of an old card.

The instructions should be entered first, whereby the order is important. The destination and the start of the treasure hunt should also be clearly marked. Finally, special features such as trees, benches or other are entered.

The marking of the treasure is recommended to prevent a later unwanted search for the hiding place of the treasure. Failure to find the treasure because the adult no longer knows where he hid it can spoil a child’s complete birthday joy.

Treasure chest or simple box?

Properly, a treasure hunt also includes a real one
treasure chest. models wooden can under piles of leaves, behind stones
or hidden under branches to prevent moisture from entering
to prevent. If a treasure is to be buried properly, then recommend it
plastic models that are tightly closed and in retrospect
can be cleaned easily.

A cheaper, but more time-consuming variant is decorating and painting a cardboard box.

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