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How to prevent irritable cough in children

Can you prevent irritable cough in toddlers? In fact, it is possible to reduce the susceptibility to infections somewhat. But we cannot really protect ourselves from it. But those who are armed with a healthy immune system are much more likely to ward off pathogens. But when it comes to coughing, there are many things you can do to help your child.

What is irritable cough?

If the Coughing children affected, this is a great burden for everyone involved. The level of suffering in children is significantly higher than in adults. She torments them especially at night dry and scratchy cough especially. Irritant cough usually occurs at the beginning of a cold or a flu infection. Cold viruses then settled on the pharynx. There they dry out the surrounding tissue and cause irritation. If the irritable cough affects a baby or toddler, the symptoms appear even more severe. The little ones in particular can literally get into coughing fits.

This should not be dismissed annoyed, but should be taken seriously. The children are really bad with a strong cough. Parents are tasked with helping them alleviate symptoms.

info: If your child suddenly starts coughing loudly at night without infection, it could also be pseudo croup. Have this checked by the doctor!

Preventive measures against irritable cough in children

There are a few basic things you can do to reduce the risk of irritable cough. You should the Strengthen your child’s immune system.

  • Take care of your child drink enough. Avoid soft drinks and sweetened drinks. An adequate water balance contributes significantly to keeping the immune system in flux.
  • At the same time, you should Child’s nutrition keep an eye. It should be healthy, rich in vitamins and balanced. A one-sided diet leads to deficiency symptoms and weakens the immune system.
  • Leave your child in the cold season play outside. Even rainy days shouldn’t be an obstacle. Exercise keeps the body fit and gets the circulation going.
  • If you have a cold yourself, it is hard to avoid infecting your children. Minimize the risk by using the Rules of hygiene follow.

Note: The Irritable cough cannot be completely prevented. Especially when your child goes to kindergarten or kindergarten, it will definitely catch the eye. But depending on the immune system, it is only a short infection or a full-blown cold or flu.

When the cough comes on

Are there home remedies for coughing toddlers that are different from those for adults? In fact, it applies to the treatment of young children to handle certain applications more sensitively and attentively. Young children are more sensitive and sometimes stronger than adults. Whatever you do, keep an eye on your child and evaluate your actions. Every child reacts differently. You can consider the following countermeasures for irritable cough:

  • Prepare one for your child Onion Cough Syrup to. Boil onions and rock candies in equal parts with a little water. Filter out the solids and you have a homemade cough syrup. It lies like a film over the irritated throat mucosa.
  • It is also suitable fresh, unrefined honey. Two teaspoons before bed can soothe the irritating cough in young children.
  • If children suffer from the cough, the nose is usually also blocked. Give your child something before bed Nasal spray or drops, so that it doesn’t have to breathe through the mouth at night.
  • Increase the humidity in your child’s bedroom.

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