How to relax traveling with toddler in the usa

How to relax traveling with toddlers to the United States

You always wanted to fly across the pond, to the land of unlimited possibilities and you wondered how a trip like this can be arranged with a child, then se >

Useful tips on mentality and circumstances

  • The most important thing is the valid passport and the application for ESTA online, but this is never a guarantee for passage at the passport control, because as we all know, the conditions have been extremely tightened since September 11th. But since none of us are up to something bad, make sure that you do not say anything in the form or at the passport control that gives rise to an evil suspicion. I was confronted with the allegation of child abduction.
  • International health protection is particularly important, especially with small children, I was there for three months and had to take out long-term insurance for the period, I can recommend the ADAC or Hanse Merkur at this point. The medical costs in America are huge.
  • For long-haul flights, it’s best to take a small game and reading bag with you. A night flight increases the chances that the little ones sleep, possibly also in the bed of the airline on the coveted mother-child seats, which should be booked in advance. See also my contribution to long-distance travel with small children.
  • Things that could be dangerous for babies and children, such as. the famous surprise egg, better leave it at home. The states may have an extremely liberal arms law, but they are very conservative in caring for and fear for the little ones and the possibility of being able to sue everyone and everyone further increases this fear. Letting a child run 50 meters in advance after refueling or without supervision triggers worries and fears for many Americans.
  • If you want to rent a car, you should not forget to apply for the international driver’s license in advance at the tourist office and you should also think about the chosen insurance, since most Americans are underinsured and an accident that is possibly caused can quickly lead to total deprivation , Just have a look how the conditions are. A road trip is also included small child possible, plans many breaks and uses afternoon nap for the lion’s share of the route, but never drive too fast, the police are just waiting for you at every corner.
  • The cities are easy to travel by public transport, and long-distance bus travel is booming in America, and it’s not uncommon to get from New York to Philadelphia for a dollar or two. However, if you leave the big cities, you won’t get far without a car, motorcycle or bicycle.
  • Life in America is expensive if you want to eat healthy. A salad costs three times as much as a burger and most likely it is contaminated by the use of many pesticides. It is therefore best to prepare food yourself or to bow to the system of the fast food giant. Far from the big cities there are often farmers’ markets, where there are also good chances to find an organic farmer.
  • In restaurants, children are always treated like kings. You get something to color in order to bridge the waiting time and often get the first meal and nobody cares if it gets louder.
  • Inexpensive accommodations are available through so-called hotel vouchers, which can be used relatively flexibly or you can do it easily like me and couch surfing, even with children.
  • The national and state parks are always worth a visit, especially with children. In most you can also camp on the so-called campgrounds. If you travel through the states for more than four weeks, you should think about an annual ticket (approx. $ 80), which often pays off because you pay 5-7 dollars for each entry.
  • Everyone has to decide large theme parks themselves, but I personally don’t think they are worth the money with small children, often the big parks have one own small town center, such as Disney Downtown, which are also worth a half-day trip with the little ones. The Children’s Museums, on the other hand, are an absolute must and worth every penny. The many zoos are also impressive. National parks, on the other hand, are always worth a visit.
  • American children mostly grow up in the consumer sea and the age of digitization, it is not uncommon to see babies or toddlers parked in front of the television while the mother fulfills her duties as a housewife. There is no parental leave as we know it, most of them women begin to work quickly again to secure their income and then give the children outside help.
  • The average American has more than one job, but enjoys the little free time to the fullest, one should follow it as often as possible.
  • One last word about the mentality, you love the Americans or not. The kindness that is felt for many is part of the culture and there is no bad or wrong idea behind it. People say much more often and quickly how much they love each other without having the same deep meaning as in this country. Everything is bigger and pompous in America than we are used to. There is great national pride and almost everyone has a connection to the church, which participates in the most diverse ways in the common good. If you find the time, you should go to a service that often does not take place in church buildings as we know them.

Do you have any other tips on how to relax traveling with a toddler in the USA? Feel free to leave a comment and tell your very own story on the topic, also in a guest post.

If you also want to travel alone with a child and / or don’t quite trust yourself because you are worried about anxiety, this article on traveling alone with a child might be of interest to you.


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