How useful are supplementary health insurance policies for children

Even children and youth can develop serious illnesses that warrant high-quality treatment. Although they are included in the statutory health insurance free of charge through their parents and exempt from co-payments, they cannot necessarily benefit from better benefits.

The children and adolescents in the statutory health insurance

Children and adolescents who have not yet reached the age of 18 are generally insured free of charge through the parents in the statutory health insurance. In order to keep the charges within a reasonable range, they are also exempt from additional payments, such as the practice fee or fee for a prescription. If children remain unemployed, the age limit for co-insurance in family insurance can also increase to the age of 23. If secondary schools are attended or if the child is studying, the limit is even raised to the age of 25 for free co-insurance. However, if the parents have a disabled child who cannot make a living on their own due to their disability, they will remain insured with the parents without any time limit. However, the disability must be proven and entered accordingly. Basically, however, children hardly receive much better care than adults. Here, too, there can undoubtedly be various additional payments to parents, which result from the various health reforms. But especially with their own offspring, it is particularly important to parents that their children can be properly looked after and given medical care, because after all, the little ones have their whole lives ahead of them. At a young age, a large number of treatment costs are still borne entirely, but as adults grow up, parents pay more and more contributions that they have to pay out of their own pocket. In order to enable this best possible care, private supplementary health insurance for children can be a very sensible alternative.

Health care gaps in statutory health insurance
cover with the appropriate supplementary health insurance!

Supplementary health insurance for children

This can quickly become expensive, especially when a stationary stay is due for the offspring. Because especially with children, it makes sense that the needs are addressed individually in order to accelerate the healing process accordingly. Supplementary health insurance for children offers a wide range of additional services that can be adapted to personal circumstances. This includes, among other things, treatment by a chief doctor and accommodation in a single or double room. Corresponding daily hospital allowance can also be selected, which is particularly useful if one of the parents has to stay with the child in the hospital and has to take unpaid leave. Likewise, a variety of services come into play in the outpatient area, which are either not covered by the health insurance or only to a certain extent. These include, for example, glasses or treatments by a naturopath. Basically here everything be secured, which is possible even for the adults. Which services are to be completed is of course entirely up to special needs. However, it is always the best alternative if the parents are in the interest of their children for a good one Decide all-round carefree package. This is the only way they are ultimately well protected for all eventualities, since the child’s health can be seen as the most valuable asset in the family.

Benefit from the favorable contribution to supplementary health insurance

Of course, an online comparison over the Internet should also be used to look for the best possible protection for the children at the lowest possible price. The expected benefits with the associated contributions can then be conveniently compared. If the parents already have supplementary health insurance, some private insurance companies offer the opportunity to benefit from a particularly low tariff for large insurers if another insurance policy is taken out with the existing insurer. All parents should include this alternative in the comparison. In principle, however, the earlier the child is covered by the supplementary insurance, the more likely it is to be well-armed for the event of damage and the cheaper the monthly premiums to be paid. Some insurance companies already advertise that they can offer coverage for less than two euros a month. However, special attention should be paid here to the services included or possibly integrated exclusions. However, there is an enormous advantage for the child if he keeps the private supplementary health insurance even in adulthood. Because it can benefit from particularly low insurance premiums for a lifetime, since the duration of the existence of the insurance is included. This means that even as an adult, the offspring can continue to benefit from high-quality insurance coverage and are more cheaply insured than some adults who only decide to take out later. The offers for private supplementary health insurance for children are very extensive. Depending on the wishes and needs of the child, full cost insurance can be chosen. All areas are covered here and the parents will not have to expect any further costs after the advance payment from the health insurance company. While this often involves high premiums for adults, this type of insurance for children can be achieved with low premiums. Parents should also take a closer look at this form of insurance protection in an online comparison.


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