Hoxter: body found in the forest – police expresses sad suspicion

Body found in the forest – police express sad suspicion

the body of a man was discovered in a wooded area. Shortly before, a person from hoxter had disappeared without a trace. Is the dead person the missing person?

By dario teschner

09.11.2021, 09:36 a.m

Hoxter: body found in the forest - police expresses sad suspicion

Update: 8. November, 15.59 o’clock. The hoxter police have withdrawn the public search for the missing man. According to investigators, a body was discovered in a wooded area in solling. "So far, there are many indications that the person who has been found is the man who has been missing since 7. November is missing", the officers reported on monday afternoon. In order to be able to determine the identity beyond doubt, however, further investigations are necessary. The photo of the 53-year-old was removed from this article.

Major manhunt for missing person in hoxter

Initial report: 8. november, 14.10 o’clock. A 53-year-old is believed to have been missing since sunday evening (7. November) missing person. According to police, the man left his apartment in Hoxter-Luchtringen at around 6 p.m. and got into his black VW Golf II. He drove off and was not seen afterwards.

"The man is in poor health", explains the police Hoxter on Monday (8. November) in a press release. Therefore, it is important to find the wanted now quickly. However, the investigators’ search efforts have so far not been crowned with success.

missing person case from hoxter: police publish photo

As part of a public manhunt, the Hoxter police have now published a photo of the missing person. In addition, the 53-year-old is described as follows:

  • About 1.83 meters tall.
  • Strong stature
  • Short shaved gray hair
  • Gray beard
  • On the day of his disappearance, the man was dressed in blue jeans and a black sweatshirt jacket.

In addition to the personal information, a photo was also published, which shows the missing person from hoxter. The license plate of the wanted car is HX-RX 495.

Hoxter: this is how the police deal with missing persons cases

In missing persons cases, where the search is for persons of legal age, the police usually only initiate an extensive search if there are indications of an imminent danger to life and limb as well as a possible criminal act. In the case from hoxter, this is the case, as the wanted man is apparently in poor health.

The police hoxter asks people who can give information about the missing man or know his current whereabouts to come forward. References are under the telephone number 05271/96 20 or over the police emergency call 110 accepted.

Missing person from ibbenburen found safe and sound


Missing person from ibbenburen found safe and sound

A teenager from ibbenburen who was reported missing last week has reappeared safe and sound. The police thanks for the tips from the population.

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