Huibuh and the ghost hunters – Spieleratgeber nrw

Huibuh and the ghost hunters - Spieleratgeber nrw

HUI BUH the castle ghost and the ghost hunters

Anyone cheating on poker will be punished. It happened in 1399 also Knight Balduin: A fellow player was so angry about his deception that he gave him a wicked curse. Already in the next second Balduin struck a lightning and he turned into a ghost – Hui Buh was born. For over 500 years now, the happy-and-spooky Hui Buh has been up to sneaking on Castle Burgeck. This spit-sticking could also continue in peace if it had not been for King Julius the 111th, who intends to celebrate his betrothal to Countess Etepetete in this very castle. After Hui Buh already titled in the first edition of the game "Hui Buh, the castle ghost – haunts until the teeth rattle" The craftsmen of the two lovers played some tricks, now ghost hunters have been put on the ghost, which is to escape in this game.
As early as 1969, the popular radio drama series made its way into the nursery and let innumerable descendants dream of the adventures of the small castle ghost. After the film adaptation, which came in the cinemas in 2005, now also the youngest generation would like to have found favor with Hui Buh. Probably, therefore, that this game is of generational interest.

Educational Assessment:
From this game of skill, also called "Jigsaw puzzles under time pressure" could be described, primarily girls were addressed. The task of the player is to allow Hui Buh to flee from the ghost hunters. Specifically: It is important to plan an escape route. Each of the 62 levels has the same structure. Starting point and destination are given. The player must connect individual parts of the way, which are located in the lower right corner, in a meaningful way. But there is little time left for this. When Hui Buh reaches the end of the hitherto completed escape route, he is caught by the ghost hunters and the player loses one in three virtual lives. Often, the paths must also be puzzled to pick up various items (rings, diamonds, a pot of blueberry soup – Hui Buh’s favorite dish.). Again, other things should be avoided.
The entry into the game is easy and the control is learned quickly, since only the mouse is needed. The somewhat outdated two-dimensional graphics did not bother the game testers, the fun was in the foreground for them. The appearance of the ghost became that of the comedian Michael "bully" Herbig modeled. Same gives Hui Buh in the game as in the movie his voice. The child-friendly but tension-enhancing music was also copied from the film. The testers found it positive that no camera tracking problems arise in this game. This is permanently positioned and provides a good overview of what is happening.
The twelve and 13-year game testers complained that the time pressure is the only interesting challenge of the game – they lack variety. The difficulty, however, was tested (on the default "middle" Stage) arrived very well. "It’s motivating because it always gets a little harder" (Pia, 12). A certain frustration tolerance should be present with the players however, since not every level is always to master immediately. The long-term motivation of the game was low due to the little varied game principle. But: the game motivated to be together. The testers liked to sit together in front of the screen, give each other tips and cheered themselves on. There is no real multiplayer mode. The players alternated simply one after the other, but at no time led to problems.

Thematically speaking "Hui Buh the castle ghost and the ghost hunters" primarily primary school students. The difficulty of the relatively inexpensive game is the age of the child adaptable. The simple gameplay is well understood by younger players and is therefore suitable for all children who are already able to read the short instructions and operate a mouse. The game is completely non-violent and is therefore well suited as a family game.

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