“Hundreds of thousands under general suspicion”

The Round Table on Abuse wants to enforce uniform nationwide regulations for the prevention of sexual abuse – a result of the meeting of the Working Group on Prevention and Intervention on Tuesday. Already in the run-up the federation of the German catholic youth had itself opposite this site.He has strictly opposed compulsory certificates of good conduct for volunteers.

Who demands this, places "hundreds of thousands under general suspicion". Such a "useless piece of paper" hinders the social formative force, so the BDKJ Federal President Ursula Fehling. This Tuesday, the "Prevention and Intervention" working group of the Round Table against Sexual Abuse, which was set up by the federal government, met for the first time at the Family Ministry. Among other things it was discussed to obligate also honorary forces to the submission of police certificates of good conduct; for full-time employees this regulation already exists for a long time. According to Federal Family Minister Kristina Schroder, however, the working group has so far dealt "only marginally and also with differing opinions" with the ie of mandatory certificates of good conduct for volunteers.

Soon binding standards against sexual abuse In the future, facilities for children and youth work should only receive funds from the federal, state and local governments if they comply with standards against sexual abuse. There was "great unanimity" about this among experts in the prevention working group of the Federal Government's Round Table on Sexual Abuse, Schroder said on Tuesday. Compliance with the standards should be checked regularly. In addition, according to their ideas, every child should have a contact person "like an emergency number". After the first meeting, the "Prevention and Intervention" working group plans to meet again in June. Then the members want to formulate and adopt the standards, the minister explained. They should be binding for every institution in which there is a special proximity to children or adolescents.

"False sense of security" BDKJ leader said police certificates of good conduct for volunteers in youth association work give a "false sense of security". In the youth associations such forces were mostly between 16 and 23 years old. Either criminal offenses had not occurred by then or were not listed in the certificate of good conduct for legal reasons. Fehling cautioned that instead of "rash proposals," the fight against abuse needs a long-term strengthening of prevention efforts. According to its own information, the BDKJ is the umbrella organization of 17 Catholic youth organizations with about 660 members.000 members and 130.000 volunteers. According to the association, the cost of iing certificates of good conduct would amount to about 1.7 million euros in the first year. This money should flow better into lasting preventive work.

Discussions about general duty to report continue In the meantime, the question of a general obligation to report abuse continues to be debated. After the negative vote of the legal working group on Thursday, the FDP warned that now the obligation to report is threatening "through the back door. The European Commission explicitly provides for the obligation in a draft directive, said the legal policy spokesman of the Bundestag parliamentary group, Christian Ahrendt, on Monday to the Catholic News Agency (KNA). If it is not possible to change this draft, "good resolutions on this will not help either," he said. The German practice has proven to be correct.

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