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Hurrah heroes children’s books are .

. unique, personalized children’s books that are printed only once and in which each child can become the protagonist. A unique gift for any child who would like to be the hero or heroine in their own book.

Hurra Helden picture and children’s books are designed by you, our customers. They are the ones who determine the sex, the name and the appearance of the main character. You can also choose the colour of your hair and eyes, you can also give your book hero freckles and glasses. Your hero can be very similar to the child the book is given to.

On the first page of each book you can also leave a personal dedication that will remind the child of you forever. After you have placed your order, your book will only be printed once for your child in our print shop and will be with you in a few days, delighting your little one.

Whether Emma with her brown pigtails, Leon with his short black hair and his glasses or Anna with her blond long hair and freckles – every child can be the hero or the heroine in our personalized children’s books.

Our current bestsellers

Merry Christmas, Marie

Give your heroine the most magical Christmas book between here and the North Pole! In these poems, a variety of Christmas characters will take your child on a magical journey. Each story puts us in the Christmas mood and brings the heroine one step closer to Christmas wisdom. Design your heroine in your 10 favourite poems and each book will be as unique as a snowflake.

Merry Christmas, Fynn and Emily!

It’s christmas – to the power of two! Because in this personalized Christmas book you design not just one, but two sibling heroes. Ho, ho, ho and hooray! 10 personalized stories, designed by you for your two heroes. Soon it’s “Merry Christmas” for Marie and Julian, for Silas and Selma, Sarah and Lina, Henri and Julius and all the other Christmas heroes! The personalized insider tip on all wish lists for siblings!

Merry Christmas, Lena – limited special edition

Our most unique, personalized Christmas book as a strictly limited special edition, available for just a few days and with 5 additional stories! Her treasure shines as a heroine in her own stories and with Christmas glittering silver foil on the cover. On request with a free Christmas gift box! The perfect all-round gift package! Exclusively for all Hurra hero fans and with a personal dedication by our New York Times bestseller author Adam Wallace. An unforgettable Christmas present!

Photos of our Hurra family

Easy and fun to order

Ordering our personalized Hurra Heroes picture and children’s books is not only easy and fast, but also entertaining. Only with us can you become a co-designer of your personalized children’s book and name your hero and determine his or her appearance. So Paul’s book differs from the one Jonas gets and Lena’s book from Mias. Each book is unique.

Choose your favourite book Choose the picture or children’s book from our range that best suits your child’s age and interests. Each book covers a different subject and always contains an educational lesson for your child. Determine the sex, name and appearance of your hero or heroine by choosing the sex, name and appearance of the main character. The design process is fun, and you can customize the book’s hero to look exactly like the child the book is given to. The child can then find himself or herself throughout the story. On the first page of each picture or children’s book, you can leave a personal dedication for the child you are giving the gift to. Thus each personalized book becomes a beautiful souvenir, which will remind the child again and again of you. Place your order Select the payment method that suits you and choose the delivery location that is most convenient for you, whether this is your home, office or grandma – and don’t worry, your details are safe with us! When will your parcel arrive from the fairyland of Hurra Heroes? Although every personalized Hurra Heroes children’s book is designed and produced only once and is so unique, we do our best every day to ensure that you get your book in your hands as quickly as possible. Depending on the delivery method chosen, our hard-working helpers will bring your book to you within just 5 working days.

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