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Hypnosis for pain and anxiety treatment in the dental practice

We look forward to meeting you in our dental practice Dr. T. Lehmann to offer hypnosis in Neumünster:

You are afraid of your visit to the dentist?

Are you sensitive to pain treatment? They do not tolerate the syringe very well?

Then hypnosis is just the thing for you. Hypnosis is an excellent way to treat anxiety and phobias and to ease pain management.

Whether fear of the needle, the prick or the syringe itself, fear of pain or the feeling of feeling defenseless and at the dentist’s hands – with hypnosis you can be freed from these negative feelings and even enjoy the treatment in a completely relaxed manner.

Hypnotic pain control

Hypnosis is not only effective for the fear of the dentist – hypnosis is also the right choice if you cannot tolerate the syringe or anesthetic or if you would rather not use it for other reasons. It can be used for treatments and interventions without pain relievers, to the extent that in some cases, general anesthesia can even be dispensed with. At the same time, the gag reflex that some feel during treatment can be reduced with hypnosis.

Additional advantages

In patients who have opted for hypnosis, accelerated wound healing and, more rarely, wound healing problems are usually noted. You also usually experience less wound pain. If desired, the flow of saliva can be reduced during treatment with hypnosis, which many patients find very pleasant.

Hypnosis for children

Children respond particularly easily and well to hypnosis. The hypnosis is often derived in seconds and the treatment is relaxed and painless for the children. In most cases, the procedures can be performed without anesthesia. Even in cases where parents have been given general anesthesia! It is particularly nice to observe not only that the treatment is perceived as pleasant, but also how happy and proud the children are after the treatment when they have made it completely without anesthesia and tears.

Our hypnotherapist: Dieter Heymann

The hypnosis is carried out in our practice rooms by certified hypnotherapist Dieter Heymann. With its gentle and sensitive nature, it ensures that you relax, be relieved of your fears and feel no pain during the treatment.

Cost of hypnosis

The hypnosis treatment is unfortunately not reimbursed by the statutory health insurers. The costs for a treatment of approx. 30 minutes are € 60, the costs for an extended treatment up to one hour are € 90.

Are you interested in hypnosis treatment? Talk to us about it!

We look forward to your call on 04321/1 32 45.

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