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Hypnosis at the dentist: process, applications & benefits

Hypnosis can be of great help in therapy, especially for patients with dental anxiety. (© Posmann) Hypnosis is a procedure aimed at a changed state of consciousness, the hypnotic trance. This state creates deep relaxation, which in turn increases susceptibility to suggestions. In a trance, all attention is focused on one thing. The rest of the environment takes a back seat. We can also experience this in everyday life when we jog, read an exciting book or concentrate on a difficult job.

This is how hypnosis works

Dental hypnosis specifically promotes and strengthens the natural ability to perform everyday trance. It enables the patient to mentally distance himself from the current treatment situation and to concentrate on pleasant ideas and memories. He can relax completely physically: breathing becomes calm, blood pressure drops and the pulse rate slows down. In this state, surgical interventions can even be performed without the patient noticing anything.

Hypnosis helps here

In dentistry, hypnosis is helpful for almost all measures. Especially longer treatments, e.g. B. trimming for crowns can be experienced in a relaxed manner in a trance. In addition, hypnosis has proven particularly useful in the following cases:

  • Great fear of dental surgery
  • fear of injections
  • Fainting tendency in dental treatment
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Long-term treatment
  • Excessive gagging
  • Tension in the face and mouth area
  • Tinnitus (ear noise) in a dental diagnosis
  • Headache with a cause in the field of dentistry

Benefits of treatment in hypnosis

  • Pleasant experience during treatment and a smooth course
  • Less stress for patient and practitioner
  • Effective pain control
  • Hardly any swelling
  • Little or no bleeding
  • Hardly any complaints
  • Fast wound healing

Relaxation in practice

There are special audio CDs for dental hypnosis. Headphones play trance music or language accompanied by music during the treatment. The treatment sounds fade into the background and the patient can relax optimally. Patients can also use such hypnosis CDs to prepare for treatment at home and learn self-hypnosis.

This article is for general information only, not for self-diagnosis, and is not a substitute for a doctor’s visit. It reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of jameda GmbH.

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