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Child hypnosis in dentistry

Children should feel comfortable visiting the dentist.

Children should come to the dentist impartially and gladly. It is only when children sit relaxed in our chairs that it is easier for them and us to start prophylactic measures or treatments.

Our practice relies on hypnosis

Dental treatment is considerably facilitated by child hypnosis. It conveys safety and security. Your child can overcome his or her fears.

We use hypnosis techniques in many children’s treatments. The children have a lot of fun and are highly motivated for prophylaxis.

How do you imagine hypnosis in children?

During the treatment we tell stories and playfully explain the treatment steps.

Our instruments are also given special names. We put your child into a trance with these fine specialities. Children up to 8 years keep their eyes open. Our stories stimulate the imagination of your child, it is kidnapped into a wonderful adventure world. We occupy his subconscious mind and distract the little patient from the treatment. Thus your child will keep this visit to the dentist, which he or she associates with many pleasant experiences, in positive memory.

With imagination the treatment is fun even for children.

“Imagine you’re a sorcerer, a witch or a fairy godmother. And YOU take the child during the dental treatment into a magical world or you take him into a world full of adventures…

There animals can fly…run backwards in competition….children can look at the back of the moon…. wander on giant raspberries… ride on mythical creatures…. and let the treatment happen.

Children’s dentistry is simple and fun!”

(Dr. Robert Schoderbeck/ Dr. Gabriele Behneke in cooperation with eleven other authors “Kinderhypnose” Mit Magie geht alles leichter oder “Du bist ein braves Kind”, ed. Albrecht Schmierer, Hypnos Verlag Stuttgart, 2001)

In stand-by mode on the dentist’s chair

Trance with children is very quickly attainable.

Trance with children is very quickly attainable. They quickly enter a trance state and learn to develop this ability.

“When children do not need certain body parts, they are switched to standby, so to speak. Anyone who has ever watched a child in front of the television knows: the child sits there motionless with his mouth open and his gaze fixed; with the exception of the eyes and ears, all body parts are in standby mode.

(Dr. Robert Schoderbeck/ Dr. Gabriele Behneke in collaboration with 11 other authors “Kinderhypnose” Mit Magie geht alles leichter oder “Du bist ein braves Kind”, a. o.)

Advantages of pediatric hypnosis in dentistry

If you prefer child hypnosis, the following will be achieved for your child:

  • The fear of the child is reduced, or it does not arise at all.
  • In a playful way, we ensure that your child can become familiar with the foreign environment. This also includes the foreign instruments and sounds.
  • Treatment steps are explained by us with positive formulations.
  • We convey safety and security and build trust.
  • In the course of the treatment we tell stories in order to make it stress-free for everyone.
  • Hypnosis shortens the duration of treatment. If a child was previously considered untreatable, it can now be treated successfully. A general anaesthetic is no longer necessary in most cases.
  • Our continuous praise has a positive effect on your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Hypnosis motivates children to prophylaxis.
  • Children have a pleasant experience. They look forward to coming back.

What language do we use in child hypnosis?

It is the essence that determines hypnosis. Speech speed and speech melody influence the process of immobilization.

We avoid negative terms such as drill and syringe. We say rather

Tooth brushes, toothbrushes, grooved brushes, shovel excavators, diamond beads or diamond rods.

We prefer to call the syringe a tooth fall device, tooth sleep sending machine, sleep aid drip device, sleep bead filler, etc. (Terms according to Schoderbeck/ Behneke)

Negative words must be avoided by us. They are more likely to be replaced by positive or neutral words.

  • Teeth are sent to sleep, for example.
  • They can be cleaned by us.
  • It gets loud in your mouth.
  • The teeth get wet and afterwards the wind can be felt.
  • With the blue light it gets warm in the mouth.

Children do not distinguish where they have heard the words drill, pliers or syringe. Maybe they just watched television to hear them. Children store their experiences in their subconscious. For this reason we have to work on finding pleasant positive words for hypnosis.

On our website we always refer back to the experiences of Dr. Schoderbeck. He explains:

Child at the dentist

“We often show the children the instruments in their hands before we put them in their mouths. We use positive terms for everything we use. First we shovel the tooth clean with an excavator (dwarf spoon). Then we clean or dig without water with a round cleaner (rose cleaner, grooved cleaner). Then we can usually shower and brush the tooth with a diamond ball or a diamond stick. The “Schlürfi” or vacuum cleaner helps us to do this. It sucks the water away so that there is no flooding. Finally, the toothpaste or dough is smoothed with a smoothing tool, shower and vacuum cleaner. And any existing mountains will be rubbed away with the Berg-weg rubbing machine.”

(Dr. Robert Schoderbeck/ Dr. Gabriele Behneke in collaboration with 11 other authors “Kinderhypnose” Mit Magie geht alles leichter oder “Du bist ein braves Kind”, a. o.)

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