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Hypnosis at the dentist: how it works, what it brings

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Hypnosis at the dentist: For patients with fear of treatment, a good way to reduce these fears. Adobe Stock, (c) Photographee.eu

Panicked fear of the dentist often prevents necessary dental treatment and therefore costs some valuable teeth. hypnosis can help there. In any case, most afraid rabbits take pain away from hypnotizing dentists. Often without any anesthetic. HEROLD reveals how hypnosis works at the dentist and what Viennese dentists offer this slightly different form of sedation.

Hypnosis at the dentist – it really works?

Almost everyone knows fear of the dentist. But most of them manage to overcome themselves and start the necessary walk to the "Martyrdom". In people with one Dental phobia However, all good intentions help nothing, no comforting coaxing, no rewards. The fear is simply stronger. However, if toothache is rampant or there is another tooth problem, good advice is expensive.

relaxation techniques need time to master them, psychotherapy even more so, and not everyone can rely on acupuncture. To risk anesthesia because of every small intervention seems not advisable. Then the way out is: dental hypnosis.

Hypnosis – what is it?

The method is called hypnosis, one trance (Lat .: transire = to go over, to cross; Between waking and sleeping). A trance is a changed state of consciousness in which the environment, the body and one’s own identity are experienced differently than usual. In this relaxation situation (recognizable by a calm pulse, deep abdominal breathing and relaxed muscles) the hypnotist directs attention with sonorous, rhythmic language away from external stimuli, so inside. Thinking about something positive such as a nice vacation.

Stories, fairy tales and confusion techniques (confusion techniques) such as hypnotic movement induction are also used in children with less concentration.

Dental treatment under hypnosis helps the patient to reduce anxiety. But not every practice offers this method. Adobe Stock, (c) Nestor

How does hypnosis work at the dentist?

At best, external events (dental actions) lose so much importance during the guided fantasy trip that they hardly perceived or reinterpreted (e.g. noise from the suction cup becomes a rushing brook). The experience of many hypnosis patients shows that unpleasant sensations are faded out (instead of pain, dull pressure, touch or temperature differences can be felt). The sensibility of the body can be perfect insensitivity to pain be reduced.

Dental treatment under hypnosis

A therapeutic state of trance should not be confused with lack of will, because natural protection mechanisms ensure that you resist any manipulation during hypnosis and do nothing that you do not want or that contradict your own convictions. The fear of not waking up from a trance is also unfounded. Because usually after a hypnosis session there is one reorientation instead of giving the doctor a specific one, previously agreed formula (e.g.: "I am now counting to five, at five you will stretch and be alert.") says. But you will wake up again without reorientation.

For whom is dental hypnosis suitable??

Unfortunately, not everyone is equally hypnotizable, 10 to 20 percent even difficult or not at all. Rule of thumb: who can easily concentrate on one topic and one pictorial imagination owns (e.g. thinks they are reading or watching TV in the middle of the action), is more receptive to hypnotic suggestions. The main benefits of a hypnosis dentist are:

  • Anxiety patients,
  • People with strong gagging sensation when touching the mouth, tension in the muscles of the mouth or painful TMJ diseases,
  • People with allergies to local anesthetics,
  • Sick people for whom general anesthesia is a major risk,
  • Patients who are undergoing lengthy treatments to make them more comfortable,

Hypnosis at the dentist – requirements

It is important, of course, that the person concerned trusts the doctor and has a certain level of communication and collaboration is possible (for example in children). The respective patient should also concentration and comprehension possess, because without these conditions hypnosis will not succeed. Infants and dementia patients can therefore not be hypnotized.

Caution is advised with mentally impaired patients, For example, those who are in psychotherapy because then the reactions (e.g. emergence of traumatic memories) under hypnosis may be unforeseeable.

There are also dentists in Vienna who offer treatment in a trance for patients with dental phobia. Photo: AdobeStock, (c) Hetizia

Who offers dental hypnosis? Vienna

The dentist directory of the Austrian Society for Medical and Dental Hypnosis and the State Dental Association reveal which dentist works with hypnosis. The doctors listed there have in-depth training in dental hypnosis with certification, trance and communication techniques, hypnosis applications, child hypnosis and more. includes. The following dentists offer the following in Vienna medical dental treatment under hypnosis on:

Hypnosis at the dentist – costs

A hypnotherapy is not part of the services of the statutory health insurance or dental fee schedule. The costs depend on the individually necessary effort and are to be agreed with the treating dentist. The first session often costs more than the following due to the greater effort.

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