Hypnosis for fear – does it really help?

Hypnosis against dentist fear

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Hypnosis Against Dentist Anxiety – It Really Helps?

Last week we told you about the fear of the dentist – an almost panicked reaction that only occurs when you think of visiting a dentist with a patient. In lighter cases, this type of phobia makes visiting the dentist twice as difficult as normal, and in the most extreme cases it can lead to patients not having a dentist even with a toothache until their suffering becomes unbearable and the affected teeth can hardly be saved , Ouch! Fortunately, there are some ways to relieve this fear, and one of the most exotic is hypnosis.

Hypnosis to relieve dentist anxiety

Nowadays, hypnosis is an increasingly common technique to make dental visits easier and calmer for anxious patients. This method is not only helpful to significantly reduce fear among children and adults before a dentist appointment, but also to alleviate long-term anxiety. Especially in children, hypnosis is used more often during dental appointments. In contrast to theatrical hypnosis, which is often shown on TV for entertainment, medical hypnosis is a treatment method that has been proven by many scientific studies and is also taught at some universities.

Nevertheless, hypnosis is not a perfect solution because it does not work at all in around 5% of the population and only to a limited extent in another 20-30%, because these people find it very difficult to concentrate or because they are afraid of losing control of themselves who resist hypnosis. However, specialists insist that a so-called trance (state of hypnosis) does not really lead to a loss of control, but only concentrates a patient’s awareness of the outside environment on his or her inside.

Hypnosis methods with effect

With successful hypnotherapy, a patient embarks on a so-called mental journey that can be triggered in a number of different ways:

Inner pictures – In the course of a few personal conversations with a patient, trained dentists try to find out his or her hobbies and so-called “happy places” in order to then bring the right pictures and scenes to life in the patient’s mind.

imagination – Very similar to the "Inner Images" approach, this approach also uses a patient’s imagination to create a pleasant and calm feeling by association with, for example, a soothing shade.

Physical pain relief – This method links a certain physical movement, such as clenching a fist, to a feeling of pain relief that gets a little bit better with every repetition of the certain movement.

Cognitive behavior therapy – According to empirical analyzes, this method is the most effective and involves a direct confrontation of a patient with his or her fear in order to get over it. In many cases, after around 15 minutes, a patient’s panic-like anxiety subsides significantly and visibly calms him or her before starting the actual treatment.

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