I don’t enjoy playing with my child – what to do?

I don't enjoy playing with my child - what to do?

I don’t enjoy playing with my child

What to do if playing with your own child is not fun?

Many parents feel like their child’s sole entertainer. "Mom me is boring, we play man don’t annoy you, dad come now finally build the ball track!" Parents as the most important caregivers for a child also come first when it comes to playing. Does it have to be that way? What if I have to push myself to play with my kids?

Not the player type:

Some parents know the problem that they are not naturally the type of person who likes to play. Often it is not only overcoming yourself to play a board game or cards with friends, but especially to meet the daily demands of your children.

Why play together?

Playing together with other people is extremely important for the development of a child, that much is certain. Especially in the early years, the children concentrate a lot on their parents, siblings and close acquaintances. For the children, playing together means sharing experiences, making social contacts, interpreting behaviors, but also experiencing joy or disappointment together.

Total waiver?

Game muffle don’t come all around playing. Nevertheless, it makes a difference whether a child requests an employment program for long periods of time and is not able to work alone or only wants to enjoy the undivided attention of its parents from time to time. Of course, children have to learn to work alone. The older they get, the greater the amount of time that children spend playing alone. And children quickly notice when parents are reluctant to play together and will react immediately. Nevertheless, it is important that children also learn to endure boredom, because this is the only way to ultimately develop creative game ideas. Since parents have less and less time for their children today, it is all the more important to employ the children less quantitatively than qualitatively. And the focus is on "employ".

Game is not the same game:

The children do not always demand a game in the classic sense. Most of the time, they want to spend time with their parents. This does not necessarily have to be a loop in a loop. Children are often already satisfied when they are allowed to work in the garage with dad, work in the garden with grandma or take responsibility for a task assigned to them. Incidentally, parents can also use this opportunity to specifically monitor the developmental stage of their children.

Age matters:

The younger a child is, the more intense their need to play with their parents. It is only in the course of the third year of life that the little boys and girls begin to deliberately deal with other children; before that, they show interest from one year. Of course, in addition to the Care in a daycare center or the day care center is also suitable for further social contact with other children of all ages in order to "Game Problem" to solve. Initially at a very young age, this could happen Group meetings like baby swimming, toddler groups or be a PEKIP course, later the hobbies such as the model building club, sports groups or chess clubs etc. are a sensible way to keep the children occupied without having to constantly slip into the role of the other player.

Everyone plays differently:

At a certain point, children demand different games from mothers and fathers. Fathers often romp intuitively more than mothers with their children, they are more likely to let them take risks, such as jumping off a branch or jumping into the deep water. Mothers often show more patience with game ideas that are more creative and require details, such as drawing or small plug-in games. For the children it is of great importance and an additional benefit to experience these two sides.
Sometimes, however, it is the inner bastard that has to be overcome. Because once parents have got themselves together and follow their children’s game ideas, it is often fun.
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