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Nature reserve in Bavaria – Tyrol’s largest nature park in Austria
I like the Karwendel and that’s why I live here. It is a huge natural space. Between the Karwendelvorgebirge around Lenggries in Bavaria, Mittenwald, Scharnitz and Seefeld, the high mountains extend to the Inn valley to Tyrol. And in between there is so much space for nature: the sweet marmots, agile chamois, strong ibex and the lords of the air – the eagles – are at home here.

A lot of nature
917 square kilometers is the nature area of ​​the Karwendel in Bavaria and Tyrol. The nature reserve Karwendel is thus larger than the island of Lanzarote or three times the size of the city of Munich! I have experienced so many great things here that you might also like. I’ll write about that here. Let yourself be inspired and find the one or other insider tip that only the locals know otherwise.

Karwendel mountains

I spend the whole year in the mountains of the Karwendel mountains. This beautiful mountain world always captivates me. Thanks to the modern and very good mountain shelter I can be on the road from January to December. The mountains remain the same, only the type of locomotion changes – hiking boots, skis, touring skis, mountain bikes,. All this I need in the Karwendel. Plus good pants, jackets and outdoor equipment. Here I trust Salewa. Thanks to my great equipment supplier, you are doing exactly the mountaineering products that I need every day in the Karwendel on the mountain.

So I can show you on this website in addition to one or the other tip for the perfect equipment, the most beautiful tours.

Have fun

Summer in the Karwendel

Hiking and trekking in the Karwendel
Every year more and more nature lovers discover the Karwendel as a holiday destination. Hikers and active vacationers climb the summits in the Karwendel and enjoy many great panoramic views. Depending on the season, there are also flowers or plants to see.

A special highlight for hiking in Tyrol are the high-altitude green alpine meadows in the middle of the stone Karwendel Giant. The cows eat the green grass, the cowbells ringing in the mountains. Exceptionally rustic mountain pastures and huts in the Karwendel mountains often offer fresh milk to drink. Did you know? – There are over 100 pastures spread over the Karwendel.

Mountain hiking and trail running
However, nature is not always in the foreground – there is also an increasing number of ambitious mountaineers who, for sporting reasons, run the trail running in the Karwendel. Be it as a balance for yourself, for training or as part of a trail running event. Well known here is the Karwendelmarsch – with 52 kilometers in length in one day, nothing for occasional hikers. Mostly in the Karwendel day hikes, hikes from hut to hut or great hikes with children are sought. I described them here with photos under Hiking in the Karwendel. I would also like to introduce you to a special hut hike: the König-Ludwig-Karwendeltour. In the footsteps of the famous fairy tale king Ludwig II, I spent several days in the Karwendel. A simple hut hike, you can read more about it here:
—> the King Ludwig Karwendeltour.

Cycling, e-biking and mountain biking in the Karwendel
In addition to hiking, enjoying nature on two wheels in the beautiful mountains of the Karwendel is very popular. On the trekking bike you can experience the valleys in the Karwendel and discover nature. My tip: by bike to the Isar origin! The sights can also be explored by bicycle. This is especially good on the southern Karwendel border in the Inn valley. The radius for bicycle tours in the Karwendel with the E-Bikes gets even bigger. This also gives less sporty cyclists the possibility of enjoying nature on the bike.

Sporty, the mountain bikers operate on the popular and popular mountain bike trails in Karwendel. Mountain biking in the Karwendel is known throughout the German-speaking area and is considered a top tip among mountain bikers. The scenic mountain bike tours offer beautiful views and mountain views.

—> my tip: drive necessarily once with the bike to the Isar origin! Here is the movie:

The Karwendel and its lakes

Bathing in natural mountain lakes
Crystal clear water collects in many mountain lakes in and around the Karwendelgebirge. On the one hand, they are destinations for hiking or cycling. For refreshment bathing and swimming is possible: the Achensee lies at the foot of the Karwendel and the Rofan. He is Tyrol’s largest lake. Many shore areas invite you to bathe and laze amidst the beautiful mountain panorama. Beach volleyball and child-friendly playgrounds are available in the bathing areas on the Achensee. Enjoy a family holiday on the lake! Insider tip for families: Visit the family paradise at the bathing lake Weisslahn in Terfens. Children can regulate barrages, splash around and have fun together!

There is a lot to see, here is a separate article about the most beautiful lakes in the Karwendel.

Wellness holiday in Karwendel

Day Spa in the public sauna in Tyrol
For lounging, there are many beautiful spa hotels, where it can sunbathe after an application in a deck chair – mountain view included. This works well, for example, in the lake sauna on the Achensee. Since summer 2018, the new atoll is open, a leisure dream on the lake with a view of the Karwendel. I was already in there and report about my day in the Day Spa.

Wellness hotels for a relaxing holiday in the Karwendel
Wellness holidays in spring and autumn are particularly in demand in the Karwendel mountains: the Karwendel is characterized by its thousands of mountain maple trees. The leaves of the trees turn from green to yellow and darken until they turn brown. Every day of leaf coloring is a journey of discovery. Usually the autumn evenings are cool, so that after a hike through one of the maple soils, a steam bath or the sauna in the wellness area promises pleasant warming. Have you ever tried? – Spa treatments in hotels are also a nice start to the holiday season in spring. First a short hike across the meadows with the last crocuses and the first gentian, then into the sauna. Here are some good tips for hotels in Karwendel.

A nice winter holiday in the Karwendel

Winter nature enjoyment in the Karwendelgebirge
In winter, the Karwendel shows its particularly quiet side. Large parts of the Karwendel belong to Tyrolean territory (around 80%). This is the largest nature park in Austria. Compared to summer, even less valleys, valleys and peaks are accessible in winter. Nature is left to itself, it comes to rest.

A ski holiday in the Karwendel?
In the Karwendel itself, there are some medium-sized ski areas for skiing, which attract especially connoisseurs. Due to the border proximity to Munich, there are of course many weekend skiers who come here. Ski holiday with children is very relaxing thanks to the small and familiar ski areas. In a children’s ski course, the young drivers have the bow out quickly and make the first descent. In the cozy family ski resorts, the onslaught is manageable and the recreational factor is great. For a pure ski holiday, there are nearby areas, e.g. here the neighboring Zillertal. Winter holidays in the Karwendelgebirge means diversity: skiing for a day today, a day off the slopes for cross-country skiing tomorrow or a great winter hike the day after tomorrow. Here is my overview of the ski resorts in Karwendel.

Where to cross-country skiing in Karwendel?
The long valleys in the Karwendel Nature Park are closed to cars in winter. So there are excellent conditions for a cross-country skiing holiday with enjoyment and peace. There are hundreds of kilometers of cross-country trails that spread over the entire Karwendelgebirge. Cross-country skiing Hotspots are the trails at the Achensee and the cross-country skiing offer of the Seefeld region. There the crowd is big. Those who like it quaint and absolutely quiet, can let off steam on the cross-country ski run in the Eng with the cross-country skis to the natural monument Großer Ahornboden.
–> You should know that for a cross-country skiing holiday in Karwendel.

Ski touring in the Karwendel region
Also some ski tours are possible in this area. The most famous ski tour in the inner Karwendel is in the spring of attraction for many ski tour lovers: Then it goes to the bliss. Lack of driving by car in the Eng, where the ski tour starts, not a few go by bike first from Hinterriss in the Eng to ski there and go the actual ski tour. Certainly not for everyone, but very impressive. There are a number of ski tours of varying demands across from the Karwendel, in the Tux Alps. I also have an overview of the most beautiful ski tours:
—> Everything for the ski touring holiday in the Karwendelgebirge.

Winter hiking in the Karwendel
Connoisseurs are to be discovered in the Karwendel in winter, especially during winter hiking – and for good reason: there are always some trails that can be hiked easily even in difficult avalanche conditions, without the need of an avalanche airbag. Many winter hiking trails are also in the sun, which is very pleasant in winter in the cold temperatures. I especially like the quiet hikes in winter, when the trees are snowed and the small lakes around Mittenwald are frozen over. Also great were the tours in Leutasch: From the snowy Gaistal to the huts open in winter:
—> You read my most beautiful winter hikes here.

For snowshoeing in the Karwendel
The enjoyment in the winter away from the ski slope is also the focus of snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is more demanding than winter hiking. I find it great that fresh tracks can pull into the snow – that is why the snowshoe hikes inspire more and more vacationers. Especially the guided tours, some of which are free of charge, bring new fans to this winter sport. And those who have tried it, always go on snowshoes in the mountains of the Karwendelgebirge. At least that’s how it happened to me.
—> Here are her pictures of my snowshoe hikes.

Sledding in the Karwendel
Particularly noteworthy is in Karwendelgebiet the variety of possibilities to toboggan runs for sledging. Miles of laps make the winter days go by in flight. First, you hike up through the wonderfully snow-covered winter landscape. Sporty or comfortable. At the top there are many toboggan runs rustic rest stops. After a warm tea or mulled wine and a Kaiserschmarrn later it goes with speed on the runners into the valley. Over 25 toboggan runs are spread over the Karwendelgebirge. So you could easily spend a sledding holiday and enjoy the winter on a different toboggan run every day.
—> Here you will find the most beautiful toboggan runs in the Karwendel region.

Attractions in the Karwendel
Not to forget the great wealth of culture and traditions in the Karwendelgebirge. Characterized by the rural structure and the alpine landscape, many traditions are still held high today. Here’s more information about the country and its people. They make the Karwendel Mountains unique and special. These personalities and traditional events are complemented by the impressive sights. In addition to the city of Innsbruck, the cities Mittenwald, Hall in Tirol or Schwaz have great destinations and attractions. You can find everything there is to see here
—> Overview of the sights.

In the spring, when the last ski tours to the end bring the winter to a close, the hikers in the valley admire the gentian blossoms and the crocus-strewn meadows.

The next summer will surely come.
In summer, the best time to hike in the Karwendel. The Karwendeltour from hut to hut has high season. Mountain biking on the numerous mountain bike routes is a dream. Romantic and versatile is the family holiday in an alpine hut or one of the numerous family hotels and apartments. Many well-known and famous sights pass the time much too fast.

Autumn holiday in the Karwendel
In autumn, the foliage color of the maple trees enchants. Even the gold-colored larch forests in late autumn provide much admiration. Wellness and warm tea is especially important in autumn. Welcome to Bavaria and Tyrol! Where do you want to go in Karwendel??

Where is the Karwendel?

For a nature holiday in the Karwendel mountains in Bavaria and Tyrol
The Karwendel stretches with the Karwendelvorgebirge in Bavaria to the main ridge of the Karwendel to Tyrol. The mountains are south of Munich the first over 2000 meters high summit. The limestone cliffs rise steeply up to the Inn valley to the green Inn. The Karwendel chain ends here on the outskirts of Innsbruck with the Nordkette. The beautiful old town of Hall in Tyrol is not far and nearby is also the small town Schwaz, where in the Middle Ages was the silver rush. In the west Mittenwald and Seefeld, in the east of the Achensee. Plenty of space for outdoor experiences, excursion destinations and city holidays.

Travel Guide Karwendel

Inspiration for your holiday in the KarwendelgebirgeDas Karwendel is characterized by the high mountains of the Limestone Alps and the lovely landscape with many pastures. The valleys are long and often accessible only on foot or by mountain bike. Often the Karwendel is called under wrong spellings: Karwendl, Karvendel or even Karvendl. The Karwendel owes its name to a certain Gerwentil but today’s spelling is KARWENDEL.

It also presents the surrounding mountains – Tux Alps, Zillertal, Kitzbühel Alps and Rofan.

Have fun reading and browsing! – Click here for our guide.

Hike Karwendelgebirge

Hiking in the Karwendel is worthwhile – so many beautiful huts, rustic mountain pastures, impressive views of the mountains and good food

Biking in the Karwendel

Why is it so good for mountain biking in the Karwendel Mountains? We show it to you in text and pictures.

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