I love the infinite urgency of Iceland – but also the inner life of a zen-temple: 5 questions to sha, perception researchers – artists from vienna – wellness – more

I love the infinite power of Iceland – but also the inner life of a Zen temple: 5 questions to sha., Perceptual researcher & Artist from Vienna

sha. Viennese artist and perceptual researcher (source / image: provided by sha.)

The Viennese artist and perception researcher sha. has been developing a multi-layered work for over ten years, which involves various states of body and consciousness. “Sha.” (Exactly – in lowercase letters and a dot at the end) touches all the senses. By its spheres, such as The deep relaxation couch AlphaSphere allows people to immerse themselves in synaesthetic perceptions in order to transcend conventional space-time experiences and related world constructions. But what does the artist actually do when he travels and what gives him relaxation? We were allowed to ask him about it.

The AlphaSphere is a wellness device, which through a connection of the senses (multisensory) should open new, synaesthetic fields of perception. How important are wellness and relaxation units for you personally??

I am as it were everyday surrounded by relaxation units! I live under the lucky circumstances that both at our studio and at my farm on the farm there is an AlphaSphere, which of course I also use regularly. The contrast between futuristic AlphaSphere and traditional agriculture strengthens me immensely. This grounding is a prerequisite for me to then be able to rise again to breezy heights in the realm of visions … Traditional wellness and relaxation units are also important to me. I am a regular guest in the most diverse spa hotels in the world and always enjoy new and original treatments and beautifully designed spas.

An artist also needs a holiday. What kind of vacation and travel do you prefer? Are there, for example, a special holiday destination in which it always pulls you?

It draws me mainly in the void and in the distance. I love the infinite power of Iceland – but also the inner life of a Zen temple in Kyoto, Japan, where I practice in quiet meditation. And sometimes I love the people, even the crowds, such as on the Djemaa-el-fna in Marrakech, where, with all your senses and wonder, there is no time to think. Then one acts pure, out of intuition …

European Spa Awards, Senses Awards, Star Awards and many more awards are for example: to read on Wikipedia. But what was in the context of your career, for you personally, the most beautiful or perhaps the most impressive experience?

I can not really answer that right now. I am happy that I can feel my life as a life in abundance. That I have a myriad of so-called “most impressive” experiences, of which I do not like one over the other. But, of course, it’s not always the “big” moments that are remembered, but also the “little” interpersonal moments, like mine. someone just in a touching story tells what he has just experienced in the AlphaSphere.

Only recently, the WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9 developed by you was introduced. In the CLOUD 7 CLOUD9 you go on a special sensory journey. What are your next projects or maybe plans?

We are working on the realization of various AlphaSphere installations around the world. Also the WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9 will be installed for the first time, like two clouds in the Maldives … I myself give lectures about creativity and »meaning and senses«. And I’m working on an extensive book project that you’ll probably hear more soon. In the background, all of us are also currently working on how we can expand our offer downwards, so that we have a more adequate response to the many private requests we receive than a product that starts at € 10,500 …

What is your life motto?

A life motto would be too monotonous for me. I love polyphony and know about the complexity of our world. Also, I have long since learned that everything, really everything, has not just one side, but at least a second, usually a third and even more … Building on this knowledge, I postulate multi-dimensional and multi-perspective thinking as a fundamental evolution of man. In this way, we also remove the breeding ground from every kind of radicalization and exclusion. And … this kind of thinking is above all the basis for what shapes my life: creativity!

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