Ideas and downloads for a space birthday

Is your child’s birthday soon and a huge space fan? Then how about a space children’s birthday party? For all small astronauts and for all parents who do not have much time to do it themselves, there are a few quick and easy ideas and free downloads and freebie printables from the space invitation card to the decoration and the guest bags.

Rocket Space Invitations

You need:

  • our downloads / freebies / printable
  • if necessary colored pencils for coloring
  • nice guests!

How does the astronaut get into space and the guest on the children’s birthday? Of course, with a rocket! With our invitation cards for the space birthday you can choose between two variants:

  • Invitations for coloring – here your child can help to color the rockets and to design the cards
  • Ready, colorful rocket invitations

Tip: Stick the head of the birthday boy in the windows of the rocket!

Space Birthday Cake and Cake Topper "Moon Landing"

You need:

  • a cake of your choice
  • Ferrero Rocher and Raffaelo
  • Powdered sugar (and to mix lemon juice or water)
  • a bag of coconut flakes
  • our freebies: space motifs to print out
  • wooden skewers

For the moon cake of the space children’s party, you first bake (or buy) a sponge cake of your choice that the child likes (e.g. chocolate cake). To turn the cake into a lunar surface with many craters, Ferrero Rocher balls and raffaelos cut in half. Then spread some icing sugar on the cake (also on the sides) and spread the hemispheres irregularly on top of the cake. Finally sprinkle coconut flakes on top and on the sides.

For decoration, print out our free printables with the space motifs and cut them out roughly (i.e. not just along the black lines, but a few millimeters of white) – this is not only faster, but also makes it more stable.

You can still customize some parts, write on the shooting star for example "Happy Birthday, (name of the child)" or stick a photo of your child’s head in the astronaut helmet.

Then fasten the wooden skewers with adhesive tape on the back of the space pictures (shorten them if necessary), the shooting star on best provided with two skewers.

Spread all the rockets, planets, astronauts, stars, etc. on the cake, done!

Tip: If the astronaut birthday takes place outside, you can simply remove the plugs for transport. Due to the grated coconut surface, it is not noticeable if the holes are somewhere else afterwards.

“Alien Invasion” space dessert

You need:

  • do-it-yourself green jelly (or make jelly in small portions)
  • small glasses
  • wooden skewers
  • our free alien download

This idea for the space party is also quickly made and looks very effective. Simply cook the green jelly and spread it over small glasses.

Print out the aliens from our free printable download and roughly cut them out again (leave some white margin). Attach the wooden skewers to the back of the aliens with tape.

Put the aliens in the cold and hard jelly, done!

Tip: If you have absolutely no time to prepare for the astronaut’s birthday (we know that!), Just buy ready-made god’s food in small portions and put the aliens in here! … and of course there are matching space tablecloths and party dishes for the party.

Space Congratulations Card

You need:

Again, the rocket can be found as a leitmotif for the children’s birthday party and you can stick a photo of your child’s head in the window.

Rocket space gift box

You need:

  • a role, e.g. the core of a toilet paper roll, kitchen paper or – as in our case – a chip packaging
  • colored paper
  • Glue
  • pencils
  • Cardboard or wine corks for the feet

This funny packaging for space children’s birthday is also made quickly. Glue the roll with white paper and paint it in colors – a round window is enough for a small rocket. Cut a semicircle out of colored paper for the tip of the rocket (if you don’t have a compass, take a glass or plate for the mold) and glue it into a cone.

Now glue feet to the rocket: If you have a paper roll as a rocket, cut three small rectangles out of cardboard and make a cut in half in the middle. Put the bottom of the paper roll in the slots – and the rocket should stand on its feet!

If you took a chip packaging as a rocket, you can e.g. Glue wine corks (possibly red or wrap in aluminum / paper) to the floor as feet.

If you like, you can glue colored wool or crepe paper between the legs as ignition fire. Finally, attach the tip of the rocket to the reel with tape (or to the lid of the chip box). 3… 2… 1… start!

Space gift idea "voucher"

You need (see photo in the rocket packaging):

  • a planetarium nearby
  • a note and pen (or PC and printer)
  • Time for a great hour with the birthday child!

Toys and children’s books for Space theme of course go too. But how about a gift for little astronauts with a visit to the planetarium?

There are planetariums in almost every city and they actually always have a children’s program that introduces them to knowledge about planets and the universe. Knows you already? Then there will surely be exciting radio plays under the stars.

Simply make a voucher in the effort that your time allows. Written on a piece of paper on a PC with free planetary cliparts or simply with colored pencils. Then roll up or fold the paper and put it in the rocket packaging!

Tip: Many planetariums can also be rented for the children’s birthday in line with the space motto! So all guests can fly into space (and learn something besides).

Space guest bags and party favors

You need:

  • Sandwich bags or other small paper bags
  • our free download for guest bags to design
  • small space gifts (see list of ideas)

The invited guests should receive a gift as a souvenir of the party or as a prize for small games?
As a farewell, the rocket comes into play again. Just print out our free downloads and roughly cut them out again. If you want, you can write the names of the guests in the rockets.

Party favors in, tap it in, done! Space guest bags are of course already ready to buy &# 128578;

As Favors For space children’s birthday, for example:

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All downloads in one file

Do you want the complete package? Here you can download all Printable / Freebie templates here as a ZIP file.

We wish you a great space children’s birthday!

Gifts & Space Room

Are you still looking for a gift?? -> Here you can find our ideas for space gifts

Or how about an entire space room? -> Here we show you how we furnished our room in space style.


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