Ideas for a week’s evening program – catholic youth archdiocese of vienna

Ideas for a week's evening program - Catholic youth archdiocese of Vienna

Ideas for a week evening and night program in the warehouse

A week of exciting night programs for children without fear? No problem! Here you can see an overview of what a warehouse week can look like. On the individual days you will find a brief description and, in the case of more elaborate actions, the note where a detailed model can be found in this kumquat. You can find many more ideas and models for camp games in the "Camp – Everyday life and program I-III" and on the homepage in the Models section.

Saturday: Torchlight hike
It is dusk outside and the children are ready. The torch in hand, it spreads a flickering light. In the dim light, in the smoke and flickering of the flame, a mysterious world opens up to the children. The familiar forest, path, path has a different effect on them. It is important here that there are enough group leaders to chat and possibly hold on. Make sure that you are warmly dressed and that your shoes also match the environment.

Sunday: casino
After everyone has “dressed up”, that is, disguised, the children are warmly welcomed by the casino director, possibly with a welcome drink. The individual games are always led by group leaders. Depending on how many leaders you are, different games have opened at the same time.
Here you will find a model for a casino evening in stock. It offers tips and suggestions on how to design a casino for children so that a casino atmosphere can arise, but the fun and not the profit is still in the foreground.

Monday: bonfire with songs and stories
For most youth and altar boy camps, an evening around the campfire is one of the fixed points that arouse a lot of enthusiasm every year. Not only when you try it for the first time, it is helpful to think carefully about how you would like to go about it. Here you will find tips for carrying out a campfire, game ideas and a recipe for plug bread.

Tuesday: ghost party
Many children find activities related to the topic of "ghosts" exciting or have already been around. Of course, the same criteria apply to the topic of “ghosts” in the camp as to all other program items in the evening. Under "ghost Party" you have some ideas on how to design a ghost party according to the needs of the children.

Wednesday: night station game
You can find a suggestion for a night game here, many more can also be found in the storage facilities in the Jungscharbüro.

Thursday: cozy evening
Here you will find ideas for stations on the topic of 1001 Nights – a quiet evening program for indoors when the energies are already waning at the end of the week or when the weather does not invite you to be outside.

Friday: colorful evening with shows
Shows from "Wetten, dass …" to "Millionenshow" have become an integral part of the television program. Because they are known to many children, you can also use them in stock. If you are planning to adapt a show to your camp, take a close look at whether it is actually suitable for taking it over for children. Many shows contain elements that can be uncomfortable for the participants or guests (on TV and in the camp) and are therefore not suitable as camp games. We recommend that you keep the “surprise factor” in shows as low as possible, but rather plan it in the manner of a “play” in which all children who want to participate are aware of what will happen before the start. Here you will find ideas and tips for "Herzblatt", "Wetten, dass …" and "Millionenshow"

Other ideas (to exchange or if you stay in stock for more than a week):
• Cinema Under the Stars: Watch a film together outdoors
• Camp disco
• Theater evening: either the group leaders or the children have prepared something
• Look at stars and a memory with constellations
• Pajama party
• meditations e.g. with mandalas
• Board game night

kumquat "anxiety" 4a / 2012


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