Ideas for an outdoor child’s birthday, tambini

When the memories of the thick winter jacket fade away and the sun pulls us in front of the door more and more often and longer, maybe you are considering (or also a vehemently loud wish ?!) to celebrate the next children’s birthday outside? Why not? We have collected a few tips and suggestions for you on how to celebrate this festival wonderfully outdoors.

1. Clean up

If the birthday party is taking place in your garden, check again before the festival whether there is still a tool, perhaps a rake or hoe, lying around somewhere. So nothing can happen later when racing and romping around the wild birthday guests.

2. Chinese lanterns and fairy lights

Even those who celebrate outside are allowed to decoration do not do without. Balloons, garlands and pennant chains can also be attached outdoors. You don’t have to do without a colorful tablecloth – preferably with the right place setting. It is best to fix the blanket with small weights so that it cannot blow away. But the hit at an outdoor birthday are colorful fairy lights and lanterns, especially when it begins to dawn.

3. Festivities >Have you planned a tour of the park with the children, a wild soccer game or a digging activity in the sandpit? Inform the parents of the little birthday guests of this. With the right clothes, it plays and rages much more relaxed and nobody has to worry about stains.

4. Little crawling animals

No invitation received, but still happy to be part of the party: bees, mosquitoes, wasps and other tiny crawling animals. The best thing to do is to tell the children again to hold still when a flying black and yellow insect is approaching, and in no case to hit them. And take a look into the glass or the mug every time, maybe a crawling animal got lost here? mosquitoes are actually harmless, but can be quite annoying, especially in the evening. A scented candle or mosquito spray can help here.

5. Over hill and dale

If the children are a bit older, you can go on a trip with them. How about, for example, to the bank of a nearby lake or through a forest? There is a lot to discover for curious naturalists. Equip the children with one little bucket or a box. Treasures can be kept here that the children will find on this tour – such as a particularly glittering stone, a snail shell or a pine cone.

6. Big against small

If there is enough space, you should definitely use this for a game between small and large birthday guests. How about a soccer game or dodgeball? Five dwarfs, three adults, one ball and the game can begin!

7. Treasure hunter

In addition to the classics like sack race, Egg run or blind cow, you can also organize a treasure hunt at the birthday party. This must be well prepared before the festival. First you have to find a suitable hiding place for the treasure (for example a chest with sweets and giveaways). Then there are several clues that guide the little treasure hunters on the right track until they finally come across the treasure.

8. Safe under the parasol

Always a welcome guest at the birthday party: the sun. But the birthday guests romp around in the hot rays for too long, often it’s not just freckles. In order to avoid sunburn or even a sunstroke, you should lotion the little guests with sun milk beforehand and set up the birthday table under a large parasol.

9. Campfire and stick bread

Maybe you also have the possibility to organize a campfire? Then have to You absolutely Toast the stick bread and sausages on the fire. Search before the celebration suitable Stock and clean them. The Dough for the stick bread prepare and wrap around the end of the sticks. Do not keep the bread in the fire for too long, otherwise it will quickly turn black. When roasting, make sure that the dough is always turned back and forth. Sausages, which can also be grilled over a fire, are perfect for this.

10.. and if it’s raining?

Despite all the planning, the weather doesn’t always play along. A short shower doesn’t stop anyone from celebrating, of course, but if the clouds in the sky just don’t want to go away, the whole birthday crew has to move inside. Emergency plan: simply make room for everyone in the living room, build a pillow camp and watch a funny movie together. And the sausages also taste good inside!


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