Ideas: what can i do with my horse?

Ideas: what can I do with my horse?

Ideas: What can I do with my horse?

You ask yourself: What can I do with my horse? Asking yourself this question certainly makes sense.

Often you fall into an everyday or training routine that you unwind, and then things get boring for the keeper and horse.

So it is good to think outside the box and simply get new ideas.

In summer it is relatively easy to diversify the work with the animal.

You can go horse riding and plan hiking rides as an increase.

Great idea for summer: trail rides

If you leave familiar terrain, you should use a hiking map to find your way and inquire whether you can ride anywhere in the area. Then you search the way for things like: large streets to be crossed, underpasses and motorway bridges. Depending on the animal, such risk points should be avoided as far as possible.

When planning and carrying out rides, you should always think about the condition and the outside temperature: if it is hot or if you demand a lot from the horse, you have to consider in advance: Where can my horse drink? Where do we rest??

Tip if the horse wants to drink even though it is still breathing heavily: Place straw or branches on the water, this prevents drinking too quickly. It goes without saying that, for example, you only plan to run gallops after a warm-up phase.

Please also arrange the way home so that you cannot reach the yard with a sweaty, sniffing horse. A prudent cross-country rider arrives at home with rest values ​​for pulse and breathing – and the first thing he does is take care of his buddy.

Horses like to bathe in streams and lakes

What most horses love, however, are streams and lakes with flat banks. When it is hot, almost everyone likes to bathe. This is also an idea of ​​what you can do with your horse. But make sure that no water gets into your ears.

If you increase the rides and if you are well trained as a team, you can also plan a longer hike and, to top it all off, a multi-day ride. There are trail riding stations all over Europe where you can stay cheap and horse-friendly.

All year round, clubs, riding schools but also the state studs offer seminars and courses, to which you usually bring your own animal. In order to refine dressage work, to improve jumping technique or to become safer in the field, there is a suitable offer for everything.

Do clicker training with the horse

Of course, you can also do a lot of things with the horse on the home farm: for example, animals do click training, in which you teach the horse tricks such as retrieving, buckling, lying down … there are no limits to the ideas.

The equipment is little: a clicker from the pet shop, a knot halter for easier control, a box with treats and maybe a book or a course – more is not needed.

What can I do with the horse in winter??

It is more difficult in winter when there is no hall available. Then there are walks on which you can of course practice everything, such as standing still, walking in step, etc..

Training in the round pen or on the long reins as well as with the double lunge is always very effective … and circus exercises can even be done in the box or on the paddock in winter. Horses love employment and like to learn – let’s give them the opportunity!

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