What do you serve on Good Friday? We have four super delicious ideas for the whole family.

On Good Friday, traditional recipes are prepared with fish. They are accompanied by a light sauce, boiled potatoes or some bread. The fish can also be prepared in a completely different and extremely varied way, we prove to you with these four ingenious Good Friday recipes.

Healthy and varied: that’s why more fish should land on your plates

Fish has one big advantage: it goes pretty much with all kinds of herbs and vegetables. If you have children who don’t like fish so much, you can bread fish fillets and fry them in butter. I’ll bet that’s how children like to eat it. And it’s healthier than fish fingers from the freezer!

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Influence of birth sequence on parent-child relationship and personality

Children with older siblings often have a less close relationship with their parents. They are also more emotionally unstable and fearful.

This is the result of an analysis by the Research Center for Demographic Change (FZDW) at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS). The researchers evaluated the data they collected in a longitudinal study. The question of whether and to what extent the position in the sequence of births influences the personality of the child and its relationship to the parents has been an issue in psychology for almost 100 years. The assumptions are different: Sometimes they are single children and baby nestlings whose personality development allegedly suffers from the fact that they were pampered as children. Sometimes it is the so-called sandwich children who are predicted a problematic development, because they supposedly did not receive enough attention from their parents. There is also the thesis that firstborns tend to be more conservative and secondborns more rebellious. However, the current state of research assumes that the sequence of births has no noticeable influence on personality. The team at the Research Centre has now been able to refute this in part through its analysis.

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Bread Box Parade: Ideas for the Bread Box

Bread tins >The Disney mini sausages are a brand new product for children, maybe you have already discovered them around supermarket. But now I don’t want to keep you on your toes – here come bread boxes to fall in love with – great snacks for Kita & school.

Bread Box Parade: Ideas for the Bread Box

I always like to be inspired by bread cans and regularly look at the ideas of my colleagues Anna and Rebecca from the lunchboxdiary blog. They also made me use colourful silicone moulds in the lunchbox. These are actually muffin moulds, but in the bread tin they provide even more space and structure, depending on the partition wall. Ingenious! I made a total of ten different boxes. Each box contains Aoste’s new break snacks – the Mini Meat Sausages. Kids just love meat sausage – but who am I going to tell … Let’s get started with the ideas!

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International Day Care Center Bonn

International day care centre for children

The International Day Care Center has 120 full-day childcare places in eight groups. The childcare places are available to the children of employees of international organisations and of the Interessengemeinschaft Bund. With a time frame of 45 hours per week, children are cared for all day from the 4th month of life until the start of compulsory schooling. The services are offered bilingually in German and English.

Four groups of children aged between four months and four years are cared for, and a further four groups of children aged between two years and the start of compulsory schooling, four to six of whom are children aged between two years.

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Creativity for children


Kids Muffins: Recipe for Hamburger Muffins

Creative kids muffins will soon be available on kullaloo more often… there are soooooo many great things to bake and decorate! I only googled a bit once and was almost killed by so many great ideas. But then I decided for a rather “unclassical decoration” of my first kullaloo muffins. Because they look like real little burgers

Most of the recipes I found on the web for the hamburger muffins make salad, cheese and tomato with colored fondant. On the one hand this looked a bit too artificial, on the other hand I found three thick layers of sugar.

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Ideas and information for holidays and travels with children and teenagers, great holiday camps, as well as book and link tips.

Holidays with children

Are you planning a holiday or a trip with your child or children and looking for tips and ideas? Then you have come to the right place. There are suggestions, information and hints with interesting holiday possibilities.

Whether holidays in a family hotel, holiday village, holiday camp, organic farmhouse or on a farm, in a children’s hotel, on land or by the sea, there is a holiday to suit every child and parent. Child-friendly and family-friendly.


Planning in advance is particularly important so that children and parents can really recover. Be sure to involve the children in the planning process. Especially the slightly older kids. Let them have a say and choose where they want to go or where they prefer to spend their holidays. After all, the children should feel at home like their parents.

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If you would rather have your teeth whitened at the dentist’s instead of the “do-it-yourself procedure” (our recommendation: the 5 best home bleaching sets), you should also consider some circumstances here. For example, different dentists sometimes work with different procedures, because even if there are common standards, it is ultimately up to each dentist and his practice to decide which one to choose. Rarely several procedures are supported, but this is not necessarily profitable for the practice due to the economic efficiency and high acquisition costs of individual necessary devices.

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“Mamaaa, I’m bored!” – Surely this sentence looks familiar to you. Here are five simple DIY ideas that you can implement together with your children.

Do your children run restlessly through the apartment and don’t know what to do? Then they grab you and implement one of the many cool DIY projects there are for children. Make a great toy with them. There are many suggestions – from simple nodders to tepees or table football, which are a little more elaborate.

Minion Nodders

Are you in Minions fever too? You can make cute nodders in no time at all with egg covers.

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Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe – and at the same time one of the poorest (followed only by Moldova). Independence from the Soviet Union (1991) was followed by years of mismanagement and corruption until 2004, when the Orange Revolution heralded a new turning point. The question of EU rapprochement triggered another coup in 2014 (“Euromaidan”), which led to a conflict with Russia, the loss of the Crimea and a war in the east of the country that continues to this day with over 10,000 dead.

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Would you like to stand out from the crowd with creative design dresses? But the stylish look is usually associated with many costs. Not if you design a unique T-shirt yourself! We’ll show you creative techniques and clever ideas that will inspire you to paint your T-shirt. Helpful DIY instructions should not be missing! Let us inspire you!

T-shirt painting – what techniques are there?

There’s nothing more creative than hand-painting your favourite T-shirt. No, you don’t need to be a professional painter to create fun and creative designs. There are different techniques to paint a T-shirt yourself, but you can do that without any printer or computer programs. The technique used in the picture above is simple hand painting, just like you write or paint on paper. This is possible if you buy textile paint. If you are not so good at painting, you can also use a Tshirt template. With different stencils, which you can print out from the internet, you can design your T-shirt with unique and funny motifs. You can have a look at an example and very easy DIY instructions here:

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