If a dental supplement insurance makes sense, pro & contra

Is a dental insurance useful?

Often it is often and often discussed about sense and nonsense of insurance – of course, a liability insurance is essential, because at a very low contribution damages in the millions are insured, which could quickly ruin the individual. Even teeth experts argue about whether insurance is useful or rather superfluous. In the meantime, many renowned specialist magazines such as the Stiftung Warentest are of the opinion that supplementary dental insurance is definitely recommendable.

As a specialized insurance broker, we naturally think that similar – after all, we’re living off that too. But there are also rational reasons, which speak for the conclusion of a dental insurance.

Dentures are predictable – therefore a supplementary insurance makes sense

In contrast to other types of insurance, the risk of needing additional dentures or other benefits is quite often good to assess. For example, anyone who already has some fillings, crowns or other restorations in their mouth knows from experience that these things do not last forever.

Especially if existing dentures are already a bit older, then you can often already estimate, when about an expensive dental restoration will be pending – if the possibility of insurance is given, so why not do that?? For people who already have some crowns or bridges, a dental insurance is definitely useful.

So who knows today that he needs dentures in the foreseeable future, for the private supplementary insurance is worth in most cases. It makes sense in this case to complete the highest possible insurance with high benefits for dentures – rather costs the tariff then a little more than average tariffs, but that’s probably worth it then later in the benefit case.

Supplementary dental insurance makes sense to secure high costs

The opponents of the dental supplement insurance often argue that the Risks not necessarily existence-threatening and the conclusion is therefore not meaningful.

They plead for preferring to put some money aside each month to pay for dentures such as crowns, bridges or implants. But let’s be honest – Who really does that consistently and then later has the money left over in the event of a fall?

In addition, there remains the question of what “existence-threatening” actually means and how high the cost risk for dentures is?

That costs dentures
Crown (for example ceramic) about 500 – 1.000 €
Inlay (for example ceramic) about 500 – 800 €
Bridge (for example ceramic) about 1.200 – 1.800 €
Implant with ceramic crown about 2,300 – 3,000 €
Resurfacing with implants approx. 8,000 – 30,000 € (depending on extent)

Of course – if I need a crown or an inlay for about 600 euros, then that does not ruin me. Gritting your teeth, I’ll have to give up other consumer goods, but somehow you get such a sum for the teeth already together.

For an implant for 2500 euros, the matter looks different – certainly not a life-threatening sum of damage. But there is one or the other long-awaited summer vacation there.

But what do you do when you are faced with the question of whether you can afford a dental restoration with implants, ceramic crowns or the like for 10, 20 or 30,000 euros? For this one would have to save an amount X for a long time in order to be able to handle such costs.

For many who have then taken out insurance, then probably only the alternative of cheap prosthetic box, steel crowns or the transition to cheaper foreign countries, such as Turkey or Eastern Europe. But you really want that? Then it would be had been more useful, if you had completed a good dental insurance in time.

Supplementary dental insurance: useful as a self-protection mechanism

For those who value their teeth and the best possible care, in our view the conclusion of supplementary dental insurance makes sense – they protect themselves from very high costs and distribute the risk on a monthly deposit.

With the help of an additional dental insurance, you can afford a few years after contract conclusion high-quality dentures – because the savings can not keep up.

In addition, it is also questionable whether the individual sustains the Spardisziplin and really persists long, his credit, which is intended for the dentures, not to touch – some succumbs to the temptations of consumption, such as a new car, a nice holiday – and that was it again with the nicest smile in the world.

Who has now recognized and already knows that it is not so far ago with their own austerity, he prefers to protect himself from himself and takes out insurance for his teeth. Believe me – few people really succeed in completing the savings plan for dentures.

Makes a dental insurance at a young age sense?

Who is still young and has very good teeth, of course, asks whether a dental insurance is useful or not.

Monthly Of course, as a young person you can also use 20 or 30 euros better as for the dental health. Is the early entry worthwhile? I guess so, that an early conclusion makes sense:

For one thing, they are entry posts Both tariffs with aging provisions and tariffs without age provisions cheaper for young people (If retirement provisions are made, you can secure the cheaper entry-level tariff even in the long term).

On the other hand, many people also tend to take out additional insurance to move over and over again, until it is often too late. Who has already been to the dentist or even has a cure and cost plan for expensive dental treatments or dentures, who can Of course, no good additional dental insurance more complete. A burning house can no longer be insured! *

*exception ERGO direct dentures immediately, but only offers basic services (doubling the statutory fixed subsidy)

You have questions or need advice?

You would like to know if supplementary dental insurance makes sense?

We are happy to advise you free of charge and help you to find a meaningful additional insurance. Call us for advice on 08142 651 39 28 (Mon-Fri 8-18 clock) or contact us via our contact form. Or use our free comparison calculator to compare the rates directly online.

Which additional dental insurance makes sense?

Anyone who wants to insure his teeth, of course, inevitably wonders “which insurance makes sense”. The answer to this question is not that easy – there are many tariffs. And there are also sources of information, e.g. the dental supplement insurance test of Stiftung Warentest or various comparison portals on the Internet.

You should definitely not the cheapest offer choose – because that a dental insurance for e.g. 10 euros can not take as many costs as other offers that cost 20, 30 euros or even more, that is obvious.

First of all, the question of whether to conclude a pure dental insurance or whether an insurance with prophylactic cost transfer makes sense. Of course, that depends very clearly on it, to what extent you will use the services – who expected regularly a professional teeth cleaning for e.g. 80 or 100 euros to complete, for which pays quite an expensive comfort rate, since part of the paid contributions directly flows back in the form of prophylactic benefits (so-called “PZR effect”).

Who, on the other hand, does not attach importance to prophylaxis, can of course also confidently choose insurance that only dentures such. Protecting crowns, bridges or implants – whether additional services for root or periodontal treatment are useful, everyone has to weigh them individually.

Of course, it is also important to decide which dental insurance makes sense, which is the question of initial waiting times and totals scales – there are tariffs with very different conditions that should be compared exactly.

Tip: if you do not know further in tariff jungle → call us on 08142 – 651 39 28! We are happy to assist you in selecting the most sensible dental insurance. Our advice is not associated with any additional costs for you – as an independent insurance broker we work purely on a commission basis – and the success commission takes over the respective insurance for you in case of a collective agreement – you only pay for the contributions that are not higher than for a direct financial statement You this possibility of neutral and independent advice!

Even for children insurance is already useful

Many parents also wonder if a dental insurance for orthodontics makes sense. The answer is very clear – definitely!

Anyone who has talked to affected parents who have to pay for the high costs of expensive braces themselves knows what I am talking about. Braces cost quickly between 3,000 and 6,000 euros.

If you have several children, this cost risk has several times – there are worth about 10 to 20 euros per month for a child dental insurance in any case.

But beware – You can only conclude a good insurance, as long as no malocclusion (eg crossbite, overbite, overbite or similar) has been diagnosed – even the finding of a slight misalignment is already a hindrance, as the insurance in the application for orthodontic insurance inquire whether a dental malocclusion has already been determined by the dentist or orthodontist.

It makes sense to graduate as early as possible, ideally already before the age of six!

Frequently asked questions – dental insurance – what makes sense?

Is the conclusion of a dental insurance useful?

Good question – if you only knew that before. The fact is: no one knows exactly when and to what extent he will have problems with his teeth. Therefore, one can not predict exactly whether the dental insurance is worthwhile in the end or whether you would have saved the deposited money rather. Anyone who regularly goes to the teeth cleaning department once or twice a year, at least pays to take out insurance where these costs are covered.

Which dental insurance is the best?

Which tariff is really the absolute best, it is hard to say. Not every interested party has the same requirements and wishes. Some would like to cover themselves as comprehensively as possible with 100% refund, others are more looking for a cheap insurance with optimal price-performance ratio. What makes sense always depends on the individual case and also on the tooth condition.

What are the costs for a good dental insurance??

It depends on: on the one hand on the age and on the extent of the achievements. Young people aged 20 or 30 will find top dental insurance already for 20 to 25 euros, e.g. the DFV Mouthguard Exclusive or The Bavarian ZAHN Prestige. If you are older, you have to pay more for the full insurance – the top products cost up to about 60 euros later. There are also cheap rates with good value for money such. the tooth smart of the Bavarian. The costs for a 25 years old 14,30 € and for a 50 years old 23,30 € and still offers a hedge over 80% performance including 2 x annual teeth cleaning.

How useful is such insurance for children?

Considering that nowadays about 50% of all children need a brace, it is clear that the conclusion of a dental insurance also makes sense for the little ones. The cost of braces can go into the thousands – and the statutory health insurance only make in very serious cases. Also prophylaxis and fissure sealing are recommended private services, which are taken over by a (good) dental insurance.

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