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Because I am just "busy" with the change of food, Vivi allows me to buy jeans from Wormland. "But your next pair of pants should be vegan," she emphasizes.

Why is my freshly bought jeans not vegan? Google throws me on the blog of the "learning vegan". Here I can read that pants too 100% cotton are not vegan if they have a small leather tag on the back of the waistband. I could have figured it out myself! Being vegan is so much more than just eating.

Being vegan is a sustainable way of life. And why should vegans who have animal welfare in mind buy jeans, the under in the most adverse circumstances, children are sandblasted to »Used« and »Vintage«?

So if I don’t want a point deduction, I have to find out under which Circumstances the replay jeans were produced. Journalist mode * on *.

Update: After a long back and forth here is the answer from Replay Jeans. Apparently I accidentally bought vegan pants:

Thanks for your patience.

In consultation with the responsible department, we will confirm that your requested jeans, item number M914, will refer to your request. 000. 661 519, is vegan.

The jeans are composed as follows: 85% cotton, 10% polyester, 5% elastane.

The purchased model is a slim-fit men’s jeans in five-pocket style. Resin coated 11.5oz dark wash denim.

Thanks to the innovative Hyperflex® technology, which combines lycra, polyester and cotton, the fabric does not wear out and does not deform when worn. At the same time, it ensures absolute freedom of movement and an authentic denim look.

Mustache effects and folds worked with sandpaper. Decorative seam in seagull wing design on the pocket and contrasting cord on the belt loop. Finishing by folding in 3D look.

We are at your disposal for all further questions and information at any time.

Sincerely yours

Replay customer service

By the way, I have now found out where the jeans were made: in Romania. They did not respond to the supposed leather label. But I can’t blame them – after all, I hadn’t thought of it. So I ask again.

Thank you very much. I am glad to hear that.

Just one more question: the label on the waistband looks like leather. Is that synthetic leather if the pants are vegan?

Thank you very much and best regards

And here is the answer – my jeans are not vegan:

Thanks for your patience.

With reference to your request, we will inform you after another check that the back label on the waistband is made of leather.

For this reason, we very much regret to inform you that the requested model is not vegan jeans.

If you have any further questions or information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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