If you don’t become like the kids, live tips

Life tips the art of living to be able to live independently!

Life tips the art of living to be able to live independently!

Top fit and healthy

Top fit and in good health with the elementary building blocks of life.

No life is possible without proteins, because proteins are the basis of all life. More precisely, it is the amino acids from which the proteins are formed. Our body needs amino acids to build its structures, regulate metabolism and perform important transport and signaling functions.


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Many know this statement from Jesus and it is often misunderstood.

If you don’t become like children

Remember, because you were a child too.

Everyone experiences their childhood for themselves and this lifetime is accompanied and influenced by various contributors, like parents, siblings, grandma, grandpa, teachers, friends and the environment, yes from our environment.

The street, the district, yes of the country, the language, the culture and the faith.

There are many events that affect the child, whether they like it or not?

Everyone has their own experiences, whether you like it or not?

This is how everyone creates their beliefs, beliefs, even their worldview.

And there is a flash of emotion, possibly of inner images, even experiences from childhood.

If you don’t become like children

Let’s go back in ourselves, in this time. How our feelings influenced our first thoughts and actions.

Even today, If we are aware of these feelings and the background that led to them, we are often no longer aware of them and still active in shaping our reality.

No matter what was once, this feeling created a connection through the experience and possibly influenced our further life path?

Remember: Your feelings are like glasses that perceive a certain probability.

These feelings let you look at this situation from this perspective.

This makes us believe that our feelings have something to do with events, that you have experienced Only feelings do not create these events because they show us where we are directing our perception.

"If we focus our inner perception on a certain possibility, although there are an infinite number of possibilities, we focus our attention on it."

As is well known: Wherever we focus our energy flows!

If you don’t become like children

And now a little exercise:

Get yourself into the alpha state of your consciousness. In the state of the inner observer.

Don’t judge it because you are now the observer.

Now, go back to the child, that you once were, and give him everything it needs. Such as. Love, understanding and your closeness!

Give it to him and possibly take it by the hand, let it pass you in the knowledge of today, in the here and now.

Turn it on when it gives you a smile and needs nothing more to be happy!

If you don’t become like children

When we give our imagination space like children, we can "Now" experience.

Visualizing an instant is the mental process, Imagine a wish or goal so intensely that it feels like you already live in this reality.

A multitude of successful, productive and creative people use the power of visualization every day to achieve their goals.

The goal of visualization is to condition our subconscious mind with the beliefs, emotions, energies and clear thoughts that are necessary for our dream life to become a reality.

Yes, grow beyond you!

The balloon ride

Heart space meditation for beginners

We are constantly making decisions about what to do, what is important and how often people forget about themselves.

To consciously make the decision, I’m doing that for myself now! More info here >>>

The pure consciousness

To experience this, we need a certain level of consciousness as a starting point. More info here >>>


A journey to the treasure inside

A rousing reading experience! POWER AND INSPIRATION FOR THE JOURNEY TO YOURSELF – Welcome to the heart is an invitation to all people who follow their hearts and want to realize their lifelong dream. Using the example of his own way, Thomas Young shows how we take a course towards inner freedom, awareness and joie de vivre. He provides fascinating insights into the development path of a spiritual teacher. At crucial moments, dreams lead him to healers, shamans and mystics and thus to a profound change in his consciousness. With empathy and a lot of humor, wisdom teacher Thomas Young takes us on a great adventure towards the awakening of the heart, which becomes the guiding star of our own soul journey. »Real transformation takes place only through the heart, whoever firmly anchors in the heart goes the path of the initiated.« Thomas Young More info here >>>

The HerzIntelligenz (R) method: Strengthening health, mastering problems – with the power of the heart (HeartMath – HerzIntelligenz)

The heart is the seat of a form of intelligence that controls the brain and has a beneficial effect on ours
whole organism works – if we use it.
In this standard work on the HerzIntelligenz® method you will learn how three simple and basic
Know exercises that you can use to develop your heart intelligence. You will also learn:

? to pay attention to the emotional and intuitive signals of the heart
? To transform stress and unwanted emotions into soothing, regenerating feelings.
Anyone who uses the method will not only become healthier and more stress-resistant, but will also be motivated, communicative and full of energy and will of course be sensitive to others. You can achieve far-reaching results with the intelligence of the heart: more vitality, mental clarity, creativity, performance, serenity, better communication and successful relationships. Conclusion: Heart intelligence can change our life and our society positively. More info here >>>

The Healing Code: The 6-minute healing method

Healing in just six minutes – what seems impossible, Alex Loyd and Ben Johnson did. Her method helped Alex Loyd’s wife overcome her depression, and Johnson got rid of ALS, a disease that is actually incurable. In their book, they describe further sensational healing results, but the simplicity of this method is really striking: You perform a sequence of four hand positions twice a day, which takes just six minutes – everyone can do it. And the results are just overwhelming!
"Dr. Alex Loyd has developed the ultimate healing method – it is revolutionary. The easiest way to get well and stay healthy. »Marc Victor Hansen, author of chicken soup for the soul. More info here >>

The Way – Meditation “The Present Moment”

Understand the concept of the present moment: The Eternal Now.

In the perfect moment of the present moment full of infinite possibilities, the familiar past and the foreseeable future no longer exist; you have brought your energy back to you and you are ready to create new opportunities in life!

This elegant moment that we’ve witnessed on thousands of brain scans is when someone finally gives up their memory of themselves for something bigger. Getting to this point takes practice, but it’s always worth it. In order to find the present moment full of infinite possibilities, you have to exercise a will that is stronger than all of your automatic programs; I will support you every step of the way!

1. Introduction (15:54)
2. Meditation (47:02)
63 minutes in total

Speaker: Marlon Rosenthal

Music by Todd Norian | Song: Bija | Album: Bija

Cover design by John Dispenza

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More information about the current moment can be found in Chapter 2 of the book Become supernatural. Meditation instructions are in chapters 9-13 of A new me to find.

Yes, give your feelings, emotions and thoughts your concentration and mindfulness!

Only by connecting all elements and all life can we achieve our goal together!

The most valuable moment of your life is the one you are living now!

We are on our journey through space and time, we are architects, captains, artists,

Helmsman and navigator and determine the course how; Stay healthy!

Live tips wish you a nice day and stay healthy!


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