If you don’t like cookies – we have popcorn, ”syke

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Arequipa bazaar in high school / founder of Casa Verde on site

"If you don’t like cookies – we have popcorn"

Updated: 11/27/16 6:49 PM

Syke – By Ilse-Marie Voges. Visitors to the Syker Gymnasium experienced a colorful world and a diverse range of beautiful and useful things for Advent and Christmas. The school organized the Arequipa bazaar. The students offered nice and useful things. The proceeds from the sale go to Blansal – Casa Verde in Arequipa in Peru.

The German Volker Nack and his Peruvian wife Dessy started to build the Casa Verde in 1998. A network of children’s homes has long since become a reality, helping street children and adolescents who have been accompanied by poverty and violence. Nack and his staff guarantee that the donations will go 100 percent to the children come.

This year, Volker Nack was a guest at the high school, talking about projects such as a children’s home, residential groups for young people, a center for the prevention of sexual abuse or environmental recycling projects as part of street social work. Based on a film, Nack presented the tasks the establishment of Casa Verde.

The organizers of the Arequipa Bazaar, Dr. Darko Marasovic and Petra Ruff, had prepared an impressive program for the visitors and the children and young people loved to be merchants in the high school. There were pretty Christmas-style matchboxes and lots of delicious cookies at the booth of Jannis and his colleagues from class 6 f 2. "What do you want?" Asked the young salesman and added: "If you don’t like cookies, we also have popcorn. ”At the stand with products from Arequipa, there was handicrafts and handicrafts, colorfully woven alpaca yarn such as blankets, small backpacks, finger puppets, knitted gloves and many more typical Peruvian things.

Between the stroll, the guests could stop and enjoy concerts in the large auditorium, which was always completely occupied by the audience. The choir of the high school or the big band with pop, jazz or dancing moonlight music gave pleasure.

At the well-prepared stands of the pupils not only surprises were handmade, but also "Here was Goethe", Weimar in text and picture. All the many shops with delicacies such as smoothies and chocolate fruits, saffron rice, Lamington cakes (Australian), chocolate cakes with coconut crumble, Areschki magic nuts with caramel, dumplings or banana muffins could not complain about customers.

Anyone who wanted to rummage in the library was sure to succeed. From non-fiction, thrillers to entertaining literature, there was everything that interested bookworms.

Christmas decorations and decorations made of paper and foil, cardboard moose as napkin rings, to name just a few of the handicrafts gift ideas naming were welcome. Conclusion of the parents and visitors in general: "This is a great bazaar and always worth experiencing, it also helps those who need help." Volker Nack should be pleased about the high level of acceptance of his projects in Syke.


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