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What is parental allowance and who is entitled to it??

  1. parental benefits can parents after birth of a child for a maximum 14 months apply if you take care of the child yourself and therefore do not work or only work part-time.
  2. It amounts to at least 300 and maximum 1,800 euros per month.
  3. Since July 1, 2015, families can either parental benefits or Parental allowance Plus apply for or both combine. Then they receive the benefit for up to 36 months.

Are you considering applying for parental allowance? You can get information and advice here.

In 2007 that occurred Federal Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act (BEEG) in force. The goal was the compatibility strengthening family and work and encouraging young people to have children. The core elements are parental leave and parental allowance. We want to deal with the latter in the following guide and explain who is entitled and how much money parents receive.

Free parental allowance calculator

The following calculator gives you an initial idea of ​​how much parental allowance is possible in your case:

When do you get parental allowance and who receives it?

Parental allowance: You can obtain further information from the advice centers on the phone.

The aim of the parental allowance is for parents to leave the Retire can without extreme financial cuts to fear. Basically, most parents are entitled to parental allowance after the birth stay at home to raise the child primarily.

Parental allowance is dependent on net income, according to child law transfer power, which compensates for concrete disadvantages in the early phase to bring up a family. This service is a temporal temporary Pay compensation.

  • their habitual residence in Germany to have,
  • with the child in one household Life,
  • this take care of yourself and educate
  • and no or no full employment exercise,

are entitled to parental allowance in accordance with Section 1 (1) BEEG.

According to § 1 para. 6 BEEG, people are not considered to be fully employed if the working time 30 hours a week not exceed on average per month.

Parental allowance is affected for everyone months of life approved by the child. The above requirements must be met in each of the requested months from the start on present. The month of life begins with the day of birth and ends the following month on the day before the birthday.

Parental allowance is paid for fathers and / or for mothers paid. It is primarily irrelevant whether you employed, freelancer or independently are. If your spouse or life partner looks after the child, they can also apply for the benefit – even if it is not their biological offspring (Section 1 (3) BEEG).

In exceptional cases, a relative can also join the third degree Receive parental allowance. For example, this is conceivable if parents because of a illness or disability the children cannot look after themselves.

Top earners who collectively generate taxable income from more than 500,000 euros a year no claim on parental allowance (Section 1 (8) BEEG). at single parents the corresponding limit is included 250,000 euros.

ALG-1 recipients receive 1 in addition to unemployment benefit Base amount of 300 euros. Hartz 4 recipients receive parental allowance, but this is considered income credited (§ 10 para. 5 BEEG). Also trainee and student receive parental allowance.

Individuals who have a student visa, temporary work permit or asylum no claim. Have you a residence permit or are allowed to work permanently in Germany, the state pays. The same applies to EU foreigners and people from the Switzerland.

How are parental allowance and parental leave related??

Receive more money after receiving parental allowance?

Parental leave and parental allowance are different benefits. While you get parental allowance apply to the state and from the Parents benefit fund getting paid is yours for parental leave employer The right person to speak to. Even if you don’t have an employer because you study, for example, you still receive parental allowance.

The services are in one interrelationship, You will only receive parental allowance if you have the 30-week hour limit note, you may need parental leave for this. Note that parental leave parallel run to the child’s life months so that you do not jeopardize your entitlement. To continue receiving parental allowance after parental leave is only possible if you less than 30 hours work a week. Please also note the benefit period of parental allowance.

How long do you receive parental allowance??

You usually receive parental allowance 12 months long. You take partner also a break of at least two months, you will receive parental allowance for a total of 14 months.

Have mothers before birth worked, you get in practice only for ten months Parental allowance since that Maternity benefit is fully credited. You cannot counteract this by using your partner the first two months.

You are completely free to choose how you plan the 12 or 14 months. You can the Time in a row to take, alternately or parallel. No matter what you choose, you will receive a maximum of 14 months parental benefit. Be careful if you both simultaneously If you receive parental allowance, you only get seven months the performance.

Two years of parental allowance and two years of parental leave: is that possible? If you would like to take parental leave for longer than 12 or 14 months and receive parental allowance at the same time, there is an option. Only get those every month half height, can you for two years or receive the benefit for 28 months with partner months.

In special cases, the additional partner months from those who have already received the 12 months parental allowance. This comes into question, for example, if the partner seriously ill or is unable to take care of the child for other reasons.

You are single parent, can you 14 months receive parental allowance for a long time. However, only if the child lives exclusively with you during this time and you also have custody.

Longer funding with ElterngeldPlus

Do you need help applying for parental allowance? An advice center will help.

Extended regulations regarding parental allowance have been in effect since July 2015. In addition to the basic parental allowance, families can now do that too Parental allowance Plus take advantage of.

The reason behind the ElterngeldPlus is that young parents start their careers earlier and one Part-time employment take up. This parental allowance can be used for part-time employment up to 30 hours a week double as long as the basic parental benefit. But it is accordingly maximally only half as high like conventional performance.

Both father and mother can choose this solution. Instead of receiving parental allowance for a month, you will then receive Parental allowance plus for two months and can work up to 30 hours a week. In total with partner month you will then receive 28 months parental benefit plus.

Parents work between 25 and 30 hours a week parallel, are available on request four additional months ElterngeldPlus too. Single parents also receive these.

The basic parental allowance and ElterngeldPlus can also be used combine. Here is an example:

After birth, for example, the mother could stay with the child for six months and the full one parental benefits Respectively. Afterwards she goes in for a year part time work and maintain Parental allowance Plus. The father could then receive two months ‘basic parental allowance or four months’ parental allowance plus if he would like to continue working part-time.

Parental allowance and work: Additional earnings allowed?

If you earn while receiving parental allowance, the benefit will be equivalent reduced. Most of the time it pays off not to go to work because the deductions are just high.

Parental allowance provides a family with financial relief when the children are very young.

If parents want to work in parallel, it is often worthwhile to apply for ElterngeldPlus. Pick up at one counseling Center additional information for parental allowance.

It is a little more complicated with self-employed. The basic principle here is: Make a profit no profit, you are allowed to work, otherwise this will be fully taken into account. A customer pays you his bill, while you are receiving parental allowance and you are making a profit, this will be taken into account – even if the Invoicing was already several months ago.

Put that Parents benefit office Always know when you earn something, otherwise there is a risk fine.

You need to take out health insurance in the period?

You are during parental leave health insurance, You don’t have to pay any taxes from the parental allowance either. It looks different if you voluntarily insured by law then you must continue to pay your contributions. However, the prerequisites for one are family insurance before, there are no contributions. Privately insured persons must also pay their contributions during parental leave.

Also contributions to the statutory pension Insurance are not to be paid while receiving parental allowance. This time will be yours Parenting time credited so that no gap arises.

Apply for parental benefit: You need these forms

Below you will find out which ones documents You need for the parental allowance application. Note that you always get parental allowance written at the competent parental allowance office. So in the first place you need one form, to apply for parental allowance. The corresponding documents of the Federal states can be found on the internet platform of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs.

You should have the forms for the parental allowance application contemporary Submit after the birth of your child because the benefit is for retroactive for a maximum of three months paid. Which parent must already appear from this application when Would like to receive parental allowance. You can use this information afterwards change once, in exceptional cases also a second time.
At this point we take up our advice from above again: Apply for the parental allowance according to months of life of the child, not by calendar month. Here is an example:

You can receive parental allowance for a maximum of 14 months.

Your child was born on July 14, 2017. If you only apply for parental benefit from August 1, 2017, your salary will be from July 14 to the end of July fully credited. As a father, you should plan your parental leave accordingly.

The following documents you must have on hand to apply for parental benefit:

  • completed and signed parental allowance form
  • Copy of the parents’ identity cards
  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Certificate from the health insurance company about the maternity benefit
  • Proof of income: tax receipts >Advice on parental allowance: These positions help

You still have ask for parental allowance? You can get advice from various Put. Either charitable institution as well as private positions have made a good advice on parental allowance. The also helps you Lohnsteuerhilfeverein further.

How is parental allowance calculated??

Both the basic parental allowance and the parental allowance plus are based on the amount of monthly net disposable income, which the caring parent had before the birth.

There is one lower limit of 300 euros and one Upper limit from 1,800 euros per month. A parent who was not working before the birth and received no state benefits receives the according to § 2 para. 4 BEEG base rate from 300 euros.

On the website of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs find a parental allowance calculator. This gives you how much money You can count. click on "For detailed calculation", can you do that Parental benefit planners Fill in and see exactly how many months you are entitled to and how you can distribute them.

To determine the parental allowance, the average gross income the last twelve months before birth flat-rate taxes and social security contribution deducted. In addition, a annual employee lump sum of 1,000 euros. The remaining net income is then called Calculation basis used.

If a family applies for parental allowance, they receive at least 300 euros.

As evidence the following can be recorded:

  • with a significant income of 1,240 euros and more, 65% will be replaced
  • at 1,220 euros 66%
  • between 1,000 and 1,200 euros 67%
  • however, you will receive a maximum of 1,800 euros

At the Parental allowance Plus you will receive a minimum of 150 euros and a maximum of 900 euros per month.

Is the relevant net income before birth less than 1,000 euros, so the parental allowance is in small increments of 67% on 100% elevated. The following applies: for two euros each, If the income was less than 1,000 euros, the Rate by 0.1 percentage points.

Parental allowance trick: This is how you can influence the amount

Since the parental allowance among other things from net income depends, there is an option to positively impact performance.

You can actively influence your net income yourself via your tax bracket. Married people have the following combinations open:

  • Combination of tax classes IV / IV
  • Combination of tax classes III / V

In the Tax class IV are the two partners same allowances available, which is why they pay the same taxes depending on their gross income. This looks different with the combination of III and V. Here the spouse is in tax class III double basic allowance available and the other in tax class V none.

If the partner goes with higher salary in Tax class III, is the spouse during the year more net available. If you now want to have a positive impact on your parental allowance, it makes sense that the partner who child significant after birth cared for, in Tax class III change.

However, keep in mind that you will have comparatively little net income before the birth, since the partner with the higher salary in tax class V may pay a large amount of tax. Ultimately, this is a arithmetical. On tax consultant can help you find the best solution.

When calculating the parental allowance, the tax class is used, which before the parental allowance on longest was used. With the thumb, it can be said that Mothers at the latest seven months before maternity leave and the fathers no later than seven months should change before giving birth.

You must tax the parental allowance?

Where can I get the application for parental allowance??

You need the parental allowance do not tax. However, you should not rejoice too soon: it will be taken into account if the individual tax rate is determined.

In practice, this means that parental allowance is added to that taxable income added and on this basis the tax rate is determined. This is then applied to the taxable income (without parental allowance).

The parental allowance office transmits the data automatically to the responsible Tax office. You don’t have to do anything.

Parental allowance for siblings and multiple births

Families that have more than one child can use the siblings Bonus use. The parental allowance due then becomes by 10 percent, at least around 75 euros per month elevated. claim insists on this increase until the oldest child of two three years old is. Do you have several children, it is sufficient if at least two older children do so sixth year of life have not yet completed.

at Multiple births parents have received a supplement from 300 Euro for each additional multiple sibling.

What comes after the parental allowance??

A parent can for a maximum of 12 months Receive parental allowance. But what do you get after parental allowance? Unless you continue during this time employed were, you can again work go and get your salary. Stay on parental leave is yours no further performance to.

If you have received parental allowance and were not employed during that time, you can do so Job centre contact for assistance with the job search to receive – then you too Hartz 4 to. The same applies if you no kindergarten place or none Nanny find who can take care of your child so that you can go to work.

You will receive a maximum of 1,800 euros in parental benefit.

Beyond Pay Saxony and Bavaria the so-called State education benefit. In Saxony, you can apply for this from the child’s second or third year of life, provided that you fully care for your child or work part-time. You receive between 150 and 300 euros.

In Bavaria Parents can apply for this benefit after receiving parental benefit, provided you no more than 30 hours a week work. For the first child you get 150 euros for a maximum of six months. Another sibling the maximum subscription period increases to twelve months and 200 euros each. From the third child are available to you over twelve months 300 Euro to.

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