Immigration Visa usa – apply for a greencard

Immigration Visa usa - apply for a greencard

Immigration Visa USA

For many people, applying for an immigration visa (= Legal Permanent Resident Status) is the most important step for living and / or working permanently in the US.

Understanding the immigration visa for the US

Immigration visas, so-called GreenCards or Immigrant Visa, give the foreign citizen the unlimited right to live and work permanently in the US, without being limited to a particular employer. They grant the same rights and obligations as US citizens, with the exception of suffrage, jury trial, and the holding of electoral or governmental offices.

A US immigration visa is equivalent to a permanent residence and work permit for the United States. The holder of a green card is called as Lawful Permanent Res >

Immigration visa classes for the USA

There are different ways of obtaining a Green Card. In the following, we give you an overview of the individual categories and the respective requirements criteria. Fundamentally, a distinction is made here in terms of immigration

  1. the place of work or
  2. by familyreunion such as
  3. by winning in the Green Card Lottery.

Please note: If you do not qualify directly for an immigration visa, check your non-immigrant visa options (work visa, visitor visa, internship / study visa).

visa description
Employment-based immigration

Immigration to the US through employment or investment

Family-based immigration Immigration to the US as part of family reunification (via relatives / spouses of US citizens or GreenCard holders) Diversity Visa Program Immigration to the US by winning the GreenCard lottery

If you are considering immigrating to the United States or are interested in what your employees can do with immigration, contact our US Visa expert team.

Who can apply for an immigration visa for the US?

In principle, an immigration visa for the USA must first be applied for online at the US Immigration Department, USCIS for short. Depending on the category applied for, the application process is associated with years of waiting time.

Outside the United States of America, the Green Card is issued by the respective US consulate. Within the US, the green card is issued as part of a status adjustment from a non-immigrant visa to an immigrant visa.

Under what conditions do I get a green card?

The application for an immigrant visa is not open to every person. Rather, certain conditions must be met depending on the type of immigrant visa.

  • In the case of workplace-based GreenCards, very high, individual qualifications are attached to future GreenCard holders.
  • To qualify for a family-based Green Card, you must have close relatives or a spouse of American nationality or be related or married to a GreenCard holder.
  • The easiest way to get an immigration visa is therefore logically winning a green card in the annual Green Card lottery. Only the country of birth and the level of education are relevant for participation in the DV Lottery.

Validity of an immigration visa for the USA

The US immigration visa is normally valid for a lifetime. However, you can also lose your GreenCard status if, for example, you are outside the US too long.

Together we will find the right solution for your US project.

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