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Especially when it comes to the subject Balance bike for 2 year olds goes, many parents are one little Overwhelmed. Questions like "is my child old enough for a Balance bike "or" Which balance bike is best for 2 year olds "are placed in the room. While some children only use the balance bike when they are three years old kick off, there are already many two-year-old children who are ready to use a balance bike for 2-year-olds at this early age.

Basically, a balance bike is there to teach the child not only balance but also motor skills to prepare him or her sooner or later for everyday cycling. Especially with a balance bike for 2 year olds, special attention must be paid to the fact that the size can be adjusted directly to the height of the child in order to ensure not only riding fun but also safety.

Balance bike for 2 year olds – Bikestar Premium balance bike

This bike for 2 year olds from the Bikestar brand scores with a particularly stable and multi-coated tubular steel frame and an additional impact-resistant paint in trendy matt black. This balance bike for 2 year olds also impresses with particularly bright colors that make children’s hearts beat a lot faster.

Since the height of toddlers is always different, this is Balance bike for 2 year olds manufactured in such a way that with the help of a height-adjustable handlebar and also a height-adjustable saddle the optimal size of the wheel can be adjusted to not only guarantee driving pleasure but also offer increased protection. Another notable plus point of this wheel for 2 year olds is the simple steering lock limitation, which is ensured by a ball-like and thus particularly smooth steering.

Particular attention was also paid to the air tires, which are particularly thick compared to the competition and thus offer optimal suspension for the child and are also applied to high-quality aluminum rims. In order to make riding fun even more attractive for toddlers, special attention was paid to adapting the bike to a real bike for this bike for 2 year olds, so an additional safety stand and a handbrake were attached.

  • stable and multi-coated tubular steel frame with paint
  • Smooth steering with steering lock limitation
  • Particularly thick pneumatic tires for optimal suspension comfort
  • Height-adjustable seat and height-adjustable handlebar
  • non-toxic safety handlebar grips with impact protection

This balance bike for 2 year olds offers everything a balance bike must have. In addition to high-quality workmanship, this running bike not only offers optimal protection for everyday use for 2 year olds, but also makes it possible to cover longer distances.

Balance bike for 2 year olds – Bikestar Premium safety balance bike

This balance bike for 2 year olds captivates above all with its design in flamingo pink and diamond white and will make children’s hearts beat faster from the start. This balance bike for 2 year olds is specially designed not only to train fine motor skills but also the sense of balance in order to enable later cycling on a real bike easier and without any problems.

This balance bike is equipped for 2 year olds by a multiple and high quality coated tubular steel frame which offers maximum comfort. The ball-bearing and therefore particularly smooth steering enables easy operation right from the start and offers safety when driving.

In order to be able to perfectly adapt the size of this bike for 2 year olds to the body size of the child and thus also to provide the best comfort, the handlebar with this padding, which is provided with additional padding, can be child’s height and also very easy can also be adjusted in the angle of inclination.

In order to ensure safety and protection even on longer journeys, this balance bike for 2 year olds was made a deep step with a high-quality non-slip footboard in order to ensure comfort and driving pleasure over a long period of time.

In order to intensify the fun and prepare the child for later cycling, a safety stand and a handbrake were attached to this wheel from 3 years of age.

Since wheels for 2 year olds have to have optimal suspension, special care was taken with this wheel to use extra thick pneumatic tires to meet the quality criteria.

  • Particularly deep access with non-slip footboard for more comfort and safety
  • Best suspension comfort thanks to extra thick pneumatic tires
  • Standard equipment with practical side stand
  • Height-adjustable handlebar with padding
  • Stable and high quality tubular steel frame with metallic paint

This balance bike for 2 year olds is a particularly high quality balance bike that meets all quality standards. In order to ensure the best suspension comfort and stability, on the one hand a particularly thick air tire and also a deep step-through were designed to enable the greatest possible driving pleasure.

Balance bike for 2 year olds – Sigikid balance bike

There is a huge difference in the processing of wheels when it comes to the weight of the wheel. This balance bike for 2 year olds from Sigikid has addressed this problem and enables children to push or carry this balance bike for certain distances as it is particularly light and is made entirely of wood.

This balance bike for 2 year olds not only learns the sense of balance but also the movement in a playful way and prepares the children for the later switch to a bike.

What is particularly appealing about this balance bike for 2 year olds is the colorful and eye-catching paintwork that makes children’s hearts beat faster. Stability is guaranteed on the one hand by the wooden frame and on the other hand by the padded seat. In addition, the perfect size can be adjusted because the seat can be adjusted to different heights to ensure perfect comfort.

Through constant contact with the feet on the ground, children feel safely protected and can therefore easily and playfully master long distances.

  • high-quality and stable balance bike made of birch wood
  • constant contact with the feet to ensure safety and comfort
  • Padded and height-adjustable seat
  • Trains sense of balance and movements
  • Tubular tire with high quality safety valve for high safety

This high quality wooden wheel not only offers maximum comfort but also protection for the child. Due to the light weight, the child can concentrate on riding and is thus easily prepared for later cycling.


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